The name is Kp or KpMcD - Kristin, actually, but for the sake of site continuity let's stick with the nickname, shall we? - and my hope is for this corner of the web to become a showcase of my life, art, and the stories therein as I stumble through

While you're here, please take a moment to wander around.

  • I maintain this here blog (updated about once a week), where I showcase current projects, selections from my cartooned daily observations, and show off stupid tricks that I've taught my dog.  I've been told it's funny sometimes.  I'll let you be your own judge there.
  • Surprisingly, while I am far from true internet fame, I do field a lot of random questions.  If I get a query more than once, I try to plunk it down in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions, for those not in the know)
  • Now, if you like everything you see from that, and you're seeking a creative person on your team/ staff/ painting a mural in your kid's bedroom, feel free to peruse my portfolio and resume for more information about my qualifications... then shoot me an e-mail, hit up the KpQuePasa Facebook page, or send your most trusted carrier pigeon.
  • And lastly, my husband (aka The Mister) and I run a stationary business out of our home.  Have an event coming up?  You should hit us up over at FINvites.com.  We'll be your stationery card sharks and hook you a deal on invitations that have some custom bite.  We're also pretty fond of puns.

Thanks for stopping by.
Love Peace and Chicken Grease,