Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Just Enough Time.

When we first moved to Nagoya, and I had dreamy ideas about all the excitement in store, I was invited to a luncheon with a fellow who runs an expat group here.  I had eyes like an anime character seeing something totally kawaii for the first time, all glittery stars and hearts. “I love it so much here!” I exclaimed.  He asked how long I would be staying in Japan, and I responded "3 years!"  with a smile.  His response?

That’s just enough time to learn to hate it.”

Oh no, it's not packing, it's building a new cat-tree.

Fast forward 2 years and 8 months:  Today a moving crew is coming to take a bunch of stuff off to start the customs and shipment process.  In 9 days, Mac Bubba and I will be on flights back to the states. Permanently.

I feel the need to share this very important box from my time packing, featuring my face wash.  Before we moved out here, I bought what I estimated to be a 3 year supply of my favorite face wash.  I may have overestimated by, say, 20ish tubes of the stuff.  My face will be clean FOREVER.

But the point here is that fellow was wrong: I DON’T hate Japan.  It is beautiful, it is steeped in centuries of culture while still embracing technology.  The people have a love and respect of their environment that is evident in how well they manage their trash and how organized they have made their mass transit.  The food is simple but made with such reverence it never ceases to amaze me.  And, of course, there is the wonder that is the 100 yen shop.  I will miss those.

I don’t particularly like living here, but I know I will come back to visit.  I am grateful to have been afforded such an exciting opportunity to come to, live in, explore, and become part of Nagoya's community through The Mister’s company, and I am glad that I came along with him on this second international adventure.  But, it would be a waste of the last three years to let little things continue to chip at me long enough to make me regret having had the experience at all.  

As you may have noted from the year-long sabbatical, I burnt out pretty hard here, and I need to be back in a place I am comfortable and confident. 

For the first few months back in the states will be without The Mister, since he must finish out his assignment and that keeps him in Japan until December.  But I couldn’t wait any longer; and I’m realizing from how quickly and without question, The Mister’s company just approved this whole process, I am not the first spouse to have had this same realization.  

It is a bummer to be apart like that, of course.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not excited about the part where I get to go home.  So I’m trying real hard to just focus on that.

And so, start the countdown.  In 10 days, Mac, Bubs and I will be home. (and like, jet lagged out of our minds, so give us a couple days to check back in, right?)

SPECIAL NOTE:  In keeping with tradition, when I fly with Bubba, I live-tweet the experience.  If you’d like to follow along on twitter (@KpQuePasa), we will start the fun up on the 21st of September (if you’re in the States) or the 22nd of September (if you’re in Japan) and will be tweeting from Us leaving the apartment for the airport and continue until Mac is delivered to us at our new home on the 23rd or 24th (depending on your timezone as you follow).  I previously used #AirBub11 and #AirBub15.  This time it is… you guessed it:  #AirBub17

In the meantime, check out Bubba’s existential crisis over cardboard boxes all captures on my instagram:

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