Thursday, April 13, 2017

Hana[meat] 2017

Today is Mac's Gotcha Day!

8 YEARS ago I went to a SPCA event and fell in love with those -once orange, now white- eyebrows.  I've had this pup by my side for some of the craziest, most life-changing things I've lived through.  Lots of celebratory snuggles and treats and running around the little neighboring park shall be taking place today.

night one.  he was the same size as Bubba.  so smol.

Instead of a blog post today, last week we finally got a chance to check out Hanami.  If you're unfamiliar, this is the annual celebration in honor of the cherry blossoms blooming throughout the country.  It happened to coincide with a lot of rain this year, so we were lucky for one good day to jaunt over to Tsurumai park for the have one last sakura flower hurrah.  Mac was also pretty pumped*.

Check out the vid below, and have a great day!

(click to play or click here to open in a new window)

*You may remember from previous years when I mentioned the awesome food truck guy who sells kebabs and happens to be in the same place in the park each year for hanami.  He always remembers Mac, and Mac DEFINITELY remembers him.  I obviously played around with learning editing software on this little video, but I have to add that what you don't see here is the moment when Mac actually realizes there are food trucks in the park, and he immediately beelines to the spot where this particular food truck always is.  Mac and Meat Friend are for sure biffles.

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Kristen Great video - Say hi to Chris