Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The yard sale to end all yard sales

Alright y'all, I made the switch to tumblr.  You can check that out [here].  After a few more posts I won't be cross-posting any longer. :)
Big things coming down the pipeline here at team McD headquarters.  Namely, we are moving.
Meanwhile, We have nice things. We don’t want our nice things to get stuffed into boxes (AGAIN). So we’re re-homing those nice things. Thus, I have half a garage full of stuff to sell at our Epic Yard Sale this weekend.  We priced everything CHEAP CHEAP because we want them all to find nice homes… aka I don’t want to put things in boxes (AGAIN).
Of course for me, much of the fun of a garage sale is the advertising and hype.  I had fun today putting together some of the push-images for the Facebook vent, hyping some of the more notable items that will be up for grabs this Saturday.
Wanna see some of those?  Yes of course you do.
I went with a meme theme.  Because why not?
Have you held a garage/ yard sale?  How did it go?  Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

It's posts like these that make me wonder how my husband is still attracted to me.

Alternative title: if you ever wanted to know how much time I spend on the internet, allow me to talk about these youtube people like everyone knows who they are.

I WANT AN ADULT ONESIE.  I think it started because I follow the holy trinity on youtube.  Not the Christian holy trinity - youtube has their own "holy trinity" that consists of Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart, a group of friends who each have their own hilarious youtube channels that they have somehow branded into their own livelihoods.  (I could only be so lucky with this little blog*)

And then once upon a time, Hannah introduced her viewers to the Carrot Onesie. (click it, you'll never get it out of your head in the best way)

And then you tubers everywhere followed suit and all the people I follow online (excepting the vlogbrothers) seem to have their own onesie.  So now I feel like it's part of how internet people build their brand.  Obviously, this leads to: I need a onesie... and I need to get one before all the good ones are taken by someone else.

I know The Mister is reading this and rolling his eyes because I somehow find the most absurd ways to be unapologetically unattractive**, and he knows I would totally wear a onesie all day, err-day***.

Help me pick, will you?
 Option 1: Owl.  Because he has little wings off the arms. Come on.

Option 2: Chicken. See above re: wings.  And also because I want chickens (we've chatted on this before), and maybe this will be an alternative for a while****.  But I feel like that white will last one wash-cycle...

Option 3: Shark. I don't really want this one, but I figure if The Mister is super anti-onesies, maybe I can convince him by opting for a FINvites appropriate option which we could write-off as a business expense (I would TOTALLY wear this to a Bridal Vendor Show - think how many people would be intrigued enough to see what the hell the crazy lady was selling?)

Option 4: Lion!  Because rwar baby, that's why.

(also there is a tiny tufted tail on the back.)


Other options I am unaware of?  Tell me in the comments!

*I... am not sure how effective blogger is anymore folks.  I made it to 250 posts, but I feel like this is a restrictive platform at this point.  Who stumbles upon blogger anymore?  I am toying really hard with the idea of moving my blog over to tumblr.  I feel like I have more opportunity to share things over there without it being in the long, drawn out format of blogger... anyone real upset over this?  Anyone super gung-ho?  I'd like to know any thoughts!  (you should know regardless of those thoughts I'm totally going to make that switch in the next couple posts.)

**I will be the first to admit that earlier in the winter I procured a pair of man's gigantic sweatpants and wore them for almost a month straight because "they were warm" (mostly because they were comfortable).  I always make sure I have a pair of slippers that are shaped like bear feet (this year's pair is pink).  Most of my clothes have paint or small tears in them because I craft and have no care about the clothing I wear while I do said crafting.  If I have bothered to leave my hair down and not in a messy knot on top of my head... well that's a special day right there.

Basically what I'm saying is that as a lady I am fully aware that I have no obligation to dress to please my husband, and he doesn't have any expectations in that vein.  However, as an individual, I enjoy the idea of trying to look nice every once in a while... except then I would really rather spend money on a onesie instead of a cute top, and that whole "occasionally looking like a presentable adult" thing only seems to play out in my mind.

***slang for "everyday."  Because I have mad street cred.

****I know these posts have been less than amazing lately, and have had little to do with the goings on in my life.  There is a reason, and that reason is I can't talk about the interesting stuff until there is a contract signed.  We'll get there, and at that point, I have some thoughts on the number 7.  Someone remind me. (sadly these thoughts are unrelated to Friends.)