Monday, August 05, 2013

A Post WIthout Pants.

**NOTE: I wrote this post last week... and then forgot to actually hit "post."  So I present it in all it's glory... with some additional notes on the bottom.***

Our short term foster, Little Miss Addie Pants, is back at the shelter. 
Do you have a bacon for me?
Though it is all for the best, it breaks our hearts.

I posted a video Monday - short clips of Addie... well, of Addie being ADDIE, without all the sad and the gloom we originally saw when we met.  We had one more night with the pup, she snuggled with us for the first time, and then The Mister and I brought her back to the SPCA so she can find her forever home.

We had to come to the conclusion that it is time for Addie to go back to the rescue center.  We first took her as a short term foster just over the holiday.  Then she hurt her foot and we said we'd keep her at the house with us until her antibiotics were done.  Then we had some leads for possible adoptions, and figured we would just keep her with us until we could get her out to her new post as an adopted pet.  Unfortunately, suddenly all leads fell through, and that left my husband an I facing some reality.

While we're worried she'll end up going back into her shell at the shelter (she has truly become a different dog), our lives and odd-work hours do not allow for us to attend adoption events with her, and in the past few weeks we've exhausted any ideas for contacts I know who may be looking for a dog like Addie.  If we continued to foster her in the way we are right now, her chances for being seen by potential families and adopted are almost nothing.  It's unfair to her, and it only gives us more opportunity to get further attached to a lovely dog who we simply cannot care for permanently.  We struggle to admit it, but we aren't able to have two dogs long-term in this house - we have neither the space, nor the time, or energy to give Addie the foster she deserves, while being fair to our dog, Mac.  

Naps on a Road Trip
If she can't be seen, she can't find a family.  She deserves a home that loves her in the way that we love Mac, and the only way they're going to be able to find her is if she's in a visible location.

So I made the video from the last post, we took a difficult car trip to the shelter, and now we wait.  We wait for someone to pick her.  We wait to celebrate her new leash on life.  We wait for Mac to stop sniffing around the house for her.  We carry on, missing the silly little grumbles she makes when you wake her up from a nap.  And we remind ourselves what a great thing we did for this pup, even though she broke our hearts a bit when we parted ways.  

One last time - if you know someone who is in the area and looking for a dog, please help us pass Addie's information along.

***Ready for the additional notes?  I know you are.
As hard as that decision was to make, I can tell you we made the right choice, because here is a picture of Little Miss Addie Pants with her BRAND NEW PEOPLES.  
They found her at an adoption event that the Mister and I wouldn't have been able to bring her to.  But the A+ SPCA volunteers at that event called my cell phone while they were out there so I could speak with Addie's new dad and answer some questions for him.  He sounded like a very nice fellow and he had some genuine love in his voice for our favorite little hound-dog.
Congratulations Addie, you're finally going to have the well-loved life as the center of attention that you 100% deserve.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Time for a catch-up post!

Catch-up.  Ketchup.  Haha.  Get it?

Yeah okay, sorry. (I'm not sorry.)

We've been busy, and as previously stated, the arts that make me moneys are the arts that get priority over blogging.  You understand.  In any case, it's a good problem to have.

Plus then when I finish up said arts, I can share teasers of them here.  So everybody wins.
We have some friends who own a little ma-and-pa type diner.  We eat... well conservatively we eat there 3 times a week.  Usually it's more than that.  It's fun, friendly, the food is yummy, and the prices are typically cheaper than what it would take for me to purchase the same food to make at the house.  We don't have to do dishes.  Plus we're regulars so we don't even have to order.  We just sit down and they bring us the same thing we order every time.  Sweet.  
Kelly, at Kelly's Cafe, hard at work.

Each place setting at this place has a little paper placemat at it.  As I'm sure you can guess, paper placemats will instantly cause me to doodle at a restaurant.  I don't ever keep those doodle-mats, it just gives me something to do while I wait for my food - when we're done eating that mat gets left behind.  Kelly's Cafe opened three years ago - after I think the third time we'd eaten there, I left behind a doodle, and we returned to the restaurant the next time to see that they had taped my doodle to the wall.

It quickly became a collection, and I loved that soon my doodles were surrounded on that wall by doodles from little kids who wanted to join the fun.  Eventually, they asked me if I would draw the restaurant's matriarch, Kelly.  So I did.

And then that became the logo on their menus.

That logo was where we started from when I designed their website for them.  

When THEN that whole set served as a style-reference when they opened up an ice cream shop next door, and asked me to help them with a logo for that place.

I've talked about Charlie's Sweet Treats here before, I painted their front window a while back for the grand opening.  I'm happy to report from experience that the ice cream is so choice.
And they give free flavor samples on those little spoons.  
Birthday cake* ice cream you say?  Well I don't mind if I DOoOoOoO.
Now Charlie's has a website to go with Kelly's Cafe (live -though it's still under construction).  Simple, but fun projects to file away for FINvites**.

Then they gave me one of my most fun projects to date:  They needed a kiddie-menu for both places.
Say what?  I'm all over that like stink on a monkey.
All printed, packaged and ready to go to the restaurant!

Tomorrow The Mister and I are headed out there to help them with a fundraiser they're hosting for the Burn Camp.  The Mister will be the dude in the dunk tank for a bit.  I'll be the one painting faces.  If you're in the K-zoo area, come on out and get a silly thing painted on your face by me.  Or bring your kids an have them get something silly painted on their face.  Or dunk The Mister in a tank filled with super cold hose-water.  Any and all of these options are winners.

As you can see, I have many face paint designs to chose from.  You will be super fashionable.

Thank you to Kelly and her family - not only have you helped keep FINvites in business, but you've given me some super fun projects in the process.

I / FINvites has also taken this time to design a few projects for some future newly weds.  We did this 100% custom-start-to-finish wedding invite for a bride and groom who are throwing a rock-n-roll themed wedding in a few weeks.  I wish we could have convinced them to order RSVP cards from us too - I would have loved to make cards that look like those "Subscribe now!" mailer inserts that magazines like Rolling Stone always shove between the glossy pages to go with their magazine-cover look.

Last but certainly not least, these save the dates are ready to get shipped out to our groomschick, who's getting hitched in January.  We're both pretty excited for her and her soon to be hubby - me because she's letting me design all her wedding stationery, and The Mister, because she asked him to be her bridesdude (which I'm also excited about because The Mister cleans up pretty good). 

*As it is actually my birthday on Monday, I believe I have license to eat much, much more of that birthday cake ice cream than just the tiny spoonful pictured.

**What's FINvites you ask?  I'd pretend to be offended, but I don't talk about the stationery company I share with The Mister here on this site enough for that to be a fair reaction.  Here.  Learn yourself.