Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mac Does Something Awesome - Episode 4: Story Time!

Here's installment number 4 folks!
This is actually a really cute trick in that Mac will keep going as long as you keep saying "And then what happened?"  Except I have found my voice to be really annoying when I record it, so I just let Mac tell a story without any prompts.  This is what he came up with.  Enjoy!

(you can watch below, or click here to watch it on youtube full size!)

Bubba became quite a pain for this - note to self, my cat is not a thespian.

Do you dress your dog up?  
(Mac is not one of those pups who wears a sweater everywhere, but he does enjoy Halloween)
Do they enjoy the extra attention, 
or do they hate the feeling of clothing?

What would you like to see Mac do next?
We're going to run short on ideas soon folks, so if you have something you'd like to see, I'd like to know!  Hit that comment button!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Because... Monsters.

Okay first off, some housekeeping:  It's become pretty clear to me that Friday posts are either something I need to back off on for the foreseeable future, or something that'll I'll be rushing to put out each weekend before rushing off to do something else.  Since sometimes this includes putting my art out into the world with my name on it (which is never something one should rush), I felt like y'all would understand if I said that for now, KpQuePasa will be a Monday-Wednesday update cycle.  I'll figure something else out soon, but until then, now you know. Thanks for your understanding!

Second, with all this rushing around to keep up with life in general that the Mister and I have been doing lately, sleep has become a premium.  If you know me, you know that sleep is always a premium, so this new-found lack of "sleep as much as you want all the time, Kp!" has really started to cramp my style.  Compounding this with the recent random seasonal changes in Michigan's weather, and well, here we have today's post.

Do you have a set of "rules" or 
"parameters" for how you sleep?  
Anything you can't sleep without?  
Tell me in the comments!

Sleeping when it's too warm
1.  Ponytail of all of the hair.  Piled as high on the top of my head as it can go so that I can sleep on all sides of my head without a pony-bump.  TrĂ© sexy.

2.  Eye mask.  Because sometime in the last few years I became completely incapable of sleeping with light anywhere near my eyeballs.  (see also, that one time I slept with a sock over my face).

3.  Absolute spread eagle pose, much to the dismay of the man I'm supposed to "share" a bed with.

4.  Full pants, even though it's super hot, because worse than too-warm legs is legs that are warm and touching and thus getting that weird sticking to each other feeling.  Like sitting in a leather-interiored car in the summer.  No.  Nope nope nope.

5.  T-shirt with one sleeve that has decided to twist itself to uncomfortably ball itself up underneath my arm while I sleep, cutting off blood flow to my arm and in the morning I will be unable to feel the fingers on that side of my body for 10-20 minutes, leading me to wonder if I had a mini-stroke.  Web-MD should be banned in this house.

6.  Blanket.  Covering my neck.  Because of monsters.

7.  Blanket.  Covering my abdomen and vital organs.  Because of monsters.

8.  Blanket.  Covering the very tips of my toes.  Because... monsters.  People, how do you not get this already?

Sleeping when it's too cold (is there an inbetween?  A perfect sleeping temperature?  True fact answer: No.)
1.  Ponytail of all of the hair.  Piled as high on the top of my head as it can go because if a stray hair tickles my nose in the middle of the night I will thrash in fear of monsters and maim things/ husbands sleeping near me.

2.  Eye mask.  Serves extra purpose of keeping my face warm while blocking evil, evil light (though it should be noted that it clashes to the extreme with my desire to be able to see immediately if there is a noise that could indicate the approach of monsters).

3.  Extreme fetal position to keep heat collected near my body.

4.  Blanket successfully "burrito'd" through the tucking of all edges under all sides of my body.  Much to the husband's dismay, as along with sharing the bed I'm apparently supposed to share the blanket.  I want to know who made these sharing rules, because if he shifts around in the night he inevitably lets cold air into carefully crafted blanket-heat-bubble and ruins everything.

(it's a good thing he loves me.  and also that he's usually much warmer than I am, negating his requiring any blankets.)

5.  Carefully placed "live action" heater tucked under my butt and legs.  Who will probably start to snore in the next three or four minutes.  He gets to stay and keep me warm until he starts to dream he's chasing things and inevitably kicks me while sleep-barking.

6.  Extra wads of blanket balled up and tucked in/around neck and vital organs.  It's a queen size blanket and I fail at sharing, so there's enough fabric for this.  Because of monsters.

7.  Nose left exposed as it is now the only way to detect if horrible, smelly monsters are about to attack in the dead of night.  Also because Mac is tucked under the blanket with me, and I find it's wise to make sure that his butt is never in the same small, enclosed space as my nose.

Monsters.  How do you keep them away from you while you sleep?  
(Don't forget to protect your toes!)

Lastly, just as a PSA to the world:  I was dunking oreos in my coffee this morning while typing and accidentally dropped a whole cookie in and it sank to it's doom in the bottom dredges of my giant coffee mug.  I now have delicious, delicious coffee.  You should totally try it.  Pro tip.  Have a great Monday!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Mac Does Something Awesome - ep. 3 The Secret Handshake

Ready for episode three?

I know you are!
(you can watch below, or click here to watch it on youtube full size!)

Have you ever needed a code, or handshake or password to get into a party?  Are parties with that kind of "security system" really that much cooler?
Anyone else feel like Bubba would make an excellent DJ?
Tell me in the comments!

Here's some behind the scenes fun for you - Mac was NOT ready for episode 3.  We had fun filming, but he pooped out midway through.  Must be all that partying he and Bubba were doing in our bathroom.  (Did you catch the toilet in the background?)

that's high-budget production for you.

What do you want to see Mac learn next?
We're working on some new things, but if you have things you want to see this puppy tackle, let me know in the comments!

In unrelated news - 
If you're looking for other fun blogs to read, may I humbly suggest "Thirsty, Nerdy Cats"?
It's written by a highschool friend of mine, and you might notice some familiar styling in the header art over there. :)  Pop in and tell her hello for me, will you?  (And if you're here from TNC, hello, thanks, and welcome!)

Monday, February 18, 2013

Raining on the Parade

Just some quick comics about my day today.

Oh, Michigan weather.  You're... "fun."  Now it's snowing as I write this.  Yep.

But we went on the walk anyway because I was damned and determined to get some outside time. 
And then we happened upon a guy and his dog*.

*Little dog with no social or leash skills.  
All body language/ barking indicated that he wanted to rip Mac's face off.  
But no.  
Mac is clearly the dangerous beast in this equation.  
Run.  Run Mr. Scare-dy pants.  Run.  You'll never make it!

Do you take walks?  
Has anyone ever been scared of you for something that's not actually scary?
Tell me in the comments!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mac Does Something Awesome - ep. 2 A Valentine PMA

Happy Almost Valentine's Day folks!
We're back with the second installment of Mac Does Something Awesome, which you can watch below.  (Or click here to watch on youtube, which might make the words easier to read).

If you're looking for more valentine things, may I humbly suggest:
1.  This year's official KpQuePasa / Finvites valentine download and printable (FREE!)

2.  Last year's KpQuePasa customizable valentine (FREE, though some assembly required!)

3.  One of the most popular posts I've ever written, about the worst date that ever happened in the history of things.

What would you like to see Mac learn next?  
Let me know in the comments!

Have A GREAT Day, y'all!
xoxo, KpQuepasa

Monday, February 11, 2013

I'd Hit That (Comment Button).

Hi Friends.

Today, I was hit on.  Rather strongly.  

It was... not so much flattering, as it was super creepy.  

The pitch was that he has a harp (which he insisted on showing me pictures of), and he writes songs, and he'd love to send me what he has for his latest song so far, and maybe I could help him write some lyrics.  About  me.  And just... no.

Do I know this guy?  Have I ever seen him before that he would find this a conversation that's reasonable to bring up out of literally nowhere?  Nope.

And thus, the whole rest of this day, I've been plagued with questions rattling around in my brain.  Questions for really anyone who will answer them.  Maybe that is you.  In fact, it could be you, if'n you just use that "Comment" link at the bottom of the post. 

Here's what I want to know, with my own answers 
(in case you were curious) underneath.

1.  What's your best story about getting hit on or hitting on someone?
Once an old man hit on me over the lunch counter at a bagel shop.  I don't feel bad calling him old because that was his pitch - he was looking for a younger girl who was lost in her faith (he asked me if I was Catholic and when I said I didn't practice, he looked like I just gave him a Christmas present), who he could "show the way."  And by way I think he meant kind of a line to his pants.  There was more than a creepy vibe coming off him. 

Let's be real - that any line from JGL would probs work.

2.  What's the best line you've heard/ used?
The best one ever used on me was in college when a gentleman who was *clearly* stoned out of his mind stated "Hey.  Hey.  Hey- if you were a booger, I would totally pick you first."  It did not work, but I did laugh so hard I cried.  Possibly right in his face.  But he was high enough I doubt he was offended.

3.  Are musicians hot to you?  (Or men in uniform, or some other sub-class categorized under your preferred gender?) Does it matter what they play?
I used to think musicians were the tops.  Not that musicians are worthless to me now,  but something about tonight's "Harpist" escapade struck me as... I guess just not the mental image a lady pictures when she hears "I'm a musician."  Drums? cool.  Guitar? not to shabby sir.  Trumpet? that's cool.  Harp/ Triangle/ Cowbell?  um... yeah. so there's that.

4.  If you find you are not at all attracted to your pursuant, how do you go about turning them down?
I find a way to show them my left hand with all it's blingy glory as forwardly as possible.  Apparently if you play a harp this is less than a deterant.  So then I have to say something to the effect of "I am uncomfortable with that.  No thank you."  Which of course makes me feel slightly rude when it really should be the other way around.

5.  And if you're the hitter-on-er, what have you done that's actually WORKED?
Honestly?  I don't think I've ever had the cajones to hit on someone.  I get that it takes a lot of guts, and they're guts I simply don't have.  SO mad props if you have the gumption to go for it.  I wish you luck.

Can't wait to read your comments!

Friday, February 08, 2013

Fatty Tabby 2x4

Bubba's not fat, he's fluffy.

Which is what I was able to tell myself until a few weeks ago, whence a quick regular trip to the vet informs me that Bubs is ranking at a 4 on the body scale.
I am beautiful, no matter what you say.

For those not in the know, instead of having set weight classes for every kind of critter, there is instead a scale from 1-5 for any given animal to be ranked on, either by a vet or other animal professional (you'll see it come up pretty often on any animal rescue show) wherein you can judge if a cat, dog, horse, what have you, is the proper weight by how defined its waist and rib cage is.  This scale helps when you have mutts - Mac couldn't feasibly be ranked on a Doberman or a Labrador scale, because he is neither of those fully.  Bubs is -in theory- a Domestic Shorthair cat, but being adopted from a shelter, you never know if there's other things mixed in there, and that would affect how big his body is and how much he should then weigh.

Ideally your critter should be a 3.  Anything below is underweight, anything above is overweight.  I take Bub and Mac's scores seriously, because keeping them both at a steady 3 is one of the easiest ways to keep them healthy, happy, and part of our lives for as long as possible. 

So. Mr. "I'm a 4" is on a diet. Which is not so much a diet as it is just "hey Bub doesn't get to eat everything he wants all the time anymore."  The goal is to get him to an even ten pounds.  When you only weigh twelve and a half pounds at your heaviest that's a pretty big chunk of body.

In any case, Bubba is less than pleased about this development in his life.
I should have taken a video instead of a photo, but I assure you he is in the middle of telling me off for the sad amount of food in his bowl right here.

I came home from the vet that day and informed the Mister what had transpired.  And then we both SUPER nerded out about it.

How you ask?

For Christmas this year, The Mister was gifted a scale*.  But it's not just any scale, it's a souped up scale that has separate "accounts" for each user of the scale and can keep track of your weight, BMI, and progress through goals by hooking up with the internet wirelessly.  

This magical scale lives in our bathroom.

Now, if you've visited our house, you may know that you're not allowed to use the bathroom by yourself.  Ever.  Bubba insists on supervising showers or... well anything else really.  I don't know why.  Personal boundaries have stumped him.  The Mister and I allow this, mostly because if we shut him out of the bathroom, he will smash his face into the door and yowl like he' being tortured when all you wanted in the first place was a little quiet time.
You see those little orange paws intruding on me?

The part where this gets nerdy is that Bubba doesn't like to sit on the cold tile floor when he's *ahem* supervising, so he almost always sits on the scale, which usually turns on and weighs the little dude. 

You know where I'm going with this - we made Bubba an account with the scale, and I'll be darned if Bubs isn't now entirely in charge of tracking his own progress several times a day.  
I think my favorite part of this is, in order to set up an account for him, we had to say he was an 18 year old person who is only 2 feet high.  
The scale is constantly concerned about his people BMI.  
We are constantly amused.

You're looking more svelte by the day, sir.

Do you have the privilege to be in the bathroom by yourself?  
Or do your critters/ kids insist otherwise?
Have you ever put a pet on a diet?  
How'd that work out for you?
Tell me in the comments!

*I know this sounds like the lamest gift a wife can give -ever- but I promise you he wanted this thing and was super geeked to get it.

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Mac Does Something Awesome - ep. 1 BANG.

You know how sometimes you think, "whoa, I'll make a video post each Wednesday and that will take WAY less time to post than a post where I have to write out coherent thoughts!  success!"?
You know that?  Yeah?

That's false.

But this was way too much fun in any case, so we're gonna keep this going.
I present to you, 

Mac Does Something Awesome:  Episode 1.  BANG.

What do you want to see my puppy do next?  
I've got a few more episodes lined up to show off his current repertoire, but he's got learnin' to do!
Hit me up in the comments!

Monday, February 04, 2013

An Offering to the Etsy Monster

Today's a crafty day folks.  I don't have much to share - text-wise, but I do have some photos of what I've been up to.

Mostly, I've been painting.

And then adding a little ink.
(you can click to make it bigger yo.)

I took a few hours over the weekend to make these - they're just little 5x7 creations on canvas board and I think they turned out pretty nicely.

I'm trying to figure out decent pricing - 
I know they are small, but is $60.00 a reasonable price to pay for a 5x7" original painting?  
(what is the most you might pay for one?)
Seriously, hit me up in the comments.

(to that same effect, if your name is JAMIE - you pay nothing, because one of these is YOURS for free.  And that's why, kids, we participate in blogger giveaways. )

Also I finished up these bad boys.  (I call them "Heads and Tails!") For such a small project, I somehow managed to turn "make customized push-pins" into a month long endeavor.  But I had fun, and now they're all set to go to a new home and hold things on cork board.

The Mister and I went shopping yesterday for a new filter for our humidifier.  Did we find one?  Not yet, but we did find 12 feet of remnant shag carpeting for a decent price.  I have big plans for this.  I will show you the awesome as soon as they're ready.  The etsy monster will be pleased with my offering.  (I'm thinking all the new stuff will be posted there by Wednesday, so check back then!)

Mac is very excited about this particular project.

Also up on today's docket was to make myself a treat-bag.  At work, the other training type folk I work with have professional pouches that sit on their belt loops and hold treats for their puppy students.  Thus far I've been using my pocket as a treat holder, but I'm quickly learning that this results in every dog I meet gnawing at my pocket, and the khakis I've been sporting are getting a little tired of the abuse. Not to mention, you'll remember just how hard it was to FIND those khakis, so a treat pouch seems appropriate at this point.  :)

Hopefully the day will keep itself long enough that I can still find time to put some of these things up on the monster, update my resume, and work on a commission for a bit.  Have a good one y'all!

Friday, February 01, 2013

Some Assembly Required: FREE Fin-tabulous Valentine Printables

TGIF Y'all.  Remember back when I talked about our stationary for the wedding?  What I didn't mention then was what happened when The Mister sat down and looked at just how much a graphic designer wife saved us on custom, creative stationary.

Being the entrepreneur he is, upon this revelation the Mister then got the wildest hair up his ass. (it's a common expression in the English vernacular, I feel entitled to use the cuss).

Thus, a new company was formed - a stationary company for events of all shapes and sizes.  You have something going on?  We can make you custom stationary for a good price.  And because we're so, so punny, when The Mister asked me what we should call it, I thought for a quick second about what went well with the word "invitations," and replied: "Finvites.  Like Fin and Invite.  Also like sharks.  Get it?  Because we're stationary card sharks."  We laughed harder than we probably should have.

Yup.  Finvites.  Dot com.  We did that.  Don't believe me?

Website          Twitter          Facebook          Pinterest
feel free to like/ follow/ pin as you see fit. :)

I later realized this is kind of a masculine name for a company that usually has a target audience of rather "fancy" women, but I like to think this is part of our mass appeal.

Plus, you know what that means for you, dear readers?  You get to check out the first free-printable from Finvites - SHARK THEMED VALENTINES!

Yes. Sharks. They're very romantic.  Can you imagine making out with those mouths?  Ha.

I know you're excited.  I would be.  (I am).

Here's the link to the .pdf file - download and print off as many copies as you need for coworkers, friends, crushes, your kid's class, etc.  And let me know how you like 'em!

(Also if you're looking for last year's official KpQuePasa valentines, here's the link to that post and downloadable.)

Any comments, questions, concerns or cookies 
(I do so very much enjoy cookies - the non-chocolate kind
are welcomed and appreciated as we kick off this venture!