Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Make a Hummingbird Feeder

This morning, Bubba and I were sitting outside in our tiny 8x15' backyard.  I was working on my pallet garden,* and he was working on his tan.  Then.  Friends, THEN.  Something magical happened.

We were both instantly captivated by the hummingbird.  Possibly for different reasons.

He checked the place out, and then took off just a few brief moments later.  I may have been overcome with emotion.

Can I have a moment of stupid with you?  I didn't know hummingbirds were a thing in this part of Mexico.  That I could expect to see one.  But now that I know, well, I absolutely have to repeat the experience.  The obvious conclusion came to mind.
I'm sure you might have guessed based on my previous statements regarding San Pedro shopping, that hummingbird feeders are not something you can just run to Wal-Mart and grab here.  Because apparently the fancy people of San Pedro are too fancy to enjoy what is basically a snitch covered in turquoise glitter.  I know, I don't understand them either.  But they can suck it, because I'll just make my own hummingbird feeder, and then the glitter snitch can come back and I can squeal with delight every day (but not too loudly, I don't wanna scare it away).

If you want to make your own, I'll walk you through how I did it.  Because while there are plenty of tutorials online to make your own... well they're not pretty.  And that's kind of important to me.  Perhaps it is to you too.

Here's what you're going to need:
  • A glass bottle and accompanying lid
  • A larger lid on it's own
  • A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
  • An empty Tide Bottle (I imagine a RED Plastic folders canister would work too)
  • Yellow paint and a paint brush
  • A hot glue gun and glue
  • Some plastic coated wire
  • A box cutter
Also needed but not pictured:
  • Needle-nosed pliers to cut the wire
  • An astonishing lack of fear in regards to burning yourself with liquid-hot magma glue
  • A screw or nail to poke holes

The steps:
1.  CLEAN EVERYTHING REALLY WELL.  Hummingbirds can't eat off of anything dirty.  It will make their tiny little tummies upset.  And what kind of soulless person would you be making hummingbirds sick?  For real though.  Clean all of it.

2.  Scrape the glue from the label off of the glass bottle.  Optional:  Curse a lot at how tedious that is.  Realize that the magic eraser would probably do a quicker job.  Prove yourself right.

3.  Paint the outside rim of the larger lid yellow.  Just the outside.  NOT THE INSIDE.

4.  Cut apart the Tide or red Foldger's bottle.  The brand is not important here, the color of the bottle is - Hummingbirds instinctively look for red flowers to feed from.  The yellow center of flowers helps them zero in on where the nectar actually is.  We're gonna make a fake flower is what I'm telling you.  So as long as you have yellow paint and some kind of red plastic it doesn't matter what brands you patronize.
When I say cut it up - I mean just that.  Go Edward Scissorhands on it.  Make a whole bunch of little strips in varying sizes and widths.  More than a whole bunch.  A lot.  Cut up the whole damn bottle except the part where the labels are.  And watch your fingers, no trips to the hospital, yo.
5.  Once you have a bunch of strips, let your OCD wander for a bit and organize them into piles of long, medium, and short.  (You will need more than is pictured here, this is just an example)
6.  Flip the  large, yellow-rimmed lid over.  With your handy-dandy glue gun, start working your way around the outside edge, gluing down the longest pieces.  Because tide bottles are a little lighter red on the inside, I decided to randomly flip some pieces to make it more color-interesting.
7.  Keep.  Going.  As you continue going around the lid, start working your way inside.  Hold the pieces up at an angle.  When you get to the middle, put a big dab of glue there and just stick pieces in there willy-nilly.  You'll end up with a big, 3-D, plastic burst of red.  Keep filling in spaces here and there with glue and bottle until you're satisfied with how it looks.  I threw on some longer curvy pieces at the end because I didn't want it to look too controlled.  Optional:  Burn your fingers horribly because you consistently fail to remember how you burned your fingers 3 seconds ago by touching the hot glue.

8.  Cut two long pieces of the coated wire (I think mine were about 2.5 feet each).  It's coated because you're about to put this outside and rust is generally considered ugly.  In case you wondered why I was all specific on that.  If you have wire hangers that are painted, that will likely do just fine.

9.  One piece at a time, wrap the middle point of the wire around the neck of the bottle twice.  Twist.  Now do the same thing with the other piece, with the end twist being 180* around from the first.
10.  I don't know how best to describe this - my best attempt is to ask you to look closely at a chain link fence's construction.  Take the Right-hand half of one wire, and diagonally pull it up the bottle.  Halfway, make a v.  Now take the Left-hand of the other wire and snake it diagonally up the bottle toward that v.  At the first v, make a second v, and link them together.  Now flip the bottle and do the same thing on the other side.

11.  Repeat the same chain-link technique at the (now) top of the bottle.

12.  Pull all four pieces of wire to the middle of the bottle's "bottom-but-for-our-purposes-it's-totally-the-top-now."  Twist it into a loop.  Make sure this twist is secure enough to hold the bottle, once it's full of liquid, without unbending.

13.  Try to remember where you put the smaller cap that fits the bottle.
14.  Find it in your pocket after searching for 15 full minutes.  Then poke a hole in it with a screw or nail or whatever you have handy that's pokey.

15.  Back to your hot glue gun, make two not-quite semi-circles on the top of the cap you just poked a hole in.  IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT THAT THE TWO HALF CIRCLES DO NOT TOUCH.

16.  Now stick that to the inside of the flower-lid.  BUT- don't squish it flat - hold it up a bit so it dries with a little space between the lids, and two open spaces to allow sweet, sweet nectar to pass.

17.  Find a recipe online to make your own hummingbird-food.  Basic gist? 4-1 water and white sugar.  Make sure it cools completely before you put it in the bottle.   Hummingbird tongues will thank you.

18.  Then all you have to do is load up your feeder, screw on the lid, and hang that puppy up outside.  And if you're me you'll also take a picture but be too excited about it to actually rotate it properly before posting it on your blog.

19.  Final optional step: sigh at the realization that you're going to get just to the point of liking how your mini backyard is set up around the same time you'll have to leave it.  Such is life.  

Now the only thing that remains is to name the glitter-snitch hummingbird.  
I am taking suggestions in the comments.  

*You may see in that last picture there that I've got my palette garden "finished."  In the sense that there are plants planted in it.  But you know, gardens are ongoing things.  I learned from this experience that it is FAR harder to put this together than it looks on the Pinterest link, and also that dirt in Mexico is either sold as super-expensive Miracle Grow, or "dirt" that is actually just bags of composted tobacco and manure.  Which smells about as horrible as you imagine.  Live and learn.  And then get luvs.  Or just enjoy some tasty home-grown tomatoes.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hindsight and All That.

It's late.  Fiance is in bed already, and I can hear him snoring a bit.  But I'm not tired, and so I figured I'd come down and sum up my day for your amusement.

The short version?  The amount of grace I possess is best compared to that of Dave's special sheep.

I'd like to do this post in the style of the late, great, Johnny Carson - namely, that I shall announce what lessons have been gleaned from today's debacles and then discuss the terrible awful that it took to learn such lessons.  Because hindsight is 20/20 and all that.

Hindsight:  Watch where you're going.  Also, brusha-brusha-brusha.

Terrible-Awful:  Every morning at 5AM, Fiance's alarm goes off and while he starts his getting ready routine, I stumble downstairs to let Mac out, feed the furry boys, and grab Fiance a cup of coffee from Hammy so that he can stay awake on his drive into work.  This morning I got to the bottom of the stairs and managed to step in something squishy and cold.  I slid a few feet.  I knew I didn't want to turn the light on to see what I'd just stepped in, but I flipped the switch anyway.

Hairball.  Further proof that on the inside, I am truly a dog person.  Also further proof that Mondays go out of their way to just be mean, and further-further proof that shaving Bubba would be an epically awesome idea until he pooped in my shoes as retaliation.  If I could only get him to sit still long enough to properly brush him once in a while maybe I could prevent this.

This is not Bubba.  But my point is that it COULD be.

I can't begin to tell you how electric orange a Bubba hairball is once it's been half digested.  I guess I was kinda surprised it didn't glow in the dark at the bottom of the steps.

Hindsight:  Supa-Creeps better fear the power of a Doberman.

Terrible-Awful:  Honestly this one kind of played out in my favor.  Some dude was walking up and down the street trying to sell something.  Which is not uncommon, but he had no truck and no uniform to give him any kind of credential other than super-creeper.  

When people are selling something in the states, they knock on your door once.  If you have decided they are a creeper and therefore do not answer the door, they will eventually go away.  If there's a creeper in Mexico and he thinks you are home and just ignoring him, he will literally LEAN ON THE BELL until he gets a reaction out of you.  In my case, that reaction was letting Mac out to bark and run down the steps at him (there's a gate to keep them separate, but it was enough to scare him).  He left then.

Just so everyone at home knows the score for today that's Cats: -1, Dogs: +2.

Hindsight:  If there is a safety feature which in no way inconveniences you, you should use it.  Because it's for your safety.

Terrible Awful:  I am apparently incapable of tying my shoes.  Let's, just for a second, pair this with my inability to listen to Soulja Boy's Crank That without putting my hands up like Superman.  Lastly, throw a treadmill into the mix.  See where this is going?

This is going to me yelling "Supaman that OOOOOOOO NOOOOOOO"  as I trip on the laces, fall without hands in front me to either balance myself or to break said fall, and get a 10 out of 10 from the judges in "Exfoliating my FACE with a Still-Moving Treadmill Belt" (It's a very competitive sport.  We hope to see it reach the Olympics in 2014.)  I tried to get back up and pretend like I meant to do that, even though no one was in the house to see me but the dog (who didn't judge... one more point for him) and cat (who was too busy staring at a tree out on the back porch, no points for apathy), but if I'm honest, that was damn lucky I didn't break something.  As it is I have some battle scars.  Which I would show you for journalistic integrity, but I'd have to shave my legs first and we all know that's not happening.

I know you know sometimes I embellish stories for the sake of a laugh.  
You should know the above is all 100% true.  

That little clip attached to a magic-stop magnet?  It will be clipped to me before hitting the go button from now on.

This incident has lead me to decide that the treadmill will henceforth be named Snidely Whiplash.  Which I guess makes me Nell.  I can deal with that, so long as we're talking the cartoon version, and not the SJP horrific reincarnation to live-version from the 90's.

Hindsight:  Leave him something he can digest.

Terrible Awful:  We went out on Saturday night, and while gone, Mac decided to eat a sponge.  But not so much eat it, as devour it whole (he was smart enough to tear the sponge half from the scour-pad half.  Realized it was too much fiber for his diet I suspect.)  How do I know he ate it whole if he ate it while we were gone?

Because Sponge Bob made a reappearance 100% intact this afternoon in our backyard. And Mac was SO, SO proud of it.
Where's your pineapple NOW, spongebob?

Which is a -1 for team dog really.  'Cause just... gross.
Nevertheless Dogs are still way ahead here.  (Dogs: +2  Cats: -1)

This is not the first time Mac has eaten something he shouldn't.  I'm starting to hope maybe his tummy works like a clam's and years from now he'll just cough up a bunch of pearls as a result of the books, puppy gates, pillows, Halls cough drops, money, shoes (including a steel-toe pair), lamp cords and crayons he's tried to eat successfully mowed down.

Do you have a critter?  What's the dumbest thing they've ever eaten/ done?  
Share in the comments!

Random Section Time!
1.  The Whirlpool Open was this past week in Monterrey.  It's an international tennis tournament.  Apparently Serena Williams was in it. Why is this worth mentioning?  Because I hate tennis, and the courts for this open were within walking distance of the house.

Let me clarify - I don't hate tennis players.  In fact, the tennis player who lived in the room right next to mine Freshman year is responsible for coining the phrase "KpQuePasa!"  But I do hate tennis fans.  Why?  Because they ruin everything and they think they're entitled to do just that.

When I was still working at the College, there was a tennis tournament every year that would more or less shut the place down for the week it was in town.  I had to fight to get the parking spot or even to move my car anywhere near my home OR my office. People would make rude commentary to me like I couldn't hear them. They never looked at you without their head at an angle where I could tell if they had boogers or not.  My personal fave- walking home one day a woman who was walking in front of me kept turning and looking at me like I was going to mug her.  Finally she mustered the courage to whirl around and say "can I HELP you with something?"  Like, how DARE I be walking on the same sidewalk as her without a little white skirt or a cardigan tied around my neck

Ugh.  Okay, so the point is I left the college and I was all "GOOD RIDDANCE TENNIS!"  and then the Whirlpool Open happened and not only did it make traffic horrid, but the courts were right next to the Wal-Mart so you couldn't get in there to shop for, oh, I don't know, FOOD, and THEN.  THEN the beeping.  I don't know what the beeping was keeping track of.  My best guess was anytime someone volleyed the ball a beep would be sounded.  It was loud enough to hear from anywhere in the house, and it didn't stop for 6 days straight.  In an effort to match the tennis snobs snobbery, I officially declare that the next place I live must be somewhere that tennis is illegal.

2.  In an effort to soothe my battered soul today, I looked at shoes for the wedding.  Wanna help me decide?  Here's the top four picks, opinions welcome (though be warned I may ignore you completely.  They are for my feet after-all).



Friday, February 24, 2012

Audience Participation Friday (5)

Avast Mateys!

This week we're setting sail on the seven seas (Fun fact:  there are WAY more than 7 bodies of water which could be termed seas.  But, you know, Pirates weren't the brightest and you can't blame them for liking the alliteration.), to loot and plunder brilliant new pirate-y names.

As usual for APF, here be yer rules:
  1. Go here.
  2. Discover your pirate name (or your kid's name, or your pet's name.  I don't care, have fun with it).  Try not to weep in joy at how perfectly this simple exercise embodies your personality and existence into one beautifully described buckineer.  
  3. Then, Go here, and hit 'Generate' JUST ONCE
  4. Post your pirate's full name and quote in the comments, and let me know if it's YOU or a kid or pet or whatever. 
  5. I'll read the comment, and create masterful pieces of art*
  6. You return to this post later and I will have added a portrait of the majestic pirate which represents the very essence of your soul.
  7. You have until Saturday at midnight central time to make the above 6 steps happen.
*Example of aforementioned Masterful pieces of art created by moi:
My pirate name - Pirate Misty the Pale!
(I know mine's super wussy for a pirate - 
though I am rather pale in real life, so not a bad description -  
but I tried a few other names, there's good ones in there.)

I care not for a ragged reef monkey.  Just be givin' me th' powder chest! 

Let the swash-bucklin' commence ye smarmy scalawags!

EDIT:  Here they come folks!

Cap'n Lucy Greenbeard

Cap'n Deb Leadfoot

Hobblin' Marcy Smythe

Plank-Monkey Abigail

Pear-Shaped Doris

Cap'n Mae Bloodsmear

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sunshine Wars: The Remix

A little bit more warmth in the Mountains of Mexico have lead to me leaving the back screen door open all day for Mac and Bub to go in and out as they please, get some fresh air circulating through the house, and to let in the sunshine.  There is a particularly large strip of sun that lands right inside the screen door, thus the last three days have seen re-runs of this exact scene:

Bubs clearly never learned to share.

Soak up the sun now you fluffy little jerk, because one day Mac will realize he is way bigger than you, and I am not stepping in the day he finally throws his weight around.

After his pitiful three-peat of defeats, I consoled Mac as he squished himself back up on the couch by singing to him.  Don't laugh, if you have pets I know you sing to them sometimes.  Or call them silly little names in high pitched voices, or make them dance with you.  You've done it. Don't lie

Really the best part of singing to your pets is when you can find a good song that their name fits into easily.  As Jenna Marbles says (see above links) this gives them self-confidence.  And this name game is pretty easy for Mac, because he goes by "just a few" different aliases:
  • Mac
  • Mac-attack
  • Big Mac
  • Mac Truck
  • Macintosh
  • Macin-toddy
  • Macaroon
  • Roo
  • Roo-bug
  • Roo-da-bagga
  • Roo-petelli
          and ...Goober.

If'n he ever needs to go into witness protection, good luck to the WP peeps trying to find him a name that he doesn't already answer to.

What I'm saying here is that over the past few days we (Fiance and I) have come up with a playlist for some of the most Mac-tastic songs, and I'd like to invite you to share them with your furry loved ones:

You can CLICK HERE to go to the playlist and actually listen to the songs in order, but below I have given the track list with appropriate Roo-difications so you know how to sing along like a professional.

1.  Return of the Mac - Mark Morrison  (we don't have to change that one at all!)
2.  Who Let the Roos Out (roo!  roo!  roo-roo!) - Baha Men
3.  Roo-Bug Has It - Adele
4.  He's Roo-Bug And He Knows It - LMAFO
5.  It's Gonna Be Roo - N*Sync
6.  Roo-Buggy - Mika
7.  Mr. Roo-da Beat - Alexandra Sran
8.  Moves Like Rooie - Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera
9.  Roo-Bug - N*Sync (the Nelly Remix)
10.  Roo-sa Barks (we the type-a puppies make the club get crunk) - Outcast 
11.  Don't Trust Bub (He'll never leave me Roo-oo!)- 3OH3 (not the radio version on the playlist)
12.  Mac-Toc (wake up in the mornin' feelin' like Roo-diddy) - Ke$ha
13.  Bub or Roo - Michael Jackson
14.  Bubbas Just Don't Understand - Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff
15.  BONUS TRACK*:  Bubba Gato - Elvis

I feel this playlist provides an array of styles and genres, so that anyone (or any Roo) can find a song suitable for the situation.  For instance, today was totally a "Roo-sa Barks" kind of day, but yesterday we were all about "He's Roo-Bug And He Knows It."  

What do you sing to your pets?  Don't be shy, we all do it.  
Come on now, share in the comments.


1.  Dreaded 29 Update:  -7, 22 to go!  Whew!
2.  I'm over rib-eye tacos.  In case you were curious.  But thankfully C came over (after fixing Dora for us!) last night, so we used up the rest of the already seasoned meat on dinner for him and his brother as thanks.  
3.  I've recently become a fan of "EPIC RAP BATTLES IN HISTORY!"  My favorite so far is Gandalf Vs. Dumbledore.  Though very close seconds go to both Shakespere Vs. Dr. Seuss and Abe Lincoln Vs. Chuck Norris.  They're just... they're really well done/ researched.  Go laugh at them.  (FYI:  These have naughty words in them.)
I've got a bucket fulla my head and I'm gonna make it raiiiiin - Abe, pouring a bucket of pennies onto Chuck.

4 and the * from above.  Bubba only gets one song just for him because he always wins and therefore does not need regular song-cheer (though when he plays with candles - see above - a song is def. in order).  Also because it's too entirely perfect for anything to ever top it.  Ever.  In fact, allow me to share ALL the lyrics to Bubba Gato.

As the snow flies
On a cold and gray Texan mornin'
A poor little kitten-child is born
Bubba Gato  (Bubba Gatooooo)

And his mama cries
Cause if there's one thing that she don't need
It's another hungry mouth to feed
Bubba Gato  (Bubba Gatooooo)

People, don't you understand
This kitty needs a helping hand
Or he'll grow to be an angry young cat some day
Take a look at you and me,
Are we too blind to see,
Do we simply turn our heads

And look the other way
Well the world turns
And a hungry little cat with a croaky throat
Plays in the street as the cold wind blows
Bubba Gato (Bubba Gatooooooo)

And his hunger burns
So he starts to roam the streets at night
And he learns how to steal (entire subway sandwiches)
And he learns how to fight (candles, even though he loses)
Bubba Gato (Bubba Gatooooooo)

Then one night in desperation
A young cat breaks away
He ties a string, round a tree,
Tries to run, but he don't get far
And his mama cries
As a crowd gathers 'round an angry young cat
Stuck in a tree, to the pound he goes STAT
Bubba Gato  (Bubba Gatooooooo)

And he croaks from his cage,
till he finds a new home,
Where he beats up a dog
Bubba Gato (Bubba Gatooooo)
And his mama cries

Additional fun-fact:  Probably the most hilarious thing ever (to me, not so much Fiance), is waking up in the middle of the night, not being able to fall back asleep, and dealing with that by poking your significant other in the nose until he wakes so that you can look him in the eye as seriously as possible before saying "Bubba Gatooooooo"

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Weekend's Compliment Sandwich Buffet

As I type this I'm eating leftovers.  But I was too lazy to actually put tacos together... so I just kinda cut it all up and put it in a tupperware dish.  I can't help but be reminded of KFC's failure piles in a sadness bowl.

I earned a little laziness I think (or at least that's how I'm justifying it).  We had... a rough (or ruff, if you're Mac) weekend here.  I'm going to recount it, but I decided for the sake of not being a horrible Debbie Downer that I shall recap using 'compliment sandwiches' - which anyone who's ever worked in a people services type job knows is the best way to break criticisms to someone without them taking it personally.  And for those who have not heard of a compliment sandwich; I'm pretty sure you'll pick it up quickly here.  So weekend - don't be too hard on yourself, we'll try again next Friday.

  • Compliment: We had a party on Saturday.
  • Criticism:  As excited as I was for our friends to come and see our house, the few who ended up coming didn't move from the 3-meter area within view of the soccer game streaming from my 13" laptop screen on the patio.  Because we have cool stuff in our house but we don't have cable.
  • Compliment:  The kids who came were ALL about seeing what cool things we had to offer.  Particularly the 3 year old who, upon starting a game of Super Mario Bros. Wii, dramatically whirled around to face his mother and yell:
Mama!  Princess Peach!  We have to save her!  Bowser took her and we have to go KILL HIM. (his voice dropped an entire octave and gained like +14 force for the "Kill Him" part of that statement, which I found endearing for some reason.) ((also that was in Spanish, but you get the point))

  • Compliment:  Parties where we get to grill out seem to be our favorite type of party here.
  • Criticism:  Less than half the amount of people who RSVP'd yes to the party showed up, so we now have over 10 pounds of rib eye steak in the freezer.
  • Compliment:  I don't have to plan anything for dinner this week.  Tonight?  Rib-eye tacos.  Tomorrow?  Rib eye tacos.  Wednesday?  RIB. EYE. TACOS.  (We do sincerely love rib-eye tacos, no worries.)

  • Compliment:  Having a party at your house means you can relax in your own environment.
  • Criticism:  It also means your puppy is in the house for the party,*  and when you put him outside for the few moments that people are eating food, he will have a full-blown panic attack, including vomit, poo, howling like a banshee, and then what I saw as I walked by the door - him chewing on the iron bars until his teeth bled.  I know, I felt horrid.  He's okay now folks.  We hugged it out.  

  • Compliment:  Excepting Mac's episode (which no one saw but me), many of our Mexican friends are getting more comfortable with the idea of a large dog hanging out with us.  Particularly when we have him moonwalk.  Or play dead.

  • Compliment:  Sunday we were invited to host some of the executives for Fiance's company on a bit of a Mexican show and tell.
  • Criticism:  Hanging with higher-ups for the company means not traipsing around the city in jeans and a t-shirt.  It means dress-shirt and heels.  While walking around the cobblestone streets of downtown Monterrey.  For three+ hours.  Long story short, we're out of bandaids now because THEY'RE ALL ON MY POOR, WOUNDED FEET.
you can see 'em if you look closely
  • Compliment:  The Execs are all Japanese, which is a very clean and germ-concerned culture.  Mexico, if you're not familiar, is just about as 180 from that thought process as you can get (which is not to say it's dirty, they're just not about to wear germ-masks in the streets or insist on using hand sanitizer).  I guess I was just amused at their faces when we bought them churros off a cart, broke it apart and handed them pieces with our bare hands.  Or when we tried to explain the communal plate of meat and tortillas we got for lunch.  But to give them credit, they were game to try it all.

  • Compliment:  The next thing that happened Sunday night, I guess I'm just happy that it happened this far into our time in Mexico.  Because we needed the amount of Spanish we've learned.
  • Criticism:  Dora the Explorer started smoking on our way back from dropping off the execs.  And the power steering died, the AC shut off, and she overheated.  Turns out the accessory belt broke.  
this is definitely supposed to be in my flipping CAR.
  • Compliment:  Fiance was driving when this happened, so I managed to mostly stay calm.  And we were once again shown how awesome the people of Mexico are when we stopped at Fiance's company (because it was close).  They helped us get Dora parked in the company parking lot, and THEN called us a cab to take us home.

  • Compliment:  I baked about 7 dozen cookies last night as a thank you to those awesome security guards.
  • Criticism:  We're out of sugar and I'm out a car to go and get more.
  • Compliment:  Being out of sugar is probably good for my waistline.

All in all, we're still alive.  So I guess we'll call it a win for team QuePasa.  Here's hoping we have more successes this next weekend when we give C the remaining 10+ pounds of steak to use at his birthday party. Ha.
so. much. meat. (and this isn't ALL of it!!!)

*I've hit on this topic before I think, but because Mac is a big dog, some of our friends are uncomfortable with him, since it is simply not culturally acceptable in Mexico for him to be in the house.  Ever.  So we put him outside while everyone was eating.  But Mac, having Doberman blood-lines, has an instinct to take care of me.  He doesn't know these people, they're acting uncomfortably around him (not what he would consider friendly), and now I, Kp, his main charge, well I'm with them out of his line of sight.  He can't handle it.  We've gotta figure something else out.  Puppy gates also not an option because they're not really party appropriate... and I'm pretty sure he'd jump it.