Tuesday, May 24, 2011

He Needs You to KNOW.

This is my life. More specifically, this has been the last TWO HOURS of my life.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

I am not going to make an "I survived the Rapture!" joke.

Seriously. Rapture jokes were old by approximately 6:01PM today.
Just sayin.
It's been a long day folks. Boyfriend is currently in Mexico (he'll be back next week, no worries), and with the end of my apartment's "lease*" looming, that leaves a good chunk of the first move (me to his house) to just little old me. So I'll be the first to admit that the day may have left me just a little too tired for the "OMFG I wasn't raptured LOL ROFL!" business that is EVERYWHERE. We get it. The crazy Christians are crazy. And wrong. Let's move on.
I got a whole car-load done and over with today. I'm proud of that certainly, but I'm bushed.
Bubba is not as enthusiastic about getting everything boxed up as I am. Based on his behavior when the boxes started piling up, I'm pretty sure he remembers when we moved here from Texas three years ago. Being stuck in his crate for 2 full days of driving was understandably traumatic for the little dude. Particularly when that tornado tore through Kansas at the same time we were driving through Dorothy's homeland. Actually, that was pretty traumatic for me too if I'm honest. Don't lie, you'd scream like a little girl too if you were pulling off the interstate frantically searching for a cat-friendly hotel as you watched a funnel touch down in your rear-view mirror.
Bub: I've seen this before.
Mac: It looks like fun! Is it a game?
Bub: No. It's horrible. They are going to put us in tiny boxes just like this stuff for hours and hours.
Mac: I get a box too!? Yay! We can play hide & seek!
Bub: "Challenged" is not a strong enough word for you.
Mac didn't get a box today, but he wasn't entirely a fan of being relegated to the front seat because the backseat was full. Still a car-ride though, so he was happy enough. Box time will come with the flight to Mexico... I won't say I'm not nervous for him.
So much more to move - I'm not quite sure where to start next!
*My job is a live-in position at the College. Which means that my salary is lower, but my apartment is "free" (I earn that free, believe you me.) However, once I am done with the job I'm done with the free home too. With Spring classes wrapping up next month, I've got about three more usable weekends before time's up! If you have some cardboard boxes I'll gladly take 'em off your plate.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Know It's Been Too Long When...

...you have a hard time remembering the password to log into your own blog. Sheesh.
There's a lot to go over - let's start at the big stuff:
We're moving to Mexico.
Boyfriend's company is taking us South of the border. For a duration somewhere around a year. But that means more than just that we're moving to Mexico.
It means I'm wrapping up MY job, and moving - twice! once into Boyfriend's house and then we go to Mexico once the company is ready for us to be there. We've got passports/ visas to worry about, making sure we see all of our respective families before we head out, and of course, relocating the critters to another country is complicated too.
critter #1 aka Mac: this is currently my absolutely favorite photo. taken by a friend of ours at a cookout a few weeks back.
Good thing I handle stress and change well, right?
Oh wow that's a lie.
I'm getting better in my responses to all that's coming down the pipeline (I have a new mantra: Live and let *Boyfriend's Company*), but I didn't see much point in chronicling my little freak-outs about such a big life change here - thus - I didn't. Honestly, I'm excited, and I want to do all this; what an adventure! But I challenge anyone, when you're as much of a control freak as I am, to try and make all that happen and not have a few moments you're not particularly proud of.
So I've been busy. The good and the bad of it in terms of writing a creative blog is that I've felt very accomplished in what I've/ we've gotten done in the past month or so, but not all of it is what the average person might call art. To me though, it's all been aesthetically interesting, so I call it art. So there. :)
I mowed the lawn yesterday. I considered it a work of art because I managed to do it where you can see the pretty lines back and forth. Next time I will try for diagonals.
I've planted a garden. A very small garden, keeping in mind that I'll be leaving it before the summer is over. Tomatoes, cucumbers, chives and radishes. I whipped up some little plant markers to go with 'em too River rock and lacquer - super easy, and super durable. I'd put some in my etsy monster if they wouldn't cost more to ship their weight than they cost to make. I'll get some pictures of those once the seeds planted behind them are actual plants.
There's been a lot of rearranging in the house we're about to share. Boyfriend's mom summed up with the phrase "It looks good - it needed a woman's touch in here." I'll take that compliment. Some pictures hung up, a lot of stuff moved over from my apartment... a lot left to move too.
the traditional pineapple painting, which any respectable person of Northern European decent should have in their entryway.

family photos in the living room. and half my face for scale... because for some reason I felt that was important.
Long story short, a whole bunch of stuff coming down the pipeline - and as I get the seconds here or there between moving boxes and turning my life upside down (in a good way!), I'll be sharing it here. So stay tuned with some patience if you're so inclined.