Saturday, March 26, 2011

More Pictures to Come

It's spring break! Until tomorrow at like noon. (Seriously, where did the week go!?) At noon tomorrow all the students come back. Hm. But right now - it's totally spring break. Woo.
What have I been up to in celebration? PAINTING.
Specifically, I took a day off to paint boyfriend's bedroom. There's a little more to be done with the trim, but it looks pretty good if I can toot my own horn. I don't have pictures yet (be prepared for a before and after post in a few days here) but I can show you what colors I picked by checking out my FACE and HAIR in this picture.
Pictured: A sample of Basketry in my hair, on my thumb, and my shoulder, and I believe that's a smear of Antique White (the trim) just below my eyebrow
I also finished a project that I've been sitting on for what seems like forever. That's right! the Puke Calendar is finally finished its rebirth as a painting of owls.
While it's usually not my style to make the obvious joke, I couldn't help but add the "hooters" banner at the bottom. I think it really adds something, don't you? Ha. Going up for sale at the etsy monster as soon as I can get my camera back from boyfriend's house for better pictures.
All in all it's been a good break. I feel accomplished, even without having been on the standard spring break "epic road trip." And so now if you'll excuse me I'm going to see about getting the flecks of "Basketry" and "Antique White" off of my fingernails.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

First Things First.

Oh, it's such a nice day, I thought, as I walked home from work this afternoon. It would be great to open all the windows, get some fresh air in the house, and work on the quilt while soaking up some sunshine.
And then I remembered that it's St. Patrick's Day Eve. There were other, very important tasks at hand.
Clearly I have my priorities in a row here.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Colorful Koi.

Like I mentioned in a previous post, it's been crazy busy at day-time work here, and so I haven't been taking on too many crafty projects in my downtime. But I figured a one-night quick project might be fun. So I made Bubba a toy.
One piece of retina-burning green fabric, one piece of turcoise and white fabric, a shoulder pad I long since took out of a jacket for stuffing, and some bright gold embroidery thread = one catmip flavored koi toy.
Cats, unlike dogs, are not colorblind. If it's a really bright color, or a big contrast, they most certainly can see it, just not in the same kind of focus that a person might. Bright green is a great way to go for a cat toy (or bright red if you have it) because it totally grabs a cat's attention. As noted by Bubba's "yay I shall play with this RIGHT NOW" reaction to the finished product.* I think I'll have to start making these for the etsy shop, it was a good stress relief, and it was nice to have the "I accomplished a project" feeling in just one night.
*I might have cheated just a bit by spritzing it with a catnip infused spray.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Putting myself out there... without actually putting myself out there.

I'm not looking to be famous with this site. I just want a fun hub where I can refer people - or where someone could wander to, where they have a way to see what I'm all about.
It makes sense to me to have my resume on the site*. But I am torn friends.
Torn, because I grew up in the era of To Catch a Predator, and thus, I can't wrap my brain around the idea of putting my contact information, my cell phone number, or my address out there on the internet.
Because I fear the creepers. Creepers, not to be confused with the Reaper. I do not fear him, because Blue Oyster Cult told me not to (see also: More Cowbell).
Now anyone out there who has put together a resume will tell you, such contact information should go front and center on the top of the front page (and those who are saying WAIT you're only supposed to have one page - get a masters, and you can have two. Promise). Should. But if I'm then putting that resume up on the internets where creepers can track me down and try to force me to drink crappy lemonade... amongst other things... then I'm just not down with it.
What are our thoughts, people of the internet? Am I just being a paranoid idiot? Part of me feels like if you've found me online, then contacting me through email shouldn't be out of the question. Right? (creepers need not respond to this informal poll.)
*Resume you say? Why... I see a link in the side menu that says "Resume." Dare I click it? YES. OH GOSH CLICK IT BECAUSE I'M SO AWESOME I FIGURED OUT HOW TO PUT THAT ONLINE ALL BY MYSELF. I won't lie, I did a little dance afterward. (I am aware the quality is not real great right now, but that will be changed in coming days probably weeks if i'm realistic about it.)

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Bubba Bonding.

Wrapping up a quarter for the College. Lots to be busy with, and when I get home, mostly I want to curl up in a ball and breathe.
Don't worry, crafting wil resume soon.
This is not to say there haven't been adventures. Most recently, my little apartment hosted a guest.
A guest who I failed to get any photos of, because I'm a jerk. But his name was O'Malley. O'Malley the Alley Cat. This big orange tabby with his classy white socks, white chest, and a tiny white blaze on his nose had wandered into one of the residence halls, and just I happened to be the lady with a cat carrier and a willingness to host him until the end of the weekend when Animal Services reopened for the week. And so O'Malley came to stay the night. He was a nice enough guest, to me. He didn't really pay Bubba any mind, and he absolutely terrorized Mac (I should note that O'Malley stayed in Mac's crate in the kitchen, so this 13lb tabby instilled the fear of God in my 100lb dog from behind bars).
Today after I brought O'Malley to the good folks of the Kalamazoo Animal Services Office*, I came home to do a little damage control.
Mac got a car ride and a giant rawhide bone to boost his self confidence back up (no lie, he was scared of even the empty cat crate for a bit).
And Bubba. Well, he needed some quality time to reaffirm that he is in fact, my favorite little orange tabby ever.
He's been sitting there since I got home. And I don't see him moving any time soon. The purrfect way to snuggle the night away.
*If you're looking for an orange tabby of your own, and you're in the area - O'Malley's new name is Harmon, and he'll be available on Petfinder after the 5 day grace period (just in case he has owners looking for him).