Saturday, January 22, 2011

Keep It Reeeeeal

Okay, first things first: Have you seen this video (SFW, promise)?
In my daytime job, I work at a college. And since students are always looking for good ways to procrastinate, I had more than one student come into my office today insisting that I watch this hilarious, if not troubling, abomination.
For those that want some back story, the little girl is named Eden Wood, and she has risen to fame through her prominence on the TLC show: Toddlers and Tiaras. Said fame apparently landed her an appearance on "The Talk," - aka, CBS' version of "The View."
If you can force yourself to watch it again, I recommend peeling your eyes from Eden to watch the people in the background - there is a stark contrast between the show's hosts - who are disgusted and clearly judging - and Eden's mom, sitting in the middle of the couch, who can't peel the perma-grin off her face unless she's singing along with her daughter.
Now. For some true entertainment, you need to watch THIS version (still SWF).
And now, well, I imagine if you watched either of those, that we're now stranded in the same boat: 'Cutie Patootie' is irrevocably stuck. In. My. Head.
So stuck, that while I was out and about tonight, I had to take a moment to sketch little Eden out. I didn't have internet access, so this is straight from the memory of watching this video like 60 times today (slight exaggeration, but not by much).
Please note I drew her in the pose she strikes while screeching "Keep it Reeeeeeeeal." As if a 5 year old that's covered head to toe in makeup and fake tan has ever been hit with a dose of reality. I digress.
Today's project was at least in-part inspired by little Ms. Eden. Being an obvious prima-donna, I believe she could probably sympathize with me when I say that I hate sleeping with any kind of light in the room. I've always been an avid napper, and can thusly fall asleep darn near anywhere. But for actual deep, night time, restful sleep, I have to be in darkness. Dark darkness. We're talking an abyss of inky blackness.
Unfortunately, I live on a college campus (see: MY JOB). And while I've gotten really good at blocking out any superfluous noises, there is a safety flood light like every 10 feet outside my building. No matter how much I try, some of that light is always beaming into my bedroom, and finding a way to aim right at my eyes.
But I had extra fabric and elastic lying around, and tonight it finally hit me: Why do I put up with this? Cue sewing.
Problem Solved.

Friday, January 21, 2011

I Etched A [Glass] Jar And I Liked It

Friends, Romans, Countrymen, I have a new ability to add to my repitroire: Glass etching. I tried it last night, and while there were a few bumps in the road (More about me always wanting to make a masterpiece straight out the box than anything else. "Baby steps!" should be my mantra.), I'm quite pleased with the results.
In my first attempt, a pickle jar got new life as an "art piece" with maple leaf silhouettes etched around the middle. Check it out!
So this weekend? I forsee a lot of sitting, hunched over jars covered in a layer of masking tape, exacto knife in hand, and a bottle of caustic chemical by my side. In other words, a whole lot of fun. (I'm not being sarcastic. I know I can do that from time to time, but I'm sincerely jazzed.)
In other news, yesterday (January 19th for those keeping track), my mum sent boyfriend and I a valentines day care package. Yeah, it's like a month early, and yeah, we're both in our "mid to late 20's" and therefore past our care package prime, but who argues with free gifties? She sent a dog-friendly water bottle attachment for Mac, a pink mouse toy for Bubba, jerky spice mix for boyfriend, and for me she included lemon-scented lotion and body wash. Honestly, I was really pretty geeked to try it out - but, well, here's boyfriend's daily note:

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Etsy Monster

So many projects to start, I don't know which to tuck into first! Actually, I do, but before I jump into glass etching head-first (not literally, mind you, those are some pretty corrosive chemicals that should probably not get too near your face.), I wanted to share some of the fruits of my recent labor with you.

Namely, THE KPQUEPASA ETSY MONSTER IS ALIVE. (you should go there. I laced this article with links.)

I loaded it up with the first wave of goodies, notably some paintings, some jewelry, some sewing projects, and my personal favorite: my devil horns.

Those devil horns are a piece of costumery (Is that a word? There's no squiggly red line under it, so I suppose it IS! Sweet.) that I am particularly proud of. Halloween is my favorite holiday, mostly because I pick my costume based on how much geeky crafting I can put into it. The first Halloween after I moved to Michigan, I decided to be a Devil in a Blue Dress.
The initial reasoning behind this was that I had just purchased my first [reliable] sewing machine, and I was itching to try it out. Sewing a blue dress seemed a great way to christen my lovely new Singer. But then I ventured out to costume stores to select the all important horns and found that every pair out there was way too chinsy for my taste.
Thus. I bought a floral foam wreath. And with the help of an exacto knife, red and black paint, and some lacquer, I carved and painted this set of horns that I was (and still am) supremely happy with. I think it shows in the photos from Halloween that year: I was geeked to wear my costume because I knew it was subtle but AWESOME.
I went out with my friend Kate, who made an excellent ipod commercial.
(and why yes, I did just have a cape already lying around.)
Now, friends, those epic horns could be yours.
Other stuff going on? Well, I guess I am starting to get irked with the lack of comics up here, and the only person who can be blamed for such a thing is me. So I will share an old comic from my archives with you today - a true account of how my behemoth 100lb dog reacts to nature - I hope you find some joy within. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Taxes Schmaxes

I'm feeling a bit all over the place today. Trying to get lots of little things accomplished.
First and foremost, last week I ordered glass etching cream, and I'm super excited to dabble with a new medium when it gets here. Thus, I wanted to get all my extraneous glass prepped and clean today. Glass "trash" is weird for me - the little bit of a hippie that lives within me won't let me throw it out. So I literally have an entire cupboard filled with jars from applesauce, pasta sauce, salsa, and more that has long since been eaten.
Sometimes these little containers come in handy - I have an applesauce jar that I use to measure out my daily water intake, and a smaller salsa jar holds pens and pencils. But even I can see that it's getting a little ridiculous, and thus, all the jars are currently soaking in my bathtub, loosening up their labels. Their impending transition to artsy-fartsy jars that can be sold and ultimately leave the house is well on its way.
Next up, taxes. Merh. ...Or maybe not. Apparently my bank doesn't offer online tax statements. Seriously? Get with the times, BANK.
So I guess that frees up some time to work on getting the etsy up, functional, and hopefully list some items on it. Then I'll be all official. Or at least I'll start to feel like it. Honestly, there is a lot of work to be done before my internet presence is where I want it to be. *baby steps*
Oh, and then, there's the owl painting. Still a WIP, but wanna see my hooter collection? Of course you do.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Magic Shrooms

I have cartoon owls in my sketchbook to show you, but I think that'll have to wait until tomorrow morning.
Tonight, Chris called on his way home from work, and said he was taking me out to dinner, and I get to pick the place.
Well; twist my arm.

Fast forward to riding in the car towards the restaurant of my choice (for those who care - we did hibachi. Faaaaaaaantastic.), and Chris explains the following:
You've played the old Mario Brothers games, right? (Really boyfriend? Do you have to ask?) you know how in the beginning of the game, there's a spot where you can rack up like, 99 extra lives? You don't need them that early in the game- it's easy at that point. You get them to help you out later on down the line.
Work is going to be crazy hours for me in the next few weeks. And I feel bad, because I won't be able to give you as much attention as I want - I'll be gone all day and into the evening, and when I get home, I know I'm going to be beat. So I took you out last night, and tonight, and tomorrow, as my way of getting in some extra lives, to spoil you now 'cause I won't be able to for a while after this weekend.

Now, I'm going to try not to be too mushy of a girlfriend on this blog, but Chris likes my creativity: Heck, he set up this whole site for me to display it! And it would help this entry to know that because he encourages my artistic tendencies, I like to send him off to work each day with a quick note stashed in his lunch-bag - a doodle of my gushy thoughts on the day before, or things coming, up, etc. It's fun for me, and it puts a smile on his face each lunchtime when he reads his note.
I appreciate that he thought about me with regards to his job, and gave me a heads up about the impending ickiness. And as soon as the words were out of his mouth, I knew what his "note" had to be for tomorrow.
I have some sculpey (it's a polymer clay - you can sculpt then bake your creation in the oven to set it) in my craft closet, and while it's not enough to make a crazy awesome art piece, it is certainly enough to make a tiny 1-up mushroom.
So that's what I did.
But I had to be quick, because it meant keeping Chris out of the kitchen while I worked, and shoot, that's like trying to keep cat-hair off the couch.
So I put together a tiny mushroom and threw it in the oven (I do not recommend taking pictures of the inside of your oven, I may have singed my hair)
Gave it a quick paint job using the internet for picture reference
And promptly put it in a jewelry box we had lying around, so that he couldn't peek at it until the morning (I fully believe he will have peeked before we go to bed. He's a sneak like that.)
And that friends, is why I will not be posting a finished picture of my intended owl painting tonight: I was simply too busy cooking magic 'shrooms for my boyfriend.

The Puke Calendar

Today's project has a back story. Chris might remember it differently, but the way it sticks in my head is probably funnier. *ahem* So that's how I'll be sharing it, yes?
The end of November, Chris was sent on a business trip to Canada, and when he came back, he was nice enough to bring me a few little gifts. One of them was a 2011 calendar from a sushi restaurant, was made to look like an old Asian scroll painting of Koi fish. I thanked Chris, and he proudly informed me:
I got this for free from that restaurant because their food made me puke, so they felt bad and gave me a calendar. Thanks for your puke gift? I didn't actually say that, but I imagine my face went from some look of amusement at this cute/ odd gesture, to grossed out at the gift's origin story. I am pretty horrible at hiding what I'm thinking; When we first started dating, Chris used to tease me ad-nauseam at how easily the positioning of my eyebrows gave away my inner thoughts. Anyway, he caught himself, and promptly backpeddled.
Uh... I thought you could paint something cool on it?

Ah. Okay then. Today seems like a good day to make that happen. I've been itching to paint some little cartoon owls - if you're an owl fan too, check back later for progress.

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

The Stuff Begins!

I won't lie: A blog intimidates me. I see it as a promise to the whole world wide web that, I, with some degree of reliability, will continually update with amusing, interesting, educational, and/or visually appealing stuff. And I'd like it to be quality stuff; I recognize that no one has any interest in a day where I just brush my teeth, fiddle with a rubik's cube, watch tv, and take the dog out to poop.
But if I had a good story about how I learned to solve the rubik's cube (because I totally can solve it! *nerd*), that might be worth sharing.
that's right. I did that.
Or I could start a conversation about dogs that are sissies when it comes to cold and ask what tactics other pup owners take in warming their furry charges back up after a romp in the snow (Mac insists on wearing a hooded sweatshirt and getting zapped with the warm hairdryer when he comes in. Mac is a super wus). What I'm saying is, I think I can do this, all I have to do is commit to it.
this scene resulted in Mac tucking himself back into bed when we went in.
It's about time I go for it. I get a pretty decent rush from sharing my creations with others - be it a doodle, a painting, or something else. So that's what I aim to do here: chronicle what I'm doing, or making, and the life that goes hand in hand with that creation.
Have you got something stewing in the back of your mind? Something that's been there forever, but that you have yet to act on because it's seemingly out of the realm of your current reality? I hope you can figure out your own set of baby steps - a plan to get yourself closer to throwing yourself in the right direction. For me, blog is step numero uno.