Friday, March 11, 2016

You know you’re starting to assimilate…

Listen, I am fully aware that I am an American living in Japan.  It becomes clear from the face of the barista every time I take my to-go coffee out on the street and sip from the cup as I walk.  It’s clear in my inability to squash my giant American feet into the adorable shoe selections I find in shops.  And it’s also pretty apparent in how poorly I speak Japanese. Cause, whah, guys - my Japanese isn’t awesome.

But sometimes I find myself doing things here that I simply wouldn’t be doing if I hadn’t lived in Japan.  Things that my mum (who’s visiting Japan at the moment!*) has noted as silly.  I present said things here for fun and posterity.

10 Things That Signal You’re Officially Getting Used to Life in Japan
(things which I definitely do)

I am pleased as punch with this purchase!
  1. You respond to most conversations with a tight-lipped “un!” and a head nod.
  2. You have enough packets of travel tissues stored up to stuff a taxidermic elephant.
  3. You walk into the street without paying any mind to cars because you have the light and are a  pedestrian.  
  4. (unless it’s a taxi.  taxis follow laws for no man.)
  5. You have purchased a pair of collapsible chopsticks that you carry with you just in case you are at a place that has those shoddy wooden chopsticks.
  6. You immediately assume anyone who is taller than you (at a whole hot 5’7”!) plays professional basketball.
  7. You don’t watch the weather forecast on tv so much as you check in for the laundry forecast to say it’s a good day for your pants to hang dry on the balcony.
  8. You have a favorite Daiso, because you know some are better stocked than others.
  9. When you’re out and about, you ball up your trash and put it in your bag to throw out back at home.  Because you know better than to bother looking for a public bin.
  10. You bow to everything.
I did not draw this, but I have DONE this.
Credit goes to Ms. Mary Cagle of
Check out her comics about living in Japan!
Is there something you do in Japan that you 
wouldn’t do otherwise which isn’t listed below?  
Tell me in the comments!

today's little language lesson
Watashi wa amarini mo ōku no tisshu o motte imasu

I have too many tissues.

*yes!  mom's here, which explains the delay in blog post this week... and will likely cause a delay next week as well.  bear with me, this can only be fodder for good posts down the road.

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