Monday, January 25, 2016

Year in Review 2015

It is time.  Time to look back upon 2015 and see if I lived up to past-me's expectations.  Let's do this (and I'll keep it short and sweet because I am well aware this is a very self-serving post each year).

2015's Goals!

1.  Move to Japan.  
CHECK!  I knew when I wrote it that it would -yes- happen, but it still seemed like such an impossibility.  And yet... 
we are here, and happy, and in good with the owner of this fabu restaurant which we frequent.

2.  Be less of a hermit than I was in Mexico.
"To be successful in this goal I will need to have found a group of my OWN friends (not just friends who are friends through proxy of The Mister)."
CHECK number 2!  Guys.  I have real friends here.  That like, are friends I want to keep in contact with for the rest  of my life.  And we do things.  Like go to OWL CAFES (I will post about this eventually, I promise).  

3.  ARTING. 
"Staying sane for me is largely controlled by my ability to create things.  Some of this has been stalled lately because the to-do list is overwhelming.  I'll need to figure out what ARTING will look like, what medium it will take on once we're over there, but I want to create another 4 fabulous projects just for me which I can be proud of."  Ooooh snap.  CHECK NUMBER 3.  Doing amazing over here.  Feelin' good.

Exibit 1: I constructed wearable art by making my own patterns for both fabric and foam applications

dog coat
viking costume
Exhibit 2: I did a BUNCH of knitting
only 2 of at least 20 scarves
Exhibit 3: And a BUNCH of baking


Exhibit 4: And of course, there was some home decor art projects... which were met with appreciation from some more than others...

plants pre bubba
plants 24 hours later post bubba eating and horking one.
 And there was more!  I had to select 4 to show here!  Awesome sauce.

4.  The Dreaded 45.
"The Dreaded 29 has been conquered since 2012.  That's pretty awesome.  But I haven't made much progress since then.  I'm crossing my fingers that a few key changes to our lifestyle will make another 16 pounds possible this year."

   er.... this one didn't *really* pan out how I hoped.  But not altogether a loss.  Turns out, if you transition from a 90% sentient lifestyle, to one where you walk literally everywhere (literally is actually used properly here!) that you don't so much loose weight as you loose fat and gain muscle.  So I gained weight... but I'm down a pant size.  Ok I guess?

Let's call that 3.5/4  That's a solid B+ folks.  I'll take it!  And honestly, that it's not 100% success makes me feel like I did a good job of not just lobbing myself softballs. Where to from here?

The things I'd like to do for me, to make me feel good about myself and my life:

1.  Pass the JLPT 4 (Japanese Language Proficiency Test, level 4).  This... not gonna lie, will be hard.  As you may or may not remember, I have sat the JLPT level 5 and... failed by a single point.  Assuming I can convince my Japanese teacher that I am ready to take it in July, I might have two chances at this one (they test in July and December every year).  If not, I'll sit it for sure in December and hope for a one and done scenario.  So.. fingers crossed.

2.  Do something I'm proud of with FINvites.  I'm not sure just yet that I know how to make this measurable.  I'd like to be able to look back and say I did something other than just housewife at the end of this year.  Don't get me wrong, housewifing is great, but there is more to life. FINvites seems like the best option to make that happen.  Future me, I will leave the judgement to you on how successful that is.

3.  Another 4 Fabu Arts.  You know the drill on that one.

4.  Maintain the pant size, and loose 10 lbs.  Can it be done?  I shall see.

What are your goals for the year of the Monkey?  
How will you measure if you're successful?  
Tell me in the comments!


Lauren loves tempura said...

KP1 - what an epic life review and blog undertaking! I hope you are proud!
I will help you this fine year by:

a) Continuing to be your fwend
b) Not suggesting TOO many tempura or popcorn dates
c) Getting craftilicious with you
d) Being a sounding-board for any FINvites ideaz

And, make the JLPT4 your BITCH. You've got this.

Kathleen F said...

ze bop! I really like this! Your goals are challenging but realistic and attainable, measurable and you've been so successful. Hope you are proud!

Glad you're doing so well and looking forward to the fun updates that 2016 will bring! :)