Monday, January 18, 2016

coming in with a whimper

My little cousin wins all the cool points.
That title sounds pitiful now that I typed it out.  Hmph.  Okay but whatever I'm leaving it.  Do you have any idea how hard it is to crank out witty blog titles?  Almost as hard as it is to come back to writing the blog after a prolonged hiatus.  Oh yeah, you noticed, eh?  ..sorry...?

So whence last we saw our heroes, I had just awarded The Mister his Christmas gift of bear onesie - less than 12 hours later the two of us were off on a plane to the states, onesies in tow.  I'd like to say we had epic adventures in our onesies, but mostly we were just caught up in a whirlwind of jetlag, to-do lists, and making sure we got in genuine, much missed facetime with our families.

And weirdly (weird for me, as I'm usually an over-sharer here), I kinda wanna keep all that to myself to just hold onto until the next visit home.

So just a few fun pictures:
couple selfie at the NYE Redwings v. Penguins game
We were seated next to an Abraham Lincoln impersonator.
He rode the zamboni.  It almost made up for the Wings loss

The very next day, the Mister and I hopped on the TINIEST
plane ever to fly over the Lake to Wisconsin.  It was tiny.
As in, couldn't even put my feet down on the ground tiny.
We were... dubious.
It all works out when, upon landing, you get an Old Fashioned.
Which, for whatever reason, area only good
when they're made in the state of Wisconsin.

Pin: "Wisconsin - outdrinking your state since 1848"
After a few of those Old Fashioned(s), I can confirm pin is correct.

Mum and I tried to take a picture.  Her dog wasn't having it.
He was, however, 100% having the snow.
We took a walk along the Fox River in Green Bay.
It looks so cool when it's iced over.
 And then, of course, there was the Jet Lag.  Beautiful, Horrible, Jet Lag.
...we're *mostly* over that now.

Tune in next week for a year in review!

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