Friday, October 16, 2015

Foreigners at a Craft Bazaar

Kp2 took this picture as we were
loading up to head out to the bazaar!
About three weeks ago, Kp2 came to me with a flyer for a craft bazaar.

“We craft things! We should craft more things, get a craft fair table and sell our crafts that we've crafted!”  She said in a very craftily excited way, thus I also became excited about crafts, and so, we crafted a game plan, traipsed out to the YWCA (the hosts of this Craft Bazaar), and we bought some craft table space to share.  Craftitity craft craft crafting crafts.

If you know me, or Kp2, in real life, I’m sure you can see how a craft fair would totally be our jam.  You might also note, however, that we are both currently in Japan.
Where everyone would be speaking Japanese.
And where we speak… hmm, I’d say “minimal amounts of Japanese” is a reasonable descriptor.

But you know what?  We survived.  And in the process, we met these people.

our amazing table!

The 4 people foreigners will see at a craft bazaar

1.   The Lapper- This person is really intrigued by what the foreigners have to sell.  But do the foreigners speak Japanese?  Do they speak it well enough? [note: no, probably not.]  The Lapper will spend his or her time at the bazaar trying to muster the courage to find out.  They will walk past the table while side-eyeing all the goods… never quite brave enough to stop.  Maybe next time around.  And so they will walk by again.  And again.  And… I saw one guy at least 5 times, and he was never quite able to get the gumption to stop.  Missed out on some adorable tea towels, bro.

2. The Free Practice Enthusiast - I can’t mock this person because I realize I sound just like that when I speak Japanese. Also I fully admit I was purposefully using the bazaar to practice my own language skills. I will, however, say it would have been helpful if they would have stood to one side of the table or the other so we could have pulled in more potential buyers.  Because they didn’t buy a single thing, but they did block our whole set up from view.  

3. The Somehow Still Skinny Eater - the people who quickly buy 10 cupcakes without even tasting the samples and then skitter off into the shadows, having exchanged maybe a dozen words between us, total.  I envy Japanese genetics - how does one eat like this and not look like jabba the hut?  This was a surprising number of my customers.

4. The Grandma for Everyone - the older woman who enthusiastically buys a little of everything you have to offer because she’s really proud of you for trying so hard to be there and she wants you to keep coming back, even though she doesn’t quite understand us or the idea that it would be really helpful if she spoke just a *tish* slower.

Understandably, she's totes my favorite.

In conclusion, we did alright for ourselves at this bazaar!  I see us doing it again in the future, and I think we both learned some things about how to successfully be vendors in Japan 
(namely, don’t immediately say hello to people or you’ll scare them, and baked goods are gonna sell way better than your scarves, KpMcD… make some darn cookies!) 

I am super proud of us, and especially of Kp2, who was truly the brains behind getting us a table and making this a reality.  She’s going places folks.  (and she’s taking these really adorable silk-screened tote bags and tea towels with her.  If you want one of your own… [Click HERE])

Have you been to a bazaar/ open market-type event lately?  
What was your favorite “score” of the day?  
Tell me in the comments!

today’s little language lesson
okaiage, arigatougozaimashita!

Thank you for your purchase!

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