Monday, September 28, 2015


Walking in Japan is great exercise.  A little fresh air and sunshine does a body good.  It can be perilous, however, when the bikes come to play.

Bikers (the peddling kind, not the motor kind), almost immediately enraged me when we arrived in Japan - they zoom around with no concern for the pedestrians with which they share the sidewalk, frequently ignore the traffic lights, and have no regard for the LAWS OF BIKES.  This says nothing of the number of times where I'll be walking with Mac and bikes will zoom past him with less than inches between bike and puppy - I wish I knew how to scream "You're lucky he didn't bite you, jerk!"  in Japanese.  We've figured out a system now where Mac will sit at a cross walk, but he'll sit 2 feet directly in front of me, so I can protect his tail from bike tires.  

Long story short, my reaction to all this was to get SUPER bitter about bikes real quick.

Yeah.  So then a few weeks ago KP2 invited me out to a painting class and when I agreed to join her she gleefully replied "Great!  You can borrow my extra bike and we'll just zip over there!"

I was... less than excited about my first Japanese bike ride.
Except then, I LOVED it.

We flew through the streets and made great time, got a good workout, and I immediately realized just how much MORE exploring I could do with a set of wheels.  I heavily suspect this was all part of KP2's devious plan, because as you may note from above, she had an extra bike.  An extra bike, which is now my bike.

in case you wondered, crow tastes just like chicken, but a little gamey.
And so I present to you, Ms. Pippolotta Delicatessa Windowshade Ephram's Daughter Longspoking.  Or Pippi Longspoking*, for short.  She is my noble bicycle, and I am jazzed to feel the wind in my hair on a daily basis as she and I (and of course KP2) cycle to the far corners of this city and back.

Note to self though, make sure if you're using a train track as a navigation beacon on your ride, that you're following the CORRECT train track.  Check out today's "quick" ride out to a larger mall:

Blue: where I should have gone.  Red:  Where I did go.  My thighs are... less than pleased.

What are your feelings on bikes?  
How would you pimp your ride?  
(you may notice I already purchased a cute bike seat cover for Pippi, but I have yet more plans.)  
Tell me in the comments!

today's little language lesson:
あなたはラッキーです 彼はあなたを噛みませんでした![馬鹿!**]
Anata wa rakkīdesu kare wa anata o kamimasendeshita! Baka!
You are lucky he did not bite you!  Jerk!

*if you do not understand that name reference or why I would use that name for an orange bike, get thee to a youth literature section of a library post-haste!

**seriously though?  don't call anyone that.  It's considered a swear, and it's more or less the only swear word Japanese has... and I've never heard it uttered.

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Rob Oh said...

Bikes here are cray-cray... that's all I have to say! Also My co-worker may be at the gift show (I work at a gift store in Kyoto now...)