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Cosplay Parade!

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Let's lay out all of KpMcD's geek cards, because she knows WAY more of these references than she probably should as a grown woman.

This weekend the city of Nagoya hosted the World Cosplay Summit.  If you are unfamiliar with Cosplay, it is summed up best as such:
People crafting costumes that pay tribute to their favorite fictional characters from films, games, cartoons and comics.  Traditionally associated with Japanese Anime, but it's branching out and VERY popular world-wide.  (For proof look no further than the expo floor of SanDiego's annual ComicCon).

On Sunday, we (aka myself, The Mister, and two Australian comrades) went to the parade that wrapped up the Summit's weekend.

the champions.
What I didn't realize at the time was the main competitors of the weekend's cosplay events don't attend the parade in costume (which is a bummer because apparently team Mexico won with a phenominal Majora's Mask cosplay I would have enjoyed seeing), but we still saw a great number of great (and a few not so great, but funny) costumes.  I took 1,800 pictures.  That's not an exaggeration.  That's the real number, rounded down to be a nice even hundred for your sake.  Thus, I spent so much time narrowing which photos would make the cut for the blog this week, you'll excuse me if I just present them here for you to look at and keep the words to the minimum.

I did, however, put a reference picture next to some of the costumes that Americans might not recognize so you can fully appreciate how much detail went into capturing the characters / can marvel at how nerdy I must be to have been able to pinpoint this many comics.

The parade started with a local high school marching band.
They played The Mario Theme.

Mario - of course Mario!  The Koopa Troopa was my favorite of this group.

Big Hero 6!  The Mister gave a fist bump to one of the 6 and did the
"ba-la-da-la-da-la" thing Baymax did in the movie and everyone got a good chuckle.

Frozen?  Well, they tried.

Winnie the Pooh.  He didn't really try.
Yokai Watch - a VERY popular Japanese video game that's sort of like Pokemon I think?


Sailor Moon - There were not as many sailor scouts as I would have predicted....

Our Host Club - The Mister and I tried to watch this because it was on Netflix with English subtitles and we thought it'd be good listening practice.  But it's about a highschool with an escort service, and so we stopped watching after the first episode.

One Piece!  Sooooooo many adorable little kids dressed in that straw hat bopping around.

Lupin the Third - I honestly saw zero Lupins, but his side kick guy was well represented

Dragon Ball Z - the old man with the turtle shell was probably my favorite all day.

Doraemon - I... this guy's costume is great, but I hate Doraemon.

Naruto - there were a TON of Naruto cosplayers... Homeboy with the giant sword and the ice blue contacts?
He was by far their best representative.

Bayonetta - I don't know much about her, but she's from a video game where even though her heels are guns... her deadliest weapon is her hair. 
Bleach - this guy's scars were on point.

This woman legitimately dressed up as an eraser.  I... I don't know.

Studio Ghibli has a surprising amount of Kiki's Delivery Service representation,
but also a bit from Princess Mononoke (her mask was baller) and Spirited Away
(I wanted to see a Totoro so badly but left unfulfilled...)

A dude from Kingdom Hearts video game.

Navy!  Naval uniforms were VERY popular, and every one of them cracked me up because obviously they are not to ay actual Naval standard.  And obviously, this drove my Naval Officer husband up the wall every time one went by.  So I made him a collection of Navy uniform pictures!  Enjoy husband!  haha.  (*the top L corner there though, their costumes were a bit... well their props were cartoonish atom bombs... I felt a bit weird standing next to them.)
An Underwhelming Batman.   He really put in 110% effort.
Splatoon!  - This is a new Nintendo video game that I've heard really great things about, but wasn't expecting to see it SO throughly represented at the parade, because it's only been around a few months now I think.  Anyway, you play a squid/human hybrid that meets objectives by painting things with your ink color.  Which made for some cool costume props.

We weren't sure what this was from.
Our Aussie friends decided it was Big Brother from 1984.

I thought maybe this guy was from Guacamelee,
but pretty sure now that I'm wrong.  Anyone know?
Chuckie.  Who held a knife up and smiled menacingly just after I took this picture.
Straight, undiluted nightmares right there.

Cleopatra I think?  Gorgeous for sure.

A dog in a buggy.  Because Japan.

A guy in a full Gilly suit.
Which I present right before my phone screen shot of that day's weather report.

I need you to see that it was actually 93 degrees.  It, according to the weather app, FELT like 108 degrees (in real life it felt like I had been lit on fire).  And then it was muggy.  And we were all smooshed into a small alley with thousands of other people.  I have no idea how Gilly suit man survived is what I'm saying.

Have you every been to a cosplay event?
Who would you cosplay as?  Tell me in the comments!

today's little language lesson
Sumimasen, shya-shin o toritai desu. daijiobu duseuka?  Sugoi!
Excuse me, I'd like to take a picture.  Is that alright?  Awesome!

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