Friday, July 03, 2015

Doodle Dump (3)

Happy Friday!

Sorry for the late post, I lived life like a normal person this past week, so I was struggling to find something particularly noteworthy to discuss here.  And so instead I leave you with the side-by-side stories of the TWO high fives I received from Japanese folk this week.  High-Fives are not a Japanese thing, so these were both magical gifts, and they both made my day(s) in their own special ways.

Also mad apologies that I either need to invest in a larger scanner or a smaller sketchbook.  I will work on this.

HIGH FIVES: Grocery Store Vs. Evening Mac-Walkie
click to embiggen.
Quick Context for the left side:
when you grocery shop in Japan, you carry a basket, and after your make your purchases you take that basket to the tables set up past the register so you can pack your groceries into a bag.  Then you place the emptied basket in a collection stack so they can be recirculated.  This little girl is clearly in the "I wanna help!" development stage, so though I didn't draw her, rest assured I didn't just approach a little girl who was all alone.  She was pumped to be able to help her mom put away the basket, so after I smiled and got smiled back at by mom (so I knew she wasn't going to be alarmed at a foreigner interacting with her child as some Japanese folks are), I offered my basket to the kiddo so she could do it all again.  The high-five was more because I completely forgot what country I was in for a second, but she was all about it.

Quick Context for the right side: 
These three guys were all walking together, but Shiro was just being a butt, and deserved to be shamed a bit.  Everyone had a good laugh at his expense.  :)

Have you ever walked into something 
(or witnessed someone else walking into something) 
because you were too busy on your phone?  
Tell me in the comments!

today's little language lesson

i-tei rutokoro o mite kudasai!
Watch where you're going!

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