Friday, July 31, 2015

A Different Kind of Celebrity

First off, Welcome to those who may have wandered over from the ExpatBlogger!  I'm finally an official part of the crew and I hope to do you justice with silly doodles about naive Americans in Japan.

Just a quick doodle today, I'm trying to get out the door to go to a meet up with some other expats, because sometimes you just need to have someone to speak English with for a few hours.

There's a Mercedes-Benz dealer by our house.  I pass it on my walks back from shopping, and today I witnessed the end of a sale:

I didn't take his photo because other people already were, he clearly just wanted to get in his new car and drive away, and I didn't know who he was other than knowing he must be very good at what he does to have a brand-new Mercedes.  But golly gee was he HUGE.

There was recently a Sumo wrestling expo in Nagoya, and while we weren't lucky enough to score tickets, both The Mister and I have spied Sumo wrestlers around the city.  I mean, they're hard to miss really.  Apparently it's a cultural tradition to have your baby be held by a Sumo Wrestler, as it blesses your baby to grow big and strong.  I wonder what it's like to be a Sumo-dude just going about his business and having strange women run up to you and insist you hold their baby...  I've seen it happen a few times and it makes me chuckle.  Until the baby turns it's head to see the gargantuan stranger holding them and freaks out hard.*  Then I usually have to turn and walk the other way because COME ON that's hilarious.

What's your coolest celebrity sighting?  
Tell me in the comments!

today's little language lesson:
わあ、其の 男の人は、大きです。
waa, sono otokono-hito wa, ooki desu.
wow, that's a big man.

*I like to believe that one of these babies repressed the experience and that's how Godzilla lore was born.

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