Tuesday, May 26, 2015

And I! I {DID} Survive!

Today, I was totally going to write about a cafe where you drink coffee and pet bunnies.
proof.  Unbelievably ADORABLE, proof.

But then guys, remember that one time when I was freaking out about the prevalence of Earthquakes here, and my anxiety about whether or not I could survive one?

Like, a real one!  A 5.6 on the Richter Scale!
Of course, that 5.6 was at the epicenter of the quake.  An epicenter which is located around 3 hours away from us, north of Tokyo.  Most people (including The Mister), didn't even feel the quake here.

With such an epic occurrence, obviously, the bunnies will have to wait.

My response to this natural disaster (in which no casualties have been reported and trains -even at the epicenter- only stopped for 10 minutes) was not a mess of immobilizing panic at all... (mild lie.)

Once I determined I should be petitioning to join the Avengers,
I made sure to check in on The Mister's wellbeing:

So all is well.  And now I'm off to leap tall buildings in a single bound.

Have you ever been surprised when something turned 
out less scary than you originally thought? 
 How did you react?
Tell me in the comments!

today's little language lesson

watashiwa mutekidesu.  gokiburi no yoo ni.

I am invincible.  Like a cockroach.

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