Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Doodle Dump! (1)

Today I've got just a few quick comics from this past week to share.  Moving back to the Tsurumai apartment this weekend, fingers crossed for a smooth transition!

It's pretty rainy here recently.  
Mac has quite an internal struggle when we get hit with rain whion a walk.

The walking paths here have these chained gates every hundred feet or so to keep cars from using them as roads.  I got cocky on a walk last week, and my hip is still paying the price.

Mass transportation is so handy unless it's a weekend where some 
rando boy-band is playing at the mall nearest the train station you use.  
They really do have people that are hired just to push as many people as possible into the train (and blow a whistle in your face at the same time).

I don't have a comic to go with this photo, but it's cool to me.  
Apparently it is koi-spawning season.  
I cross this bridge on my walk every day, and there's always at least five or six HUGE Koi (carp-like fish) swimming around.  That guy in the photo is 20 feet away - he's easily two feet long.  And he's just average!
big fish, little river.

No comment needed for this one.
This particular flavor of Kit-Kat actually comes with directions to put them in the freezer, then just before you eat them, stick them in the toaster oven so the inside stays solid, but the outside gets this golden-brown crispy crust and oh I need to go eat one right now.

Have you ever moved?  Were you excited to unpack?  
Tell me in the comments!  We're so close - all our stuff is AT the Tsurumai apartment, 
we just need the construction to wrap up so WE can be there! 
I'm having dreams about unboxing my plates, guys.  

ALSO - how do you feel about this doodle dump?  
I might do this more often if it pleases the masses.  Tell me!

little language lesson
watashino neko wa, ima suki ga chipsu.
my cat likes chips now.
(I have no idea why he randomly decided to steal these tortilla chips, but he ate two before I took the bag away)

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I personally love your doodles.