Monday, February 16, 2015

Stream of Conciousness: Post-Plane.

Hi Friends!  We're here and happy in Nagoya.  We just got our internet up and running yesterday, so I've got some blog catching up to do.  Let's start with the post below, which I wrote the day after I got here. :)

Welcome to 5AM Nagoya-time, on day one of Living in Japan.  I will be your host, Kp, and despite being emotionally and physically exhausted after a 13 hour plane ride where I was unable to sleep due to Cat*, I am wide awake and have been for a few hours already.  The Mister says we’ll be going to a shop with coffee and free wi-fi once he’s up, I can't wait.

I woke up with a super sore throat… so fingers crossed that I didn’t catch some plague from my fellow plane passengers… half a day of breathing the same recirculated air is probably enough to properly incubate most bugs pretty well. Boo.

I hope y’all enjoyed the live tweeting of #airbub15 (seriously, click that, we had fun.) up until we boarded the plane.  As you maybe noticed, we did not have internet access on the flight.  I will admit this is maybe a silver lining, because the tweets would have taken a very sharp turn into Cranky Town the further along we traveled.

This stupid kid never stopped crying.
There would have been a few movie reviews though.  Ready for those?
Big Hero Six - wish I hadn’t watched this 1st, because it was the best.  Set in town of SanFransokyo, its a perfect blend of Japan/ USA imagery for this particular journey. A+
The Box Trolls - couldn’t get behind this. Beautiful art work, but not enough substance to the “dark" story to make it anything but disappointing C-
Stand By Me Doraemon - Japanese 3D Animated.  Made myself watch to kill time. Hated both main characters vehemently, main themes are horrifically inappropriate messages for children (suicide is the answer! you're only worthy if you find a beautiful wife!). F-
The Book Of Life - Predictable story, meh message, pretty design work.  C.

Why yes, I did watch all cartoons.  A+ Adulting.

Haiiiiiry Baby.
In any case, I’m HERE!  In fact, we’re ALL here!  And we’re even mostly happy!  

Bubba, now that his drugs have worn off,** has figured out how to get to the highest perch in the apartment; the top of the rice-cooker cabinet in the kitchen.  He’s still mean-muggin’ me pretty hard about that whole “stuffed in a box for 16+ hours” thing.  He’ll come around.  I can’t blame him.

Mac is as good a dog as ever, and has been following me like a shadow since I arrived last night.  This is much to the chagrin of The Mister, who was enjoying how snuggly he and Mac had it, up until my appearance.

Mad props to said Mister on taking such good care of all of us.  I arrived to a house that was as put together as one can, when all one has is a suitcase of odds and ends plus the air shipment of all the pet stuff.  Mac had a bath as soon as he got here and greeted me smelling like shea butter.  Bubba had a fresh litter box waiting for him.  And I had flowers and a wife care package!  He did well.  

What comes in a wife care package, you ask?  
  1. Aforementioned flowers and a vase, because you are good at husbanding.
  2. A freshly made cup of instant noodles, because she is too tired to go anywhere for dinner but darned if she isn’t starving like Chris Farley in that one SNL sketch.
  3. A Japanese iPhone, which is mostly useless until I get both some Japanese friends, and some internet access in the apartment, but I see my twitter game upping in the future.
  4. An adorable iPhone case, because your wife is a phone klutz, and because Japan specializes in making everything adorable.
  5. House slippers, because this is not a culture that wears shoes inside, and because slippers are adorable (see 4)
  6. An adorable eye mask to block out light for sleeping, because you know your wife all too well (4 again.)
  7. Overwhelming amounts of information regarding how everything works in the apartment, which will eventually cause your wife to snap at you because - forget how the trash system works here, I’ve been awake for 24 hours and I’m pretty sure I can figure out how the bed works all by myself.
  8. A brief show and tell about how the heated toilet seat works, which will inevitably smooth over the “I don’t want any more information tonight!” meltdown your tired wife inevitably had.

today's little language lesson
すみません、時差ぼけ あります。
Sumimasen, chisaboke arimasu.
Excuse me, I have jet-lag.

*Cat was understandably terrified, and though the drugs kept him from soiling his crate of horning (a true blessing), he refused to let me move my hand away from the crate, choosing to caterwaul anytime I tried to get more comfortable.  So no sleep on the flight, and only two very rushed potty breaks.  He’s lucky we love him.

**I was skeptical about how great the drugs would be, but for a clean crate after all that travel and time I’m more than sold.  Plus, the comical relief of watching him wobble like a Weeble around the apartment when we arrived was priceless.

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