Wednesday, November 26, 2014

七面鳥 の日 (turkey's day)

Happy -early- Thanksgiving!

We've got big plans over our Turkey-day break.  Namely, we're headed to the land of the rising sun for an investigational trip.  AHHH.  I'm not freaking out about it (I'm totally freaking out about it).  And I don't really have any specific topics to talk about, but I do have some random quick quips:

1.  My phone is dying.  I'm hoping I can stretch it's life to my actual expat date early next year, but we're regularly having moments of the stupid thing just randomly shutting itself off.   While I'm using it as a GPS to get somewhere.  While I'm trying to call the veterinarian to confirm Bubba's boarding dates.  While I'm attempting to take a pict
ure of the dumbest American memorabilia possible to share with The Mister.  It may not make it, is what I'm saying.  Blargh.

2.  The American memorabilia.  So.  Japanese culture is one of gift-giving.  If you are invited somewhere, you are expected to present a gift of thanks to the people who included you in their plans.  We were advised by a previous expat to prepare a few little gifts for this occasion - something that is uniquely American, he said, would go over like hotcakes.  I was assigned the task of putting together these offerings.
And I thought it would be super easy, but I forgot that this is Christmas season, so apparently all the  "American Memorabilia" was swapped out for "Santa Memorabilia" on the sales floor.  I settled for small bags of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, because peanut butter is not a common thing in countries outside the US, so I figured they would be unique (and also because they were the only candy I could find that wasn't shaped like Christmas Trees.)  I paired them with tiny tiny american flags on toothpicks.  They're dumb.  But I think they'll suffice without embarrassing us.

Meanwhile, there was a good 30 seconds where I genuinely debated just buying the entire rack of these calendars and scrapping the candy idea.  I know no one over there will get the joke, but I laughed.

3.  This is not a quick trip, so Bub and Mac were brought to their respective boarding facilities this morning (Mac is staying at a place that takes him on go-cart rides and lets him have play time with other dogs his size and age.  He seems to love it?  Bub is staying at the Vet, because they take cats and if something goes wrong he's already at the vet.)  Bubba is not a fan of going in his box, and this morning we were a good 30 minutes behind schedule as he tried to make a case for his living under the couch for the duration of our trip.  Part of me recognizes this was sort of funny, and part of me is upset that the last thing my cat will remember of me while I'm away is me stuffing a broom in his face so I can get him out and we can get in the damn car already.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Tell me in the comments!

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