Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The yard sale to end all yard sales

Alright y'all, I made the switch to tumblr.  You can check that out [here].  After a few more posts I won't be cross-posting any longer. :)
Big things coming down the pipeline here at team McD headquarters.  Namely, we are moving.
Meanwhile, We have nice things. We don’t want our nice things to get stuffed into boxes (AGAIN). So we’re re-homing those nice things. Thus, I have half a garage full of stuff to sell at our Epic Yard Sale this weekend.  We priced everything CHEAP CHEAP because we want them all to find nice homes… aka I don’t want to put things in boxes (AGAIN).
Of course for me, much of the fun of a garage sale is the advertising and hype.  I had fun today putting together some of the push-images for the Facebook vent, hyping some of the more notable items that will be up for grabs this Saturday.
Wanna see some of those?  Yes of course you do.
I went with a meme theme.  Because why not?
Have you held a garage/ yard sale?  How did it go?  Wish me luck!

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Don't leave us on Blogger!! Is it too late to talk you out of it? I can change! I promise!