Monday, April 14, 2014

Chumming the waters

This little piggy went to market
is for a diaper party/ pig roast invite!

I've been swamped lately with the stationery design business - great problem to have!

I've also been enjoying an interesting learning curve to do this gig.  I have two major revelations so far:
1.  I've learned enough about printing standards and stationery paper options that I now HATE my own wedding invitations.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up re-designing what The Mister and I sent out because I just can't stand how amateur they look compared to the work I'm doing now.

Have you ever been super proud of something only to look back 
at it later with more wisdom and realize that it's way subpar work?  
Tell me in the comments!
2.  There are definite seasons in this business. Right now?  We're in full-swing of BABY SEASON.  Which has been a super fun change of pace from the Bride season that seems to be slowing down for now.  

I have such plans to keep the clients rolling in, and sooner or later I might actually get the chance to make those plans happen.  I want to start doing more fun printables to put on the website, and listing good resources.  Things that can happen... as soon as I remember what my administrator password to is... ha.

Until then I thought I'd share some of the recent designs keeping me busy here today. 

This was the first draft to a wedding invitation inspired by the couple's love of international flair - these ended up getting printed on sparkly paper so the golds all glinted a bit.  LOVE.
I can't tell you how in LOVE I am with this trend - 
baby shower invites including an insert requesting a book for baby instead of a card.  
I can't take credit for that little rhyme, but I will use it every chance I get!

Front and Back to a Baby Shower for a mama who decorated the nursery with elephants.  
I'm really pleased with how the rain/chevron pattern came out.
 What's the coolest/ cutest/ best piece of baby related stationery you've ever gotten?  
(baby shower / diaper party / baby announcements / birthday parties / etc)
Hit that comment button and tell me about it!

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