Thursday, April 03, 2014

Breaking Band

Wedding Rings.  Open question to the peanut gallery:
Did you get your wedding band soldered to your engagement band?  
Why or why not?
Seriously, hit that comment button, I'm curious.

There are many an online forum devoted to how great an idea it is to join those two rings which are totally reasonable and logical: It keeps sets from independently moving away from how they're supposed to sit on each other.  It keeps them strong.  It keeps them snug on your finger.

All that said, I have not soldered mine together.  I'd like to say I have a GREAT reason for this.  Here is what I could come up with the last time The Mister asked me if I was going to get them stuck together and I vehemently said "ACK! NO!"
1.  I like them separate.

I don't know why.  Maybe it's the power that comes with avoiding conceding to the permanence.  No no, not like that - I am permanently married to The Mister and that is good.  But if I keep the rings separate then I still have the choice to solder them together or not.  If I solder them they are permanently joined and that's it.  I like the option.  The freedom to choose like a real, live 'Murican.

Plus then I have two rings instead of one.  Like when you tell a little kid you'll trade them a nickel for five pennies and they can't grasp that it is the same.

So two rings. Great for me... and then my wedding band broke.  And I had to go to The Mister and be all bottom lip quivering and hold it -split on the bottom- up to him like Rafiki holding up Simba, asking for him to take it back to the jeweler and get it fixed.  And one more time he asks me "okay so NOW it might be a good time to get it soldered to your engagement ring."  Which he said because he is smart and logical.

And you know what?  This time I had a totally reasonable, grown up answer.

[Because he is a good husband it has been fixed and I still have two rings.]

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Jen Anderson said...

I've never heard of soldering your rings together. What if the stone in the engagement ring starts getting in your way and you want to only wear the wedding ring?

Though given a choice, I'll wear only my engagement ring - I got both rings with thick bands so they'd look good on my thick fingers, and the ring with the big stone (Amethyst) just looks better on my sausage fingers than a plain band.