Wednesday, October 09, 2013

What the Mister and I have been up to.

You know what's really hard after a hiatus?  Coming up with coherent thoughts to make a whole, well-rounded blog post instead of just snippets of blog posts that start interestingly but go nowhere.  All I have today are snippets.  I'm sorry Internet.

The Mister and I, we went to a wedding show as FINvites a few weeks back.  I don't have anything to add to that snippet other than we did it, I'm pretty pleased with how it went, and I didn't meet a single bride-zilla there, which I take to be some kind of miracle on par with that one time there was a flood Noah forgot to pack his unicorns.

Actually, I guess I could add that, if I may toot my own horn for a second, that I am stupendous on taking a theme and rocking it HARD.  And that I'm very pleased that we themed our stationery company after sharks, because that just made the whole thing a little fun, plus it justified me purchasing a dozen of these:
TINY PLUSH SHARK ATTACK! Which is now a business tax deduction.

The Mister and I also recently broke our bed.

I offer that without any initial context because I wanted to give you the opportunity to be a five year old and giggle at all the off-color jokes that went through your head at how we may have broken our bed.

Really it's just because it was a cheap bed made of cheap materials that was not meant to be moved more than once, let alone to another country and back.  And so the slats that used to hold up our mattress decided they are done doing that.   So now we sleep like we're Japanese.  Which has notably been pretty awesome for both our backs.

The only bummer is that the bed was a "captain's bed," which meant that it had drawers under it and we kinda needed that storage in our bedroom.  But being able to just throw the folded socks across the room into the sock drawer which is now just sitting on the bedroom floor makes putting laundry away a lot faster.  I initially typed easier, but I recognize that it's not actually hard to put away laundry, I just hate doing it so it feels like I'm being slowly drawn and quartered by underpants gnomes.

Dude, seriously though, do you remember those little guys?  They could have had their own spin-off.  Which would have been cancelled pretty quick, but I would have watched until then, is what I'm saying.

The Mister and I, we just got back from celebrating our first anniversary.
Mac came along.

We haven't killed each other in an entire year of being legally bound to each other.  Also, we love each other.  So that's pretty phenomenal, really.  We spent a few days up at his parent's lake house (hey Ma and Pa McD? I forgot my green water bottle there... hold on to it for me, will you?) and last night I found the pudgie-pie maker in the closet.

According to the facebook gods, these perfect little pockets of bread and whatever goo you put in them (I always make PBJ pudgie-pies) go by many names.  Obviously I call them pudgie pies, because that is the best name for them (because you get to say PUDGIE in a 100% positive way), but I want to know what YOU call them.  
Tell me in the comments - maybe this is a regional thing.

I believe next week I shall tell you a story about a fence.  Specifically this fence, which is a photo I took from my bedroom window because that's not a creepy neighbor thing to do at all.
I would feel worse about creepily taking a photo of the neighbor's fence if THAT CREEPY WHITE VAN in the upper corner hadn't gotten spooked and moved a few minutes later.  
I'm like my own neighborhood watch.

I say this will be next week, because teasers are supposed to increase readership (I read that somewhere on the internet, so you know it must be true), and because I haven't quite fleshed it out in my head from being just a snippet into a whole real post, but I think it has potential if I work at it.


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

Yay tiny plush sharks! Although I could never have a shark themed company because I would probably never stop hearing the jaws theme song.

Ken said...

Pudgie pies does sound pretty cool. We call them bush pies, which always makes me think of nomadic tribesmen and their sexual escapades. Maybe I'll call them pudgie pies from now on. :)

Kp said...

I don't ever really stop hearing the "dun-dun" jaws song. though the fun of having a shark themed company is that people know not to take you too seriously, so you can totally just PLAY the jaws song anytime you want.

And Ken... I... I'm gonna stick with Pudgie Pies after that explanation. :)