Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Road Snacks

One of The Mister's friends is getting married soon, and we plan on attending.  This of course equals an impending road trip.

To Pennsylvannia.   Which from here, is 10+ hours of driving.

I'm not sure where our cut-off for "screw it, let's fly" is, but driving seemed easier in this case.
In my preparation for this epic journey, I stumbled upon this list of "definitive road trip snacks."  (sponsored by Jack Links Jerky, so were you surprised they ranked as #1?)  And it got me thinking - what would my list be?  

There's a double-edged sword here to think about.  The Mister and I both got a LOT better about the foods we eat in our own wedding preparation, and we've enjoyed the way we look and feel as a result of that (I catch myself staring at The Mister's butt quite a bit.  I don't think he minds.).  When we can, we try to maintain that "cleaner eating" because 1. Junk food doesn't taste as good as we remember anyway, and 2.  It's been so long since we had junk foods that mowing down on a doughnut will literally make us sick.

Still, every once in a while we will just say "whatever, this weekend's a freebie on food."  Which usually happens on travel weekends, because it's harder to control what food is available to you on those occasions anyway, and it's not worth the stress.

So what WOULD go on my list for road-trip snacks?  Hmm.  It's a trade off between the "kind of good for you" and the "nothing about this is a good idea but why not?"

Kind of Good For You:
Jerky.  Preferably jerky from a gas-station store that isn't a major brand like "Jack Links" (there goes my sponsorship), but from some small local business that's within 10 miles of that store and makes weird kinds of jerky like deer, bacon, duck, and once we found ostrich.

Nothing About This is a Good Idea:
Soft Serve.  Because at some point in the trip I will inevitably loose my mind to road hypnosis and start singing the Burger King 50 cents get it get it now song.  This wouldn't be horrible except we don't get just the 50 cents in a cone soft serve.  We get the consistency-of-cement shakes that mix in crunch bars, oreos, m&m's butterfingers, and probably, judging by it's trip through my digestion system once I eat it, straight-up thigh cellulose.  I HATE that this song is SO catchy.

Kind of Good For You:
Assorted nuts.  Stop laughing at that, you're not five.  Whatever, okay it's funny.  We love nuts.  Pfft hahaha.

Nothing About This is a Good Idea:
Candy Covered Nuts.  I can smell Cinnamon-Roasted Almonds from three miles away, and that scent drives me to discover the wrapped-in-a-paper-cone-source like a rabid badger.  This never ends well.   The Mister will get all bent out of shape as I flat REFUSE to share a single almond with him, and then about 20 minutes later I get a sugar high where I imitate this kid:
Except I'm strapped into the car via seat belt.  So it's really more like when David After Dentist starts screaming. 

Kind of Good For You:
Bottled Water.  Actually 100% good for you.  But not good for your wallet.  Why does a bottle of water cost more than...

Nothing About This is a Good Idea:
...The Double Big Gulp's 64 ounces of soda?  Either way we go here, we're going to end up stopping at every single rest-stop on the way for pee-breaks.  This drives me crazy, because in my head a long drive becomes exponentially longer if we stop even once, let alone once every 20 minutes.  But I stopped arguing this point, because The Mister is all too willing to offer to pee in an empty big-gulp cup.  

nope.  nope nope nope nope nope.

Kind of Good For You:
Fresh fruits of vegetables.  I list this as only kind of good for you, because the likely-hood of actually finding fresh fruit at a gas station is pretty much zero.  Those apples and bananas sitting in the basket by the front counter?  ...errrr no.

Nothing About This is a Good Idea:
Fritos and/or Bugles.  Which is usually what I pick when there are no fruits or veggies to be found which meet my strict health guidelines.  Because those chips are made from corn, and some people count corn as a vegetable, so that's totally legit, right?  And then I eat the whole bag in 15 minutes.  I'm not talking about those little single serving bags either.  I'm talking about the family-size bag that I convince the Mister is a good buy through my argument that "look, this'll last us both the whole trip!"  ...except then it's gone.  
But before then I can do this a whole bunch of times, so that's totally worth it, right?

What would be on your road-trip snack list?  
What do you do to "try and stay healthy?"  
And what are your "splurges?"
Tell me in the comments!


Jamie said...

When I was in grad school and the year after (2003-2006) and frequently drove back and forth between Bloomington, IN and Muskegon, this was the *CRAP* that I always bought on my way out of b-ton: pepperoni pizza combos, sour patch kids candy, sugar free red bull, diet coke. Gag.

Now, I'm more in the apple, pita chips w/hummus or dip, crackers, maybe a slurpee, maybe coffee or water or diet coke, kind of thing. But I will never pass up McDonald's $1 soft serve cone.

Heather said...

For drinking, I like to trick myself into thinking I'm healthy and get what I call Road Trip Juice--other people know it as V8 Splash. And you need to commit and get the berry one, so if you spill it's super obvious.

Also Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids. And my mom usually makes cookies. There really is no healthy road trip food in my book.

Danielle said...

It's been a bit since I've been on a good road trip, but I usually make cookies to bring with. Sometimes I'll even pop a few cups of popcorn and flavor each batch differently so we can have a variety to choose from. Usually water to drink, unless I'm driving, then it's redbull. Have fun!

Kp said...

You all impress me with your pre-trip planning. Making cookies and flavored popcorn before you hop in the car? pssht. Go ahead and brush your shoulder off, Danielle, you're straight mom pimpin'.

Optimistic Existentialist said...

This was actually very timely for me to read, as me and my sweetie are going on a 13 hour road trip next month :)