Monday, June 03, 2013

Introvert Test

I present to you, some definitive "signs that you are an introvert," which I devised while sitting in a bar on Friday night.  With captions under each panel, because it was drawn in a poorly lit bar, so, you know, legibility may be off.  Or you can click each photo to make them bigger on your screen.  Your choice.

How to tell if you are the PERFECTLY opposite introvert to your husband's SUPREME extroversion.
1: Go to a bar for a Kiss Tribute band event that your husband's organization is hosting.  while he hob nobs with everyone in sight, find a "quiet' corner to drawn the "interesting" people.

The aforementioned "interesting" people.  One of them might be my husband.  I'll let you figure out which one.

"Hi.  You're Beautiful.  Can I buy you a drink?"
"I... um... so... MARRIED."
"right.  nevermind."
"oh... thanks?"

2:  Get hit on for the first time in... well, a while, and completely forget how to function as a normal human being.  Probably greatly offend your suitor.

3:  Eat quick dinner in the car while waiting on husband.  Witness 100% legit drug-deal at the next car over.  Forget you're near real-live people this evening and comment WAY too loudly.

"woah, no way."
(yeah, that seriously happened.)

"you look lonely.  here, on the house."
"oh, I'm not lonely.  I'm here with my husband, I'm just a bit of an introvert."
4:  Even though you dissed the guy who hit on you, score a free drink anyway because the waitress PITIES you.

In related news, it was a pretty fun charity event toward Relay for Life, and a some items were even auctioned off in support of a local gal with Lymphoma.
There are Relay events going on country wide right now, it's that time of year.  Get out and support cancer research if you can!

And in related news to THAT:
You can click the picture to take you to the facebook event for info on when and where you can come out and watch Mac belly dance!

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?  
Any good stories that illustrate this really strongly? 
(i.e., I can tell you I'm an introvert because I can go to a rock concert with men dressed -and painted- like Kiss, and I'm most comfortable in that situation when I sit in a corner by myself and doodle.)  
Tell me in the comments!


Jen Anderson said...

That sounds about right. You got a free drink just for going despite your introvertedness. Introvertitude? You know what I mean.

Going out alone is a great way to get free stuff. I used to have lunch at an Indian restaurant by myself and after a while the waiters started to recognize me and give me free dessert. I think you get noticed as a regular sooner if you go alone.

So he should definitely keep organizing more fundraising events so you can score more free drinks.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I used to totally take my sketch book to bars and sketch random things while my husband was off playing his guitar or talking to people. So yeah, I am totally an introvert, or well, at least at bars.

Kp said...

I'm sure me getting free drinks is not his main motivator, but the mister will certainly continue to work these kind of events. it's his life's blood really.

Anonymous said...
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