Monday, May 20, 2013

Some Assembly Required: Professional College Student Kit

A few weekends ago, The Mister had a cousin graduate from high school.  Many congrats to her are in order, of course (and while I'm at it, let's echo those CONGRATULATIONS to my cousin across the pond Lake Michigan, who will be doing just the same in a few weeks now!).

We headed out to the other side of the state for her graduation celebration, and is customary, we brought a congratulatory gift.  But unlike custom, the Mister and I decided to have a little fun with it.

We put together a "Professional College Student Kit," filled with the things that she's going to find come in super handy, but that might not be the first things on her list of stuff for college.  I came up with this list based on my 9+ years of living in a residence hall (aka dorm) while working at various colleges cross-country.  So I feel fairly confident in bragging that this kit is a universally awesome and helpful gift to bestow upon the college-bound high school grad in your life.

Do you need a gift for an upcoming graduate celebration?  Well today friends, I have for you a FREE PROFESSIONAL COLLEGE STUDENT KIT TAGS printable!

It's a three-page pdf file - here's a close up example (aka my favorite) of one of  the tags

Click HERE to download the kit's printable tags, and then head off to your local Big Lots (or similar conglomerate super-store) to pick up the following supplies and put together your very own kit:
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Baby Wipes
  • Lysol Wipes
  • Paper Towels
  • Plug-in Type Air Freshener
  • Under-The-Bed Size Tupperware Container
  • Silly Animal-Shaped Novelty Pencil Sharpener
  • Paper Plates
  • Dry Erase Markers
  • Electrical Plugs
  • Small Lamp/ Fan Clip Combo
  • Trash Bags
EXAMPLES: Just in case the fan lamp combo or novelty pencil sharpener were confusing.

For a few nice details, you might also like to grab some ribbons that match their new college's colors, a hole punch, some tissue paper, an envelope (for the delivery bit) and a crisp twenty dollar bill (also for the delivery bit).

When you return triumphantly from the store, make sure you take all the price tags off what you purchased, print and cut out the PRINTABLE tags, use your hole punch to make "ribbon holes" in said tags, and with a few sprigs of ribbon and fluffs of tissue paper - assemble the kit all in the tupperware container!

  • The Delivery Bit:  So there's a tag in this printable that I think is really kind of the cherry on the pie here, folks, but it'll take a little work on your end.  Google the University or College that your grad is off to, and compile a quick list of places in that college-town that deliver.  Jot those down and stick them in an envelope with that aforementioned twenty dollars and tape the "Delivery" tag on said envelope. Viola.  Personalization.

Slap the "Professional Student Kit" Tag on the top of that tupperware and gift it to the awesome high school grad in your life.

And then, tell me about it, because I'd be pleased as punch to know you liked this idea as much as I do!


Jen Anderson said...

That's really clever!

Deidre said...

This is such a cute idea!! I love it.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

Oh boy. According to your gifts, I was woefully unprepared for collage back in the day. :)