Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Mac Does Something Awesome - Ep. 11: Try and Try Again!

Episode Eleven of Mac Does Something Awesome
Try and Try Again!

(You can watch below, or click her to watch it full screen on youtube!)

Lots of people who meet Mac have this strange assumption that he just learns all of his tricks the first time I ask him to do it.  Mac, though an extraordinary dog, is not extraordinary in the way he learns!  Practice y'all!

What fun tricks have you taught YOUR dog?
What do you use as an incentive for your lessons?
When your dog gets tired, does he "cheat" at tricks?  
Share a funny example!

Note the lip licking in anticipation.

**I've posted some hand-made training treat pouches in the etsy monster later today - check there to score some legit training gear for you and your pup!**

What would you like to see Mac do next?
Stay tuned Wednesdays for new MDSAs.

::Cue Phrase & Hand Signal (if applicable)::
Hup (will eventually be an "OK" type hand signal)

Run DMC - It's Tricky
The Wiggles - John Badelum  (I'm so sorry for getting it stuck in your head)


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

That was great. I tried to teach Jack to lay down yesterday. It was kinda sad. Also that song won't come out of my brain now.

Kp said...

Dude, no lie, lay down is redonk to teach. There are actually 11 different techniques, and when I do it in classes, I have to go through each technique to make sure every dog has a "lay down" that they're comfortable with. PFFT.

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

You've got so much patience! See, that's why my dog when I was a kid never knew any tricks, not even stay or sit. I'm definitely not patient enough.