Friday, February 01, 2013

Some Assembly Required: FREE Fin-tabulous Valentine Printables

TGIF Y'all.  Remember back when I talked about our stationary for the wedding?  What I didn't mention then was what happened when The Mister sat down and looked at just how much a graphic designer wife saved us on custom, creative stationary.

Being the entrepreneur he is, upon this revelation the Mister then got the wildest hair up his ass. (it's a common expression in the English vernacular, I feel entitled to use the cuss).

Thus, a new company was formed - a stationary company for events of all shapes and sizes.  You have something going on?  We can make you custom stationary for a good price.  And because we're so, so punny, when The Mister asked me what we should call it, I thought for a quick second about what went well with the word "invitations," and replied: "Finvites.  Like Fin and Invite.  Also like sharks.  Get it?  Because we're stationary card sharks."  We laughed harder than we probably should have.

Yup.  Finvites.  Dot com.  We did that.  Don't believe me?

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feel free to like/ follow/ pin as you see fit. :)

I later realized this is kind of a masculine name for a company that usually has a target audience of rather "fancy" women, but I like to think this is part of our mass appeal.

Plus, you know what that means for you, dear readers?  You get to check out the first free-printable from Finvites - SHARK THEMED VALENTINES!

Yes. Sharks. They're very romantic.  Can you imagine making out with those mouths?  Ha.

I know you're excited.  I would be.  (I am).

Here's the link to the .pdf file - download and print off as many copies as you need for coworkers, friends, crushes, your kid's class, etc.  And let me know how you like 'em!

(Also if you're looking for last year's official KpQuePasa valentines, here's the link to that post and downloadable.)

Any comments, questions, concerns or cookies 
(I do so very much enjoy cookies - the non-chocolate kind
are welcomed and appreciated as we kick off this venture!


Anonymous said...

Your simply amazing KP,
Love ya,
Dad McD.

Anonymous said...

KP, these are so adorable!!!

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

Oh my freakin god. I need, NEED that Jaw-some one. I think I know what the husband is getting for valentines day!