Monday, February 18, 2013

Raining on the Parade

Just some quick comics about my day today.

Oh, Michigan weather.  You're... "fun."  Now it's snowing as I write this.  Yep.

But we went on the walk anyway because I was damned and determined to get some outside time. 
And then we happened upon a guy and his dog*.

*Little dog with no social or leash skills.  
All body language/ barking indicated that he wanted to rip Mac's face off.  
But no.  
Mac is clearly the dangerous beast in this equation.  
Run.  Run Mr. Scare-dy pants.  Run.  You'll never make it!

Do you take walks?  
Has anyone ever been scared of you for something that's not actually scary?
Tell me in the comments!


RedlineGT said...

I had a family with children yelp and change sidewalks en mass when they saw Meisha :-P

Danielle said...

We owned a pitbull that was named Zoe. The most harmless dog in the world, known for her slobbery kisses and adorable begging when there was steak, but otherwise, harmless.

People wouldn't come over to our house once they heard she was a pitbull. I don't get some people and figured it was probably for the best. She weeded out the weirdos for us.

Kp said...

I think that's about where we sit with people who are scared of Mac. One of the gals I work with has a service dog who also happens to be a pit bull. And the breed on a whole? They know nothing but snuggling unless you teach them otherwise.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I always end up owning dogs that look and act pretty cute and harmless. Which, considering where I live, is not a requirement. I love Jack, but as a kid I always figured I would own a large scary looking dog that would bark at strangers. Instead I own a dog that hides under the bed when he feels threatened.