Monday, February 04, 2013

An Offering to the Etsy Monster

Today's a crafty day folks.  I don't have much to share - text-wise, but I do have some photos of what I've been up to.

Mostly, I've been painting.

And then adding a little ink.
(you can click to make it bigger yo.)

I took a few hours over the weekend to make these - they're just little 5x7 creations on canvas board and I think they turned out pretty nicely.

I'm trying to figure out decent pricing - 
I know they are small, but is $60.00 a reasonable price to pay for a 5x7" original painting?  
(what is the most you might pay for one?)
Seriously, hit me up in the comments.

(to that same effect, if your name is JAMIE - you pay nothing, because one of these is YOURS for free.  And that's why, kids, we participate in blogger giveaways. )

Also I finished up these bad boys.  (I call them "Heads and Tails!") For such a small project, I somehow managed to turn "make customized push-pins" into a month long endeavor.  But I had fun, and now they're all set to go to a new home and hold things on cork board.

The Mister and I went shopping yesterday for a new filter for our humidifier.  Did we find one?  Not yet, but we did find 12 feet of remnant shag carpeting for a decent price.  I have big plans for this.  I will show you the awesome as soon as they're ready.  The etsy monster will be pleased with my offering.  (I'm thinking all the new stuff will be posted there by Wednesday, so check back then!)

Mac is very excited about this particular project.

Also up on today's docket was to make myself a treat-bag.  At work, the other training type folk I work with have professional pouches that sit on their belt loops and hold treats for their puppy students.  Thus far I've been using my pocket as a treat holder, but I'm quickly learning that this results in every dog I meet gnawing at my pocket, and the khakis I've been sporting are getting a little tired of the abuse. Not to mention, you'll remember just how hard it was to FIND those khakis, so a treat pouch seems appropriate at this point.  :)

Hopefully the day will keep itself long enough that I can still find time to put some of these things up on the monster, update my resume, and work on a commission for a bit.  Have a good one y'all!


Jamie said...

Sweet! I got your text and I'm super excited for my new painting! We will find a time for me to pick it up soon. :)

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I like your little paintings, remind oddly of some Japanese ink work I saw one time, although with a lot more color.

If I had painted them I would probably price them at half that, because they are so small. Okay in full honesty I would probably sell them for 20$ a pop. Which really probably isn't worth it but hey, honesty.

Kp said...

oOoO. fair enough. 20 is a little shallow in my head (I very vividly remember a stern lecture from a art professor about properly valuing your work) back in college, but I'll keep that in mind. Perhaps a coupon later on to drop the price, or at the very least, I'll know why they aren't selling :)