Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Honeymooners!

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Wedding Wednesday!  Where we're not actually talking about the wedding any longer!

This week's edition is dedicated to the honeymoon.  Ooo-la-la!

The Mister and I jetted off to the sunny Dominican Republic the Monday following our wedding, and spent five blissfully sunny days sitting on a beach at an all-inclusive.  (just before hurricane season hit the island.  So... good timing on our part) We will be repeating this soon.  Next week I'll talk about what we learned that could maybe help you in planning your honeymoon/ next vacation, but for now I'll share some pictures to make you jealous.

Somewhere in August I just felt overloaded with wedding stuff, so I made a declaration that The Mister was officially in charge of the honeymoon and everything it entailed.  I didn't want to have to worry about it.  He did a bang-up job picking a place and booking it.

The view from our honeymoon suite balcony. 
The last day, literally 5 minutes before heading to the airport, we realized we should probably get a picture of the beach.

Everyday we got flower petals and a towel sculpture.  AWESOME.

Inside the resort.  We didn't really spend too much time inside, but it was pretty in there.

We ziplined.  I was terrified (noted by unsure smile).  
The Mister would do it again every day for the rest of his life.

If you never take another piece of advice from me, take this one:  Go on a vacation in a spot that is all-inclusive.  After you spend an entire engagement worrying about every tiny detail of a single day, stepping off a plane and worrying about nothing for an entire week is pretty much the most amazing thing ever.

If you take two pieces of advice, take this one too:  If you see a gal sitting by the pool with a sketchbook and your swim suit doesn't fit you properly, you can be sure she's probably drawing you.  To be clear, if you have the confidence to walk out in an outfit, MAD PROPS.  I know I wore outfits that week that I wouldn't wear around people I know.  Live it up.  Just know that strangers judge a little too.  I'm okay with it.

I did not exaggerate that woman's massive bun enough.  It could have swallowed her whole head.
Shortly after I drew the woman on the right, one of her strings on her top popped.  They were working a little too hard.  Thankfully she was European and didn't seem to be too embarrassed.

My notes, because they're a little washed out, from L-R: 
"Woah underboob!  maybe +1 size would have bennefitted here"
(this woman was well aware she was falling out the bottom of her suit.  
I think she thought it was attractive.)
"Does she have eyes?"  I never saw them if she did.
As for the guy in the middle, I just liked his sun gear.

GUYS.  It is the real life vacationer from Lilo and Stitch.
If I had a red pencil I would have colored him in.  SUN. BURN.
And then the little old Italian man.  He was kind of my favorite.  Never took his shirt off.  My comment:
"Almost certainly has no idea what his hat says.  You don't want to stare long enough to figure out if there's a speedo under the shirt."

Where did you go on your honeymoon?
Where do you WANT to go on your honeymoon?
Have you been back or have plans to go back?  
Why or why not?
Tell me in the comments!


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I didn't go on a honeymoon. Saving money was more important at that point. Which is kinda depressing if you think about it.

Danielle said...

We didn't get a honeymoon. We were both enlisted and only had off enough time for a wedding. We did take a trip on our 1 year anniversary that involved camping. Best time I remember having. Ever. I miss those days...

We are planning a trip for our 10 year anniversary, already happening in 2014. So excited for that to happen...if it happens.

Anonymous said...

I am going to take my wife to the Dominican on our year anniversary in October. I think she'll like it. We are going to stay at the Riu. We are so excited! I can't wait to see more of your wedding posts! - AG

Kp said...

Holly and Danielle - I'm rooting for both of you to get a getaway sooner rather than later with your hubbies.

Anonymous - Damn skippy you are. You are not as anonymous as you think. :)