Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - The 5 Things I Would Change

Wedding Wednesday is Winding Down!

I've only got a few more of these posts in me folks - any suggestions for what should take over Wednesdays after this?  I have a few ideas tinkering around my head; possibly a post dedicated to the silliest conversation the Mister and I share that week (we have a lot that are fairly chuckle-worthy).  The week's best note to the Mister (I still send him to work each day with one!) Maybe a weekly comic strip?  I haven't been doodling as much lately, maybe that would kick me in the tookus to start.  Let me know if one of those strikes you or if there is something you think would be fun to see from me in the comments!


Your wedding should be the most perfect day that's ever happened in your life (reason #1 why I can't recommend a wedding planner enough, even if you feel like a hoity-toity yutz when you hired her... she is worth her weight in GOLD the day of - even the Mister agreed!).  And really, truly, our wedding was amazingly perfect.  I still can't believe how well/ smoothly/ without a single hitch the whole day went.  I haven't quite figured out what I did in a future life to earn such a lovely day, but my best guess is that I used to be Captain America.

All that said, there are 5 things I wish I could change to make it even more perfect.  Now, we're talking perfect like a-unicorn-shows-up half-way-through-the-reception-perfect, but I figured I'd share them with you, just in case they might help you make your day just that smidgen better.

It gets better than this?!

our wedding:

1.  I would have thought a little harder about the where and when I got married and how that affected others.
Having been in Mexico for the year leading up to the big day, I don't think it ever actually dawned on me that October in Michigan, outdoors, would be cold.  While I love how beautiful all the ladies standing up with us on that day were, I also know they were slowly freezing to death up there.  In particular, I remember telling my maid of honor that she wouldn't need nylons (and then the other gals wore nylons and her legs froze), and my bridesmaid from Texas never quite warmed all the way back up - I felt bad seeing her cuddled up in a sweatshirt for the reception.  I was fine because I had about a thousand layers of poof on under that dress, but I could have been a little more considerate for others.

If you zoomed way in, you'd see all the ladies have red noses.

2.  I would have gotten gifts not just for the wedding party, but the significant others of the wedding party.
Nothing too big, but those relationships could have been recognized a little better in my opinion.  Particularly because standing up in the wedding gets you a certain amount of praise just in general, but I noticed that the SOs of our party did some work too.  From being a DD to going for our morning-of coffee run, staying home to watch the little one, or bringing the little ones to the party, standing outside with Mac before the ceremony, and even taking pictures of the rehearsal and day of for immediate face booking (silly to say, but it was so great to see those when I signed online the next morning).  I never actually asked any of our party's boyfriend/ girlfriends/ spouses to do these things, they just stepped up and took care of those  behind the scenes details.  If y'all are reading this now, thank you from the bottom of my (our) heart(s).
This picture wouldn't exist without Mr. Foodie.

3.  I would have packed a Swiss Army Knife.
Specifically, the pliers would have been helpful for squeezing all the hooks on my dress' bustle closed, but the bottle opener, tiny scissors, and screwdriver all would have also come in handy at some point.

4.  I would have asked the DJ to make an announcement before our grand entrance.
And that announcement would be: "Please give the bride and groom time to sit down and enjoy their first meal together at their table after the toasts.  They will come around and greet you all after dinner."  A good problem to have, but our guests were so excited to congratulate us that they bum-rushed our table before the food was served, and they kept a steady pace throughout our meal.  Neither the Mister or I ate dinner because we were too excited to be getting hugs and taking pictures.  By the time we got back to our hotel we both realized we were starving.  At our secondary reception in Green Bay, we ate as quickly as we could, fearing a repeat.  Those that hadn't been at the first reception probably thought we were pigs by the way we shoveled food into our mouths.

5.  I would have asked the Mister to practice our first dance together. 
We got up there and started dancing and realized a few things.  The first was that literally everyone was watching us (duh), and it made the Mister nervous leading me.  He didn't want to screw up, so there wasn't anything fancy in our dance, just a lot of swaying back and forth.  The second was that our first dance song was kinda long.  We could have edited it down a bit if we would have thought about it.  Que Ser Ah.
 And now looking at the pictures, I would have not sung along with the whole song because there are no pictures of our first dance where my mouth doesn't look weirdly mid-word.

That, my friends, is IT.  The perfect day even perfect-er.  
What about you?  
What little things would you have changed or tweaked to 
make your day that much more perfect?  
Tell me in the comments!


Kate Y said...

What would I have changed.....?

The first thing that immediately comes to mind is spending a little more time with the photographer AND being a little more clear on my vision to him. We have VERY FEW posed photos, which I thought I didn't want, until we didn't have them. And the ones he did get didn't really meet my vision. The candids he captured from the day were fantastic, but I still feel like something was missing.

Otherwise, the day was pretty perfect in my mind! Wish I had more time to dance with friends and family, but I had to do the good bride thing and talk to everyone!

Danielle said...

I would have ditched the DJ. I think I would have rather paid someone to play their Ipod all day, because that's all he really did, except he charged us an arm and a leg for it. AND he played all the stupid songs I specifically asked him not to play (like the chicken dance...grrr.)

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I would have got married on Halloween and had a Halloween themed wedding. Really though I thought my wedding was pretty sweet.

Kp said...

I really thought about the halloween thing! I think it would be so awesome to go to a halloween wedding, but I couldn't quite give up the idea of being a traditional bride to go for it.

Danielle! I was SO SAD that the mister nixed the chicken dance. It's like... a THING in my family. Then, so is polka, and we didn't get to play with those either.

and Kate, you were a very good bride - I cant say I was as good at talking to people. the urge to just enjoy myself was too overwhelming. Dance I did! (and so did you! ha!)