Friday, January 18, 2013

I Liked it, So I Put A Ring On It

(It's been a weird day, I'm a little off the walls.  You understand.)

First things first: The winner of Monday's Story-Contest:  Um, Jamie!  Not only because her story is hilarious (it involves a cat dressed as a tinfoil unicorn gone wrong.  you should read it.), but also because she's the only entrant who I'm not married to (I thought that might be a conflict of interest.)  So Jamie, stay tuned, I'll hit you up on facebook about that thar painting, and congrats!

Second things... second, (are you keeping up?) I have context before we leap into today's silly story.
I have poor circulation.  My hands and feet are ALWAYS cold, even in the middle of summer.  The Mister, in true keeping with the adage of opposites attract, is almost always warm.  This works really well for both of us.  Example:  I get up in the middle of the night to pee and when I come back to bed, I put my near-icicle-status feet on the small of the Mister's back to warm up my piggies.  Instead of gasping in shock and yelling (as, let's be honest, anyone could be expected to do), The Mister is generally happy for a way to cool his constantly over-heated self down a bit.  (Pictured Right: my super cold piggies screaming in pure glee).  

There was actually a line in our marriage vows that said: "Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth for the other."  When the officiant said it, we both chuckled.  I hope the officiant didn't think we were being flippant or not taking it seriously, but it's kind of become a running joke between us that The Mister is in charge of holding up that end of the deal. 

There you go.  Context, you has it.  Now for the third thing third... quick story:

The Mister has a wedding band.  It's a lovely ring, and I think he's finally getting used to it.  When we first got hitched, he had a hard time with the feeling of something always resting on his dainty digits.  But he could tell it was very important to me that he wore it faithfully (something about the way my eyes twitched just a little when he'd take it off) and so in the last few months he has acclimated to his new and most awesome fashion accessory.

bling bling y'all.

Do you or your spouse wear your/their wedding ring(s)?  
Is it important to you?
If not, why?

Sometimes, just to see if he can push my buttons, The Mister will take off my ring and spin it on the table/ counter/ whatever in front of him, like the top from Inception.  Sometimes I'll bust out "the LOOK" until he puts it back on.  It's become a bit of a lighthearted game.
aforementioned LOOK.  just in case anyone was confused.

The other night at TGIFridays we began this tête-à-tête anew.  And thus, the following exchange occured:
          KpMcD:  How's it going with that ring there, handsome?  You used to it yet?
          The Mister: Here *hands me the ring*  It's warm, right?
          KpMcD:  Yeah, because you're always warm.
          The Mister: I just took it off.  Give it a second.  How about now?  Cold right?
          KpMcD: ...Uh huh...
          The Mister:  Right!  Totally frigid!  It's like having you wrapped around my finger 24/7!
          KpMcD: Aw baby.  That's sweet.

I was weirdly flattered.  Because it's true.  I'm totally the White Witch from Narnia's long lost twin sister, and I get kind of twitter pated that he sees that ring not only as a symbolic reminder of me constantly, but a rather physical (temperature wise) reminder as well. 

And then I thought about telling all of you that small story, and I wondered if anyone else has a story like this that someone without context would be all "Excuse me!? RUDE."  But in reality is something else entirely.  My husband calls me frigid, and I find that endearing.

Do you have a similar story?  Tell me in the comments!


Anonymous said...

awe wife-poo! Love the post!

~ Mister

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

We keep our rings on all the time. Except for the time that I lost mine under my cousins deck. It's a long story. The end of the story involved me buying another ring.

Danielle said...

We never wear ours. Ever. Not for any specific reason other than jewelry drives us both nuts. We try to remember for special occasions but otherwise, they are trapped together in a box.

We were both jet engine mechanics in the military when we were married and jewelry was a HUGE no-no. So not wearing them has become pretty normal for us.

Kp said...

Oh mister. <3 and such.

Holly - the Mister actually picked his ring based on it's ability to be replaced should he lose or break it without breaking the bank and alerting his distraught wife. He's considerate like that.

Danielle - that makes sense. I had a friend who wore her husband's ring around her neck on a chain because he was enlisted.