Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wedding Wednesday: The Devil in the Details

Wedding Wednesday!  Are you ready?

The title of this post is misleading.  Details, yes, I'd like to talk about what little things we put together that made our wedding special but don't quite warrant their own post.  Nothing too devilish though.  Well, maybe the open bar*.  That brought out some demons for sure.  But the good kind. :)

First things first - we got our wedding photos.  I'm not about to post them all on the blog, because I'm just not that person (I'm actually in the process of wheedling down a selection of 40 or less for a facebook album so as to not bore our friends to death).  That said, I had to post this one, because there is a silly story with it.

This is the groom and his party.  In the middle there is the Mister.  You may note he is doing some butt grabbing.
At our final meeting with the photographer to get our pictures, I saw this picture in the proofs and immediately started laughing.  And our photographer followed up with this HUGE sigh of relief.
"Oh, I'm so glad you have that kind of relationship with your husband.  I was so worried when I took this that it was going to be a thing."

To which I kind of wanted to respond "Really?  'Cause you spent an entire day following us around, you couldn't have gleaned that we have a sense of humor during that time?"  But I held my tongue, because I get that for some couples this is a touchy thing ('touchy,' see what I did there?).  

I'ma go on a tangent for a second here:
When we were in Mexico, we routinely had friends who would be flabbergasted when I would point a pretty girl out to the Mister.  Or now, when we take Mexican guests who are up in Michigan for training out to dinner (because they ALWAYS want to go to Hooters.) and I go with and have a genuine smile on my face the whole time, and jaws hit the floor.  I'm not trying to say that Mexican women are all wildly jealous women, but I am saying it's not the norm for a Mexican woman to want to have anything to do with other women and how other females interact with "their men."  I believe because of this, that I sometimes come across as a novelty to this group of friends.  I am routinely asked "You do not mind that he goes to this restaurant?  You do not mind that he looks at pretty girls?"  
No.  No more than I mind if he were to look at a beautiful painting that I didn't paint, or than he would mind if I point out Edward Norton in a movie.  
he is the only reason to watch The Incredible Hulk.

Pretty girls exist, and quite frankly after spending as much time in a studio drawing naked ladies as a college art student would tend to do, I can appreciate that pretty girl too.  I notice proportions, and since I know he does too, I kind of like being able to nudge him and say - "wow, lookit that girls' legs!  They're so strong."  Or "What a pretty face that girl has."  Because, and here's the important bit: at the end of the day, he's still coming home and hanging out with ME.  He has a brain, he is not some wild man-beast controlled by lust and instinct (and even if he was, he seems to find me attractive).  Trust, y'all.  

On top of all of that, clearly I know the groomschick.  We're friends.  Come ON.  Being jealous of that butt grab would be a little over the top, wouldn't it?  Admit it, you laughed too.

Okay so we finish our meeting, we leave with the pictures, and once we get home I'm going through them again... for the thousandth time (as I'm sure anyone who just got their wedding pictures does).  I came by this picture again, and I laughed, and showed the Mister, and explained what the photographer had said, and the whole time he's just got this weird look on his face.  So I ask him what's up and he goes:
I was the only one who grabbed butts?  I told them all to grab butts!  I saw it in someone else's wedding photos and it was a good laugh!  I thought it would be funny!  Now I just look weird!  Look, I grabbed C's butt too!
I totally hadn't noticed until he said it that he grabbed C's butt too.  Ha.  Love it.  I might have to frame it.

On the note of frames, here's how the tables all looked.  The framed doodles turned out really nice, and I think our guests got a kick out of reading them all.  Plus, since the Mister ended up being shut up in the banquet room for a while (so he couldn't see me while we ran around for pictures), he took the time to put specific comics on tables for specific guests.  My favorite is still our Sweetheart table (above).  It was all the mushiest of the notes.  (you can click to see a bigger version where the notes are readable)

Here's another guest table.  You see that little red card in the middle there?  Those were for the Vegetarians, so catering knew a special plate needed to go to that seat.  In my last few weeks of planning, I needed to give my stressed-to-the-hilt self a laugh, so I cut little V's out of each card, and smiled, knowing that our vegetarian guests would then have to hand over their V card to get dinner.  This is maybe telling of how out of my mind I was that I laughed so hard at that.  But I did.  

Skteches carried out to the entry-way where we had our guest book. A guest book which was more simply a blank sketchbook next to a slew of crayons, markers, and for inspiration, the original sketches from the comic I drew about the Mister proposing to me.  I love how many of our guests took the time to make us little stick figures.  As you can see, we also got some adorable kiddie additions.

If I can toot my own horn for a tick, I think one thing we did fairly well was provide a lot for our guests to DO.  Some of this was not totally intentional (we had some guests who spent their time reading every single comic at all the tables), but some certainly were.  I wanted to make sure that people wanted to dance.  And that ladies sporting fabulous shoes didn't feel deterred from dancing because of bunions or something.  So we offered dancing shoes.  I can't say that having those flip flops out solved world peace or anything, but I think, even if a guest did not take a pair, that they understood it as a very strong invitation to cut a rug on the dance floor.  Again, I believe the open bar maybe helped there too.

Speaking of cutting a rug, I think I've mentioned before that our first song was "Contigo Aprendí."  Which I loved SO HARD.  If you want to know why we picked it, scroll to the bottom of this post right HERE for the video.  It was personal, and I believe even more so because there were maybe five people in the entire room that understood the love message in the lyrics.  Though I didn't anticipate quite so many people asking us what the lyrics were in English afterward, so I guess using a song in another language is a "make it your own" detail that's use at your own risk. :)

I'm not about to say I don't like cake.  But I am about to say I prefer ice cream over cake any day.  The Mister is the same.  So we had an ice cream cart.  With ice cream sandwiches and goody bars and orange creamcicles and it was awesome and a few of our relatives now have very well stocked freezers because we had left-overs. :)

And of course we had a photobooth.  I can't recommend them enough!  We got a copy of all the pictures people took.  They are hilarious and touching - like a second wedding album.  We even took some of our own candids (see above).  Really, if you have a wedding to plan, I can't suggest looking into a photobooth enough - ours came packaged with our DJ and was pretty reasonable.  And it gave our less dance-inclined guests something to entertain.

plus the booth had props, which ended up caming in handy when the DJ played 
"Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."    

 What did you do to make your reception YOURS?  
Or what WILL you do to make your reception yours?
What have you seen at a wedding that was unique and cool?
Did you have any hilarious wedding photos?
Tell me in the comments!

*I know that an open bar isn't a typical thing everywhere, but living in the midwest it's rather a staple of weddings.  The mister and I never even discussed it - it was just assumed that of course there would be an open bar, and we made it a wedding budget priority.  Did you have an open bar?  Why or why not?


Bethany Scruggs said...

Hey darling! You're a 'no reply' commenter so I wanted to stop by and say THANKS for the comment! Yeah, I hate having to research & research & research all day because I feel like I don't have enough information. I definiely don't want to blog and tell people to try something if I don't know the effect it may have on them!!

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I point out hot chicks to my husband too. I like to look at the pretty woman folk as well. Although I've taught him not say "him!?" in derisive tone when I point out a guy I think is hot.

Anonymous said...

That photo would have been awesome if everybody played along! Oh well, if it wasn't for awkward moments, we might not remember as much about our special day! On our wedding day, I'll never forget the way she looked when I first saw her come down the aisle... Simply amazing!

Anonymous said...
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Shannon Park said...

Thank you for the laugh, I couldnt contain myself at the 'VCard' handovers!

And yes, open bars are a must at midwest weddings-- Im in Wisconsin, and if/when I get married, Im gonna do it more of a BYOB style, just cuz I know my family to well and it would be the most expensive part of the wedding!!

Kp said...

thanks for all the comments y'all!

Holly, I'm happy to hear I'm not the only gal out there who can appreciate a pretty gal.

Anon - you're adorable. I wish you weren't anonymous.

Shannon and Bethany - thanks for stopping by! the booze ended up not being horrible, but I believe we had a bit of a hook up in that regard. It was, however, very well used. :)