Friday, December 14, 2012

Khaki Safari

A quick post today, because the Mister has the day off, and I don't want to waste that sitting in front of a computer.  Let's go ahead and talk about pants for a second.

Yesterday I had a mission, and that mission was to find a pair of khakis.

Did you know how hard this is?  Because it is ridiculous.  Expert Level shopping, right there.
I am not a shopper really.  Clothes have always been another one of those things for which I grudgingly make a list and then go to the store, seek out only that thing, and then get out and get on with my life.  There have admittedly been days where I've wandered a mall just to wander (Christmas shopping is more fun that way), but yesterday was not that day.

I needed only a pair of khakis, and I figured, there being some forty plus stores that sell women's clothing, khakis would be a rather "wham, bam, thank you ma'am" sort of trip.

Three hours later (I'm not even kidding), and I had reached the following conclusions:

1.  The fashion world has made some over-arching directive that now requires all khakis to fall into two categories.  Neither of these categories are flattering on a normal person.
Artery-constricting Skinny      or      Extra Bra-support MomJean

2.  I hate everything and everyone and and their stupid tan pants.

In the end, the juniors department of Kohl's came to my rescue.  Which is almost insulting, because Kohl's is not part of the mall.  I spent three hours trying to navigate holiday mall shoppers (and I had to tell that girl giving out samples at Auntie Anne's Pretzels "no thanks" TWICE!  How's that for will-power?!), and the store that actually had something I was looking for was literally a three minute walk from our house.  I did get a super fetch watch too though, so we'll pretend it was all worth it.

Do you like clothes shopping?  
Is there something you thought would be a super short trip that turned into a mini-nightmare?
Aren't those stupid pretzels so hard to resist?  I think they're laced with something.

Have a great weekend y'all!


Jamie said...

It took me literally 2.5 hours to find ONE shirt on Saturday. I needed a sort of dressy shirt to wear with jeans to a holiday party. I looked through the entire mall, finally ended up at Maurices. It was dreadful. Painful. I totally feel you.

C (The Mister) said...

You know the Mister likes to go shopping. You should take him with you...or not.

Love ya!

Jamie said...

Also, at what point will I learn to stop trying on Empire waist shirts? They look terrible on me. They make me look 20lbs heavier and 4 months pregnant. And yet... everytime one looks cute on the hanger, I try it on and then vow to diet and to never get pregnant.

Danielle said...

When I started reading I was actually going to suggest Kohls. It seems like it's the only place I can find pants that fit well. That and New York and Co. I find good clothes there.

I hate shopping. I make a list, get in and get out in record time. The only shopping I'm a fan of is book shopping. No dieting required.

Rikki said...

First of all, the fact that you even ventured into Kohls between Halloween and Valentines Day means you're more brave than I am. That place gives my hives during the holiday. Seriously. Aisles that are too narrow, too many center aisle displays, and crazy soccer moms with strollers. Nightmare.

Second, in addition to khaki pants, I find that the following seemingly easy things are impossible to find:
-White button up shirts
-Black dress pants
-For that matter, plain black pencil skirts
What is this world coming to when you can find 100 pairs of lavender skinny jeans but not a single pair of black dress pants anywhere?

Jamie said...

If you're willing to pay for it, and want to keep it FOREVER I will say that you can get white button ups, classic black pants and pencil skirts at Talbots. ItKs pricey, but high quality work stuff.

Kp said...

Jamie - I feel your pain (except empire seems to be the one and only cut that is actually flattering on me), and I super appreciate your Talbots tip. Saved for future reference.

The Mister - I know you like to go shopping, but I also know a trip for khakis would turn into a trip for a bikini, a short skirt, and low cut shirts.

Danielle - I needed rather casual khakis - ones that can get dirty and worked in. I'll expand on that sometime soon, but it made spending 50 bucks on a dress pair seem unrealistic. That said, I do like NY&Co. And book shopping - have you read A Casual Vacancy? Just finished it last night and I'm going to have to post about it next week I think.

Rikki - AMEN on all counts, but it sincerely needed to happen. (though if you go to Kohl's in Geebs, Mrs. Kivi at the cash register makes all the hub-bub much more manageable I've found. :) Also I feel like you and Jamie would be good friends in real life.