Friday, December 07, 2012

Bullet Points of Joy [to the world]

I can't quite think of how to make my thoughts sound cohesive today, but they're all kind of Holiday themed and seem to fit together, so let's just try bullet points of joy, shall we?  Yes.  Let's shall.

  • I just ordered our Christmas [post]cards yesterday.  I designed them and they're super cheesy and mushy and for some reason I'm super excited about them.  So much so that I would like to put the same offer out there that another fave blogger of mine has:  Send me an e-mail at with your name and address [before December 12!], and I will totes send you one, even if in real life you are a total stranger. Spread the holiday cheer!

  • Do you celebrate St. Nick's day in your house?  I always did growing up.  Mostly it involved getting a small gift, but there's a lot more to the tradition and it gets really interesting the further back in the history of it that you go.  Particularly the Krampus part.  I can't not be fascinated by it.  

knitting knitting knitting knitting knitting...

The actual day was yesterday:  This year I hooked the Mister up with some freshly dry-cleaned winter coats, and a scarf that I managed to knit in less than a week.  Not a super expensive gift by any means, but he appreciated it.  I'm pretty proud of those mad knitting skillz yo (it's over 6ft long!).  Once he gets home I'll take a picture of it and post it here because I didn't think to do that before he left this morning and now I have no way to show it off, boo.

Do you observe/celebrate an extraneous holiday tradition?  
Share with me in the comments!

  • Elf was on TV last night.  I almost hate Elf, because for the longest time it was so easy to say "My favorite Christmas movie is CLEARLY 'A Christmas Story.'"  And now I can't help but see Will Ferrell dressed in that ridiculous elf suit and tights and I just start spouting off stupid quotes completely out of context... 

SANTA!  OH MY GOD!  I KNOW HIM!Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?You sit on a throne of LIES.I'm just a cotton-headed ninny-muggins.Good lord, whoever wrote that script, they make my heart happy.  And they confuse the Mister at my random outbursts.  Ha.
What's your favorite Holiday movie?  
And what's your favorite scene/ quote from it?

  • We were invited to a cookie exchange party.  I can't even explain how excited I am for it.  Because even if my cookies taste horrible (and I promise they don't 'cause I've eaten far more of them than was ever a good idea), I know they will be super popular.  Why?

GINGERBREAD MUSTACHES, YO.  That set of cookie-cutters is pretty high up on the "AWESOME stuff we snagged from our wedding registry" list.  (gingerbread recipe is HERE.  It's picky with refrigerating and baking back and forth, but they turn out a quality cookie-cutter kind of cookie!)  (icing HERE - I added vanilla, because you can't go to a baking themed party with people who know you just spent a year in Mexico without them expecting some legit Mexican vanilla in whatever you brought)

  • If you don't read the blog Rants from Mommyland, I recommend that you start.  You don't have to be a mom to appreciate the hilarity that stems from the ladies behind it.  But more importantly, each Christmas they set up a program to help mothers who maybe just need a little pick me up this time of year, or maybe they can't afford gifts for their kids and they just don't know how to make their holiday a happy one for the family.  They used to call it "Helping Hookers," (hookers being a term of endearment in their land), but now it is "Give it Up, Mommy-land!"  I explain all this here because they're still looking for people to help out moms across the country/ Canada, and if you want to put a smile on a stranger's face, this is a fun way to do just that.  I got my "hooker's" name over e-mail yesterday and I'm super jazzed to go pick up some nice things for her.  The explanation for that exchange is HERE if you're interested.

  • Is there anything weird on your Christmas list?  The Mister and I don't really have lists, since we just got through being showered with fabulous wedding gifts.  Truly there isn't anything else we could want for (or fit in the house!).  But I recently stumbled upon this game called Cards Against Humanity online the other day and I am so oddly intrigued.  And they have a holiday edition!  It's like apples to apples, but horribly inappropriate.  Also horribly inappropriate?  The Sexy Abraham Lincoln Apples to Apples commercial.  But that doesn't stop me from getting the song stuck in my head.

Do you do board games?  Any good, quirky recommendations?

Hope it's a great Friday y'all - have a fantastic weekend!


Danielle said...

Oh My God, we need to be best friends. I've been wanting that came for awhile now. Apples to Apples just happens to be my favorite game and now there's a version that's even more hilarious. I must have it.

And I'm seriously, very, insanely jealous of your cookie cutters.

Kp said...

other similar to apples to apples game? Boxers or briefs. instead of a green card, each player puts down their red card based on what they think is most true or funny in relation to that round's judge. we played it at thanksgiving for some good laughs.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

One year for Christmas I made GingerDEADmen. All of then had died in terrible ways, or else were missing limbs or there heads were burst open (with peanuts for brains)and some had been shot. Did you know that red gel icing looks just like cookie blood?

Well you do now.

I took them to grandma's house for Christmas, they loved them. I've been making weird cookies for so long they didn't even bat an eye. Just ate them. God I love my family.

Kp said...

dude, the same company that does the mustache cookie cutters does cookie cutters for Ninjabread men. I WANT THEM SO BADLY.