Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedding Wednesday - Paper Pieces

You know what day it is?


Let's talk about wedding stationary today, folks.

What all did you end up printing off for your nuptials?  I had never put much thought into it before planning, but there are a lot of paper-product things you need to think about for the day of:

  • Save the Dates
  • Invitations
  • RSVP Cards
  • Information Cards (map and hotel info to go with the invites)
  • Programs*
  • Favor tags
  • Place Cards / Seating Board
  • Table numbers
  • Cards with the lyrics and English translation of your first dance song**
  • Thank You cards
  • Address Stamp (for when you realize that writing your return address that many times is just plain STUPID.)
  • Second Address Stamp (for when you realize that sending thank yous after the wedding means your name has changed.)
I'm sure all of these things cost an arm and a leg when you're having a service do it for you.  But when you're a gal with an art degree who has experience in graphic design, and a website where you brag all about how you love doing crap like this... well then you should probably make your own stationary, right?

Sure.  Yes.  Um, right.

Through no fault of anyone but myself, this "I should do this myself," idea turned into so much pressure to make it awesome x 1000, that it truly almost crushed me.

A good chunk of this pressure I put on myself came from knowing three things:

  1. Your stationary sets the tone for the whole darn wedding.  
  2. The tone we were going for was a little less formal than I'm betting many of our guests were expecting.
  3. Too many people know I am good at arting for me to not make these the most phenomenal arts I've ever arted.

Thankfully, almost all of the commentary I got back on anything we sent out was "oh gosh that's awesome!" so I can officially say I'm happy to show these off here and brag a bit.  That said, I'm super glad that I'm only getting married once.

Have I talked it all up enough yet?  Okay great let's get to the part where there are pictures.  (Sorry some of the pictures look smudgy - that's where I tried to protect the Mister's identity by blurring out his name?  Yeah.  So there's that.)  ((also yes I did use pinterest as heavy inspiration, that's how it's done these days))


Save the Dates:  These ended up being my favorite of the design projects.  Bummer that they were the first thing I did... all downhill from there?  Whatevs.


Inside - I totally glued a little knoted piece of yarn inside every single one of those.  
Tedious but an awesome result.  

Invitations, RSVP Cards, & Information Cards  Carrying through with the yarn and doodle-ish look.  Only fair that people know what they were getting into.

Each invite came in an envelope, and consisted of two pieces tied together 
with the same blue yarn that was in the Save the Dates.  
The first piece that opened out was the formal invite.

On the back of the actual invite was a map marking where the venue was located.  The second piece was folded in half.  The first (blue) half was information for them to keep (address of venue, menu, how many seats were reserved for the recipient, etc).  And the second (cream) piece was a Mad Lib/ RSVP.  We got... some interesting responses on those.  :)  Of course we included the self-addressed/ stamped envelope to send the RSVP back too.

Favor Tags  I loved the idea of thanking our guests for joining us at the party and for being a part of our lives.  I also thought that people might need a little explanation for why we would choose rubiks cubes for a favor.


Seating Board  I just... seating is probably the second worst thing about a wedding.  I'll touch on this in a later post.  But ugh.
Can I be really honest?  I think these turned out super ugly.  
But they did their job and kept me from dealing with place cards.

Table Numbers
 Mad props to the BFFJ and her gift of Cricut!  
My fave was for the sweetheart table - because it was a heart. *so adorable I barfed a little*

Thank you Cards
Blank on the inside.  I'm now *almost* done filling those insides with grateful words.  

Address Stamps
design (slightly modified for creepers) from the first stamp

The second stamp - no one's seen this one yet... a KpQuePasa exclusive!

How did you pick/ design your wedding stationary?  
Did you have a piece that we didn't?  
Anything you would have changed about it?  
Any fun stories about it?  
What was your least favorite part of your entire wedding planning?  
(because mine = Invitations. Hands. Down.)
COMMENTS.  Tell me things!

Meanwhile, Mac wants you all to know that he is being totally neglected as I write this post.  
This is me, typing this sentence and firing up the "photobooth" app on the computer.  
This is happening in real time folks.  

*We nixed programs because our ceremony was maybe 15 minutes long with no readings or audience participation.   I figured most people knew the ins and outs of a wedding to be able to follow along.

**We didn't think about this in time for the first reception, but we got enough questions about it that night... there were cards for round two believe you me. :)


Danielle said...

I love your wedding posts.

I hated every part of the wedding planning. It was exhausting. My invites were something that we found in one of those really big books that everyone else uses.

I LOVE your idea and since I also happen to reall like your drawings, thought they turned out amazing!

Kp said...

Thanks Danielle! I agree with you - No one tells you how many really stupid little trivial things in a wedding are actually really stupid important but you HAVE to spend an inordinate amount of time worrying about it.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I hated that bit about my wedding too, although I think I just made my mom in law pick some out. I don't really remember.

This is why whenever I hear about a couple that just goes to the courthouse an gets it done, I'm all like, yeah I can see that.