Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Wedding Wednesday : The Dress / The Bride

I've decided, for ease of those who either want to easily track  [or avoid] posts regarding the wedding (I'm not too vain to recognize that not everyone wants to know the inner details of my nuptuials), that for the foreseeable future I'll be entertaining a weekly segment called "Wedding Wednesday."  This is also because I enjoy alliteration.  Everybody wins.


"If you had asked me to write down what it would look like two days ago, I would have written exactly that."--The Mister, the day after our wedding, regarding his expectations on what the wedding dress would look like. 

For about a fraction of a second I was upset by this statement - that somehow even though I was rabidly obsessed* with him not seeing that dress until the second I walked down the aisle, the surprise and suspense had been ruined.

But really, for me that dress wasn't supposed to be some kind of giant shock to everyone who saw me in it.  It is supposed to be the most beautiful representation of my style and personality that it could be.  And who should know my style and personality better than the guy I marry?  So in the end, him getting that right on the head was a final affirmation to me that I picked not only the right dress, but the right guy.

Loved that train.

Champagne color, corsetted back, satin with an old lace overlay and the occasional hand beading to accent the lace pattern.  It's a pretty flipping great dress, and I felt beautiful in it.

  • Something Old - my great grandmother's wedding ring on a chain necklace (put together by the fabu BFFJ)
  • Something New: The veil - ivory fingertip length with lace trim from David's
  • Something Borrowed: my mum's pearl earrings
  • Something Blue: my kick. ass. shoes that y'all helped me pick out way back in the day.

I also felt thin in it - which is a feeling I'm elated to still be coming to terms with (trying on clothes is so much more fun now).  The Dreaded 29 was not *quite* achieved by the day of - but for good reason:  at my final fitting my seamstress informed me that if I lost another pound I wouldn't be able to pull that corset tight enough to keep it up! (hello eat whatever you want the week of your wedding!  So that was AWESOME.)

Eat anything that whole week... until the day of anyway.  This would be my Maid of Honor trying to convince me to eat some of the quesedilla the bridal party ordered.  And me telling her I was too keyed up to eat anything without throwing it up.  So we ended up tightening that corset as much as we could a little later on.  

My hair and makeup were done by a friend of ours who is also our stylist.  She did so great, even though I drug her through 3 test-runs to figure out exactly how I wanted my hair up (after the third round she told me I wasn't allowed to look at the internet/ pictures again until after the wedding).  

She really did a great job.  Two weeks later I would have to re-create this look for the second reception.  Ready for a stupid story?
Because of all the hairspray and gunk I was spritzing into my hair, I didn't want to do my hair while wearing the dress, so once I was done shellacking it into place I could wash my shoulders and back and not feel sticky all night.  This is usually why when you get your hair done you wear a tank top and that spiffy stylist's cape.   I had not packed a tank top.
Let me be blunt - I was naked while I tried to braid and curl my hair back into that 'do.  Which was a great life-hack in my head... until I dropped the curling iron.  On my chest.  To be fair, it didn't hurt, but I have quite a battle-wound *STILL!* on my right boob.  Thankfully the dress covered it.  I'm so hopeless sometimes.  But I was able to clean off all the hairspray grossness before the evening started, so there.
I'm so pleased with how I turned out.  Which obviously is an important part of a wedding, when people are taking literally hundreds of photos of you all night.  The only thing I would change would be packing a needle-nose pliers for the day of. Because y'all - that bustle wanted nothing to do with being bustled.  A pliers would have gone a long way to squeezing those little hooks closed so it wouldn't have had a choice.  

But in the end we got it figured out, and we danced the night away!
Kate and I, after she fixed my bustle for the umpteenth time, dancing in front of the cheese table.  
Because why not.

Are you married?  When you picked your dress, were you looking for something that was very you, or very different?  What were your old, new, borrowed and blue items?  How did your bustle work?  Tell me in the comments!

*I even locked it in a room that only I have a key to at the house.  He claimed I didn't trust him.  I claimed I just wanted to ease the temptation for him.  The day of, I probably drove my bridal party nuts, as they stood outside in the cold waiting to take pictures while I was all "I can't go over there it's near a window, he might seeeeeeeeee."


Danielle said...

My wedding was a little over 8 years ago...geez. That seems so long now! The dress I picked was what I always dreamed of having. Looking back now, I love it, but still wished I picked something a little more laid back. I had a huge princess dress, which was beautiful, but I'm not really that girl. I wore flip-flops with it though, so that was pretty laid back. I can't remember what else (old, borrowed or blue), it was too long ago!

The bustle on the dress, however, wasn't there. It was meant to be bustled, but the people didn't put any hooks on it for me. I did NOT want to spend my wedding night dragging a train around, so my family dug out some giant safety pins and hooked that sucker to the back. It came undone through the night, but it wasn't too bad.

You looked like a princess on your wedding day! That dress is amazing!

Kate Y said...

How excited am I that almost all the photos in that post are from my camera! AH!

And, you were with me when I found my dress. If you will recall, it is not AT ALL what I thought I wanted but couldn't have been more me!

And, for pete's sake, I can't remember what my things were... I do remember wearing my mom's bracelet. And, my shoes were blueish. AH!

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I wore a deep blue gold and black dress that I had made by combining three other vintage dresses. It had a blue skirt with a black lace overlay, a gold corset and a black velvet sleeves and back piece. All of course sewn by me. I kind looked like a goth princess peach. And none of my husbands family knew how to take that. Man, my wedding was great!

Rikki said...

I would agree with the Hubster - your dress was exactly what I expected which is a HUGE compliment in my eyes. I hate when brides look so uncomfortable and so unlike themselves on their wedding day!

Kp said...

Danielle - Dude, safety pins would have been a good call! good job to your family.

Kate - I remember, but I also remember how long you just stood in it looking at yourself in the mirror. It was meant to be. :)

Holly - That. Sounds. Awesome.

Rikki - THANKS!