Monday, November 05, 2012

The Most Interesting Pirate In The World.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, hands down.  Except I like it only for one (1, uno, ichi, un, singular) very specific reason.  I greatly dislike being scared; haunted houses or scary movies? No, no friends.  Halloween is the bomb-diggity because I get to dress up and it's socially acceptable.  

Okay okay, carving pumpkins is also pretty fun.

I put a lot of effort into my costumes and costume choices every year.  A timeline that usually starts somewhere in late July.  A costume is like wearable art, so you better believe I put a lot of stock into representing myself as an artist through what I put on any given All Hallow's Eve.  

If you've been with us long enough here at KpQuePasa, you might remember that last year, Halloween didn't have the same spark and joy as usual.  Because we were in Mexico, and because Mexicans don't really get into Halloween.  So our costume party was the Mister and myself as Mario and Princess peach, a friend's daughter as a pirate, and then 10 adults who were too cool for school and just came in street clothes.  

Let's not dwell on the past.  Hakuna Matata.  Or Jakuna Matata if you're from Mexico*.  

The Mister usually wants to do couples costumes - and I'm usually super game.  Except this year I really wanted to paint my face, and because the Mister has a beard, he wasn't down with that.  No matter how awesome I would have made him look.  I would have made him awesome.  I'm telling you it would have been epic.  

But to be fair he's probably right about having to spend hours scrubbing it back off his face.  *le sigh*

Since my costume had been settled and ready to go for months, once face paint had been nixed mid October, the Mister and I sat down to discuss what HE would be for Halloween.  The choices very quickly narrowed down to:

Captain Morgan VS The most interesting man in the world

He settled on Captain Morgan because when we looked at pictures of the Cap'n, I got all goo-goo eyed at how handsome pirates are.  And then, knowing he had work to catch up on after the wedding time off, the Mister designated me to "go forth, ye Kp, and find me yon Captain Costume."  Also because he knew I wasn't gonna cut corners - if he wanted to be the Captain, I will make sure he looks. Like. the Captain.

Ladies: Pirates. Am I right?

Long story short, five Halloween stores later, I still had not found the very specific Red Pirate Coat that he would need to pull this off.  So I sent a text.

     KpMcD:  Is there a plan b for Halloween?  Because I'm really struggle-bussing to find the captain's coat.
     The Mister:  The dread pirate Roberts?  Captain Jack Sparrow?
     KpMcD:  So a Pirate then?

And then there was no response for like half an hour.  I figured maybe since he was at work that he was in a meeting or something, but mostly I assumed I had hit the nail on the head with the pirate thing and silence was his approval.  So I picked up a few great pieces and checked out at the register with a giant sign posted behind it stating "ALL SALE FINAL NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS."

Of course as soon as I walk out of the store with the Mister's costume, a text pings through to my phone. 

     The Mister:  No, never mind, I'll just go back to being the Most Interesting Man In The World.

I love Halloween.  Along with that, I want the Mister to love it as much as I do, so when I read this text I immediately felt like I ruined everything.  My actual response in the parking lot of the warehouse Halloween store?

Overreaction?  Nope.

Thankfully, the Mister does like Halloween, but is much more laid back about the whole thing than I am.  Wouldn't you know, folks, even without the Captain Morgan associations, the Mister makes a DEAD. SEXY. PIRATE.
note additional dead-sexy accessory: WEDDING RING.

Moving on.  Pirate costume settled for the Mister, I feel it's time to tell you that I wanted to represent a little of the Mexican culture we've just returned from.  Thus, the Calavera day of the dead lady came to be.  After a very brief and ugly moment where I realized that the face paint I'd bought from Walgreens the week before was such crappy quality that it wasn't painting my face.  (seriously. I'm writing them a letter.) Cue awesome new husband leaving at the drop of his pirate hat to go find some good face paint last minute.  And if I can toot my own horn for a moment - I turned out pretty darn good.

did my own hair too, whut whut.

Apparently this wasn't the totally original idea I thought it was - thanks for stealing my thunder Hilary Duff - but even though I've seen a few of these Día de los Muertos ladies in pictures from around my circles, I'm still really pleased with my costume over others.  So that'll work for me.

What did you dress up as for Halloween?  
What was your favorite costume you've worn?  
Have you ever done the couples costume thing?  How'd that work out?
Tell me in the comments!

*Our friend C from Mexico, who stood up in the wedding, said this to me a few times during my "good lord there is so much left to do before we get married!" freak outs.  I found it patronizing, but you have to admit getting a text message that says Jakuna Matata and then realizing it's because Spanish pronounces J's like H's makes for a half-smile at the very least.  

To that effect, the blog's wedding coverage will start up on Wednesday, but I thought it prudent to cover Halloween before that wasn't appropriate for the time of year.


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

Yeah. I don't even want to talk about it. I had a great costume and a plan to bar it up and then I had to work that weekend. No problem we'll celebrate on Halloween itself! Except that my power went off on the 29th. And just came back on tonight. I hate my life right now. So. Hard.

Anna said...

You should move to New Orleans. People wear costumes and dress up daily. They do it so much so that last year on Halloween it took me a while to realize it was Halloween. I thought it was just a regular day with people in costume again.