Monday, November 12, 2012

Leonard and Penny, Sittin' in a Tree...

This here?  This is a Big Bang Theory household.  Once, while we were living in Mexico, we stopped at a "Best Buy" type of store and while the Mister looked at computer things, I stumbled upon season 2 of the Big Bang Theory in English.  For two dollars.  I bought it instantly, and in short order an obsession was born.  You see, we didn't have cable down there*, and thus, Big Bang quickly became the one kinda normal-to-us thing we could turn on while eating dinner or sitting around on a weekend.

I am not embarrassed.

The Mister and I have every season on DVD.  We can quote it, and not just the popular stuff like "soft kitty" or "Bazinga!," I'm talking the really random "this happened once in one episode and I'm going to apply it to the situation that we're in right here."  I think not only was it a fun show to watch when you're stuck in a foreign country and have nothing else to watch, we love it also because in a lot of ways, the Mister and I are Leonard and Penny.

If you don't watch the Big Bang Theory... well whatever I kind of judge you.  But for your own understanding of this post, here's the basic gist:  Physicists Leonard and Sheldon are SUPER nerds and live across the hall from aspiring actress Penny.  Leonard and Penny love each other but for the sake of comedic integrity, they are never quite at the right relationship point at the same time.

Now, there are definitely moments where, while watching an episode, Leonard will say something very technical and math-ish, and the Mister [being an engineer] will laugh because it's a nerd joke that depends on you knowing how this angle affects this velocity or some other such complicated physics-language (I do not usually get these jokes but will smile appreciatively at the hard thinking that I'm sure went into crafting such a zinger).  Conversely, there are certainly moments when Penny's love of sleeping in is noted, or when she'll state a truism about women and their expectations in a relationship, and I will giggle or elbow the Mister and be all "see?  Gifts are way better when they're super impractical."

But for the most part, let's be real - I'm Leonard, and the Mister is Penny.

(I know the Mister is going to read this and be all "what?  I am not the girl in this."  And so for reference:)

How the Mister is Penny:

  • He likes to shoot things.  I'm fairly certain that while I've not personally seen it, he could kick some tookus at paintball.
  • He's got some game.  Let me 'splain.  He's got game as in, he makes friends literally anywhere he goes.  He's not socially awkward.  
  • He's messy.  He's going to try and refute this point in either two ways.  He's either going to say "I'm not messy, I can find anything [in this giant pile of assorted papers lying in the middle of the office floor that's been stepped on and shuffled around countless times] in 2 minutes."  Or he's going to say "if you would just let us hire a maid you wouldn't think I was messy."  I think we can all see his flawed logic here.
  • He's entrepreneurial.  
  • When I say something nerdy, I generally get a "what?" look from him.

How I am Leonard:

  • I. Play. Video. Games. A lot.  
  • I read comic books, and when we watch comic-book movies, I can tell the Mister when a plot point was messed up by directors, or what's going to happen in the next movie, assuming they stay "cannon."  
  • I use words like "cannon" and expect people to know exactly what I'm talking about.
  • I'm a clean freak.
  • I watch cartoons.
  • Generally in a social situation with new people (unless I'm working and have to be socially acceptable to keep gainful employment), I'm super quiet and/or awkward.
  • I love halloween in an almost sick way.

A while back, we went to a wine tasting dinner.  The Mister wanted me to meet a friend of his, the wine maker of this particular winery, and so I made myself look as cute as possible for what I was sure was about to be one of those evenings where I eat good food and every once in a while I look up from my soup and smile at the other people we're sitting with, because the Mister has told a joke.

We clean up pretty well.  (I feel more upset than is probably warranted about that name tag on my boob though- totally ruined the look.)

But you know what happened?  We were seated at a table of nerds!  And while the Mister made nice conversation, I was clearly the one in my element.  We talked about books, we talked about pets (we even passed cell phone pictures around the table!), we talked about Family Guy and the Simpsons.  And we even talked about how the other people at the table were all involved in a local acting troupe, and they had auditions coming up and how I could get involved.**

I love to act.  It's not something I've had the opportunity to do in my time knowing the Mister, but it is something I occasionally feel a real twinge to get back to.  I miss it!  You get to be the center of attention (but for a finite amount of time, where people don't have any expectation of you beyond what you've already rehearsed to muscle memory over time), you get to dress up, be silly, do something outside your norm, and sometimes you get flowers after.  So when we got back in the car after the dinner I was not expecting our conversation to go thusly:

The Mister:  Well, that was a nice group of people.
KpMcD: Totally!  What was that website they said again to look up audition times?
The Mister: Why?
KpMcD:  ...Because when I said I'd audition I wasn't kidding?
The Mister:  Seriously?  I thought you were just making polite conversation.
KpMcD:  What?!  No!  I would LOVE to do that!**  I acted all through high school.  It was my thing! I took classes in college!  It's fun!
The Mister:  Oh.  So you were that kid in high school?  The drama nerd?
KpMcD:  Yeah, totally - I swear I've told you that before.
The Mister:  ...You probably did.
I think he blocked any previous discussion of acting out of his mind.  Because here is where the Mister is totally Penny:  He was the jock in high school.  The popular kid.  He knew everyone, and everyone knew/ liked him, and he played sports and he probably sat at the cool table at lunch where the girls weren't allowed to wear sweatpants.

Drama nerd is a super appropriate term for me in high school.  I didn't do anything else outside of class but act (well, there was that one year where I was the vice president of the Art Club, but I didn't really do anything. And I was in the National Honor Society, but that wasn't really an involved club, so much as it was another reason for popular kids to be like "what, seriously, geek?").  We didn't get into trouble or do anything devious.  Our cast parties involved bowls of chex-mix and orange soda, and we wouldn't have imagined anything to be more fun.  We sat together at a table at lunch where our conversations ranged from how many licks it would take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, to who would get the next lead, to Harry Potter plot theories.

Anyway, my first reaction to this conversation was "Aw yiss.  Who's the nerd who snagged the super popular jock?  THIS GIRL.  Top Score."

A reaction which probably only serves to solidify my role as the pop-culture-referencing nerd of our relationship.

Do you have a friendship/ relationship that you equate with show/ book/ movie characters?  
How would you classify yourself in high school?  Nerd? Jock? Mean Girl?  Glen Coco?
Also let's geek out - what's your favorite part about the Big Bang Theory?
Tell me about it in the comments!

*Why didn't we have cable in Mexico?  Because cable is a luxury item.  Generally speaking, stuff was cheaper in Mexico; groceries, tacos, clothes, etc.  But we're talking about something you don't really NEED, but generally only WANT, like cable, or getting something delivered that service provider knows that you have extra cash to burn, and will charge you accordingly.  What I'm saying is, we lived well, but we couldn't afford fancy crap like cable y'all.

**I decided against it because if I got a part it would be a half hour drive each way to rehearse.  But I have resolved to find something closer.


Rikki said...

I love everything about this post. But mostly I love the part where you describe us in high school. Except that I use the term Theatre Geek more than Drama Nerd and I remember there being a lot of Monty Python and singing along to the Rent soundtrack... Which was especially cool since 98% of the people we went to high school with definitely fell into the jock category.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I can't act. No I mean that really, I can't act. If I murdered someone the cops would be all like "did you murder this person?" And I would be all like, "Uh, um. Maybe? I don't recall? No?" And would be all like "You are coming back to the station."

Kp said...

Haha Rikki - you're right, there was a lot of MP and singing. There was also a lot of pining over boys we didn't have the guts to ask out, knitting hats to look like cartoon characters, and gossiping about how much we hated it when the popular kids got cast as lead roles in the musical. but I was trying to keep the list concise. :)

And Holly, if I killed someone, I would be so useless at lying about it to the cops I would probably have driven myself to the station before they even arrive at the crime scene. But I'm pretty confident I can pull off a southern accent or pretend I'm a superhero.

Danielle said...

I'm pretty sure we're the same person. Not sure how that worked out. I'm the socially awkward one that would prefer to quietly sit and watch people. I even bring a book with me everywhere, just in case I can read instead of socialize.

My husband and I do the same thing, even though we have cable. Lately on Netflix, we've been addicted to Hart of Dixie. I sucked him into my world and now he's hooked. That's our go-to show for the evening.

RedlineGT said...

Absolutely love this! :)

Kp said...

Haha Danielle, I've thought that a few times reading your blog. Though I don't bring a book - I bring a sketch book. :)