Monday, November 26, 2012

Classy Broads Keep Their Pinky Out.

Howdy.  How was everyone's Thanksgiving?  Good?  Excellent.

The Mister and I had quite a lot of travel involved in our holiday weekend, but we had a great time.  We attended a wine-tasting tour with some friends up in the tippity-top of the state (the Leelanau Peninsula if you have more familiarity with Michigan than I do, and know where that is on your hand-map).  Lot of driving.  Lots.

I think we were at the top of the ring finger.

If you live in Michigan, you may have noted that Friday we had our first snow of the year.  Mother Nature decided to make her own statement on how people shouldn't decorate for Christmas until Thanksgiving is over.  She had great effect in decking the halls, in terms of scenic "Pure Michigan."  Which is great unless you're driving on the day of the first snow.

At the very beginning of our slip-and-slide adventure across the state, I had thought, "oh, I am straight up making a blog post about how not to drive like a dick on the day of the first snow."  Then we passed more than one really horrific-looking accident.  I'm not about to make light of that with some cheeky blog post.  That was terrible.  If you haven't been through your area's first snow, please remember that there are other people out on the road, and how you drive can affect them greatly.  

I will admit, though, that we cheered when we passed the state trooper who was at the scene of a mild fender bender featuring the girl who tailgated us before blazing past us all while texting on her phone.  It was karmic justice.  Except for the poor person she rear-ended.  Hopefully they decided to say their neck hurt super bad and can collect some serious insurance.

Moving on.

The wine tasting tour was fantastic.  We all climbed on a bus (specifically chartered for wine-tours) at 10AM, and by 3:30PM we had stopped at... seven wineries?  I'm actually not sure because not only did we do tastings at each stop but there was at least one bottle of wine killed between each stop, and so I stopped remembering detail-type things somewhere around stop three.  (Though I will note that stop three had friendly DOGS in the winery and I hearted them.)

We all had goodie bags. 
 This was how I chose to label it so we knew it was ours after a glass or two.  
My cartooning skillz always improve exponentially after a glass or two (three?).  

(also we totes etched our own wine glasses the night before.  
It was an awesome craft.  I'm drinking out of the Mister's glass.  
It says... *ahem*  "The Mister"  Aw Yiss.)

Full disclosure: I'm not a wine-conisseaur.  I'm more of a beer gal.  So while everything we tasted was yummy, I had a lot of moments where people would turn to me and be all "oh, isn't that bouquet lovely?"  or "wow, that's got a great buttery flavor, right?"  and I would respond with something that probably sounded as intelligent as if I had just made arm-pit farts at them.  Who's a classy broad?  This gal.

Speaking of classy, the second night the Mister totally did a Polar Bear Plunge out in Lake Michigan with the other manly men in attendance.  It was dark, so the other ladies and I couldn't watch that happen, but judging by the shrill shrieks and curse-words, we were pretty sure we knew when the men reached the water.  Some time in the hot-tub followed that, and no one got frost bitten or hypothermia (much to our surprise), so everybody wins there.

He ran from where this picture was taken, through the dark, out to where the water starts.  
I'd say about 100 yards.  
And then it wasn't deep enough to swim, so they all laid down and flopped around like mudskippers, got up and ran back.  
I promise you it is just as stupidly hilarious as it sounds.  
I'm SO proud.

All in all, a great time to be had by all, but particularly amusing for the Mister and I because we are sincere light-weights.  We had a few moments over the weekend where we'd start looking at each other thinking about how we could duck out of the festivities for a bit and go to bed before we got too out of our minds to physically MAKE it to bed.

Drink responsibly kids.  Just so we're clear, all of the above is not a good example of the word "responsible."  Minus that whole part where we made sure someone else was driving us places.  That bit was unbelievably brilliant.

Know what?  That's about all I've got to report today.
Working on some Christmas decor and crafts to share later this week, so check back for that!

How was your Thanksgiving?
Have you ever done a wine-tour?  Beer tour?  
Good stories to share?  
I want to hear them in the comments!


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I drank a bunch of wine on thanksgiving. Oh god it was soo good. Some fruity thing that was not too sweet but just sweet enough.

Then right before dinner my cousin pulls out a giant jug of homemade egg nog and starts talking about how good it is. Yeah I was pretty well buzzed when the turkey hit the plate.

Good times, good times.

Rikki said...

It's officially on my to-do list to come see you in Michigan and recreate this lovely wine experience. Ok? Good.

Kellie @ Delightfully Ludicrous said...

I'm very jealous of all you Thanksgivingers out there, we don't have anything like it here.

Kp said...

Rikki - yes. do this.

Holly, I can't do egg nog, something about the consistency of it. I'm glad you had a good time, it was certainly due to you.

Kellie - I don't know how to help with the part where people don't have to go to work that day, but I promise you can pretty accurately recreate the rest by simply going on a super bender with turkey and potatoes.

Danielle said...

I'm so much of a lightweight that I am banned from tours. One sip and I'm tipsy. Two sips and I'm naked. Bad idea.

Glad you had a good holiday and didn't have too many issues in the snow. I live in Minnesota and people drive like nutjobs when it think they would be used to it by now.