Monday, November 19, 2012

A Bird-Brained Idea

After some morning-time snafus (see below), I officially survived going to the doctor and getting my blood drawn this morning WITHOUT passing out or throwing up!  I'm pretty pumped that I'm still standing.  Of course, the Mister spent the half hour after I got out of the lab asking me "hey, are you feeling alright?" so I'm thinking I looked a little worse for wear.  But I was able to coherently respond "...yeah" at each question, so again, counting this as a win.

As for that aforementioned snafu, well:

See Dora.  See Dora try to leave the driveway to bring KpMcD to her Dr. appointment, and halfway through that decide "eff that, it's COLD."  See Dora die halfway in the driveway and halfway in the ROAD.

So that was fun.  Thankfully the Mister is pretty much the bomb-diggity and rushed home from work to not only push Dora out of traffic, but whisk me off to the appointment all in just the nick of time. Which I guess was nice of him.

I would be totally lying if I didn't say there were a few moments in between there where I was all "sweet, if the car is dead I can't go to the Dr. and she can't stick a needle in my arm and then everyone will win."

*deep breath* but it's over now.

Anywhoozle.  Point of the post, point of the post, let's get to it.

I have, for a while now, been thinking about chickens.  Specifically, I've been thinking about keeping chickens.  The live type.  The type that lay eggs.  The city we live in allows home owners to keep up to six live chickens (no roosters, they're too loud), and since we eat a LOT of eggs (a lot is an understatement), it just seems more cost effective to buy a seven dollar bag of feed every two months over buying a dozen or two organic eggs from the super market every week.  Plus, guys, chickens are kinda cute.

I pitched this a while back to the Mister, and he enthusiastically said "sure, in the future we can totally keep chickens."  Which, if you know the Mister, is quite a nice way of him saying "What a fun fantasy land you're living in.  Bring this to me in 10 years and we'll talk."

Except then he tacked this little gem on the back of it: "You know, the guy across the street keeps chickens - you should talk to him."

Now, I know that the Mister isn't all about doing this right now, and I know how I function with an idea.  Thus, I knew I should probably not ask the neighbor about his chickens across the street for another 10 years or so.  Because once I see them, I know it's on.

Of course, today ended up being a little weird, and once we came back from the doctor, we saw that our neighbor was outside chopping wood.  And the Mister, trying to cheer me up from getting my arm impaled by a giant blood-sucking needle, marched me over to ask about the chickens.

Our neighbor (who is usually a pretty gruff dude), brightly exclaimed "Oh!  The girls!  Come meet them."  And we did.  And... guys.  GUYS.  THEY'RE SO CUTE.

He showed us his coop, and introduced us to his four Rhode Island Reds, and talked about some of the things he's learned in his year of keeping chickens, and told us about how one of them likes to sit on his lap (SQUEE) and then he gave us an egg, fresh from a chicken's butt.   When I say fresh, I mean, she had started laying it when we walked into his backyard, and five minutes later he plucked it out of the nest box and gave it to us.

It's still warm!

We all know what happens now:  It's over y'all.  We're totes getting chickens.
I walked the Mister into the backyard and showed him exactly where our coop would go.  I re-planned the layout of my garden to better accommodate chickens and the aesthetics of our soon-to-be ladies.  And then I looked up where we could buy a coop from (because our neighbor built his, but I have a feeling I wouldn't have the patience to build one from scratch).  Wouldn't you know, Petco totes has us covered:

This particular coop fits four chickens.  Which is perfect, because that's exactly how many I would like.
Now, before you're all "what are you doing?", please know that I have legitimately put some research into this idea.  I've long followed chicken-keeping blogs like "Tilly's Nest," and there are oodles of internet resources to help you pick the ideal chicken breeds for your climate and desired egg-amount.  

And thus, we shall have four chickens.  I shall name them thusly:
Penny, Our Buff orpington and Lulah, our Barred Rock
Nessie, our Rhode Island Red and Hilda, our Australorpe

These are not actually pictures of our chickens.  Our chickens haven't been born.  YET.  And these names will likely change.  Except for Penny.  I am weirdly obsessed with the idea of having a chicken named Penny.  (LIKE HENNY-PENNY AMIRITE?)  But chickens.  Coming soon to a KpQuePasa near you.

Do you keep chickens?  
Any tips I should keep in mind?  
What would you name your chickens if you had them?
Do you have any "out-there" ideas that you are dead set on that your significant other might be a little hesitant on?  
Tell me in the comments!

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to show the Mister all the lovely chicken accessories he should start thinking about buying me for valentines day.  Because nothing says romance like chickens.


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

Oh My God. YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET CHICKENS! Ahem. Yes. Chickens. You should totally get them. I love my girls and they are so easy to keep.

If your backyard is fenced you can totally let them out to free range there.

Also, I would look into a animal use heat pad for the peeps though, because running a heat lamp is like paying two electric bills at once though. (trust me on this.)

Danielle said...

Check on Craigslist for chicken pen things. I always see them on there. Some people just turn an old shed into one, but there are lots in all sorts of styles.

I wish I could where I live. My husband would kill me.

Good luck!