Friday, September 07, 2012

Work out

So my thumb.  

Early last month, you may recall, our stuff came home from Mexico.  I was so excited about getting everything back into place that I rushed the process, and as with many things I get excited about, I totally overdid it.

But only when it came to my thumb on my dominant hand.

I sprained the crap out of it.  It turned purple, I wore a brace for a week or so, and I had a few days where I was really mad about pickles because I couldn't open the jar.  The biggest change here was that I couldn't comfortably hold a pen/pencil to draw out a whole doodle as I'm so wont to do on this little blog.  It was a bummer to say the least.

Now the thing with (non-serious) sprains is that they say the only way they're going to get better is to "walk it off.

Or so I've been told.  See also: why I quit soccer as a kid.

When Fiance informed me that he picked up a habit of rock-climbing while he was in Mexico without me, I saw a pretty awesome opportunity to get back into the swing of things.  So off to Climb Kalamazoo we went.  Where I promptly set up camp in the corner with a sketchbook and stared at people like a complete creeper while getting some really intense figure drawing practice to work out my thumb muscles.  Wanna see?  'Course you do.

Fiance, trying to act all cool, and then climbing up the wall I was watching over

hangin' on the walls

my favorites - this guy was really swinging all over the place like an orangutan.

What are YOUR thoughts on rock climbing?  Comments y'all - hit me up.

Fiance is all about it... I... well, my fear of heights has gotten quite soundly in the way of me trying it out just yet.  Which is weird considering I'd totally scale a tree in a second flat.  Maybe it's that you have to strap yourself in so much to climb a rock wall.  Makes me feel like there's more of a safety risk?

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Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I had friends that tried to get me into climbing. But I too am afraid of heights so that just wasn't going to happen. Also, climbing gear is expensive.