Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Stepping Out

Obligatory mushy moment (you knew that was coming, right?):

Fiance is home from Mexico.   He's only been here for five days and already I feel so much more... happy isn't quite the right word.  A big part of it, certainly.  Secure, maybe?  Seeing him in the airport I got such a rush of relief, and comfort, and thankfulness, and hoo.   It was a definite reaffirmation that I am about to marry just the right dude for me.  (calendar check: we have 1 month left. woah.)


Coming home over the holiday weekend meant we had four full days to catch back up with each other before he had to report to work. And while plenty happened during that time, you'll excuse me if I save those happy little blips to myself.  Let's instead talk about the walk I just took.

Fiance and I are currently sharing Dora the Explorer custody, and this works out pretty okay in my head because we live right by the mall/ target (pronounced tar-jhay)/ a grocery store, so when he's at work with the vehicle, I honestly can't pinpoint anything I would have need for that I couldn't simply walk to.  And then I have an excuse to exercise, which is great because I've always had a much better success when there is a purpose behind whatever I'm doing.

Today I wandered over to the Target and back, and I wracked up a few random observations for you.
  • Fiance was worried about me crossing a particularly busy street in town.  As I suspected, it was easy as pie because that is what traffic lights and those little crosswalk signals are for.  No no, the hard part ended up being "avoiding imminent, car-death while crossing in front of the Subway driveway."

 This lady seriously flew out of nowhere, screeched her tires to stop in time to not hit me (who pulls into a parking lot going that fast?) and then beeped, flipped me off, and screamed something at me through her window that I imagine had a lot of four letter words in it.  Crazy.

  • There was a man biking behind me on the sidewalk. I appreciate that he announced himself so I knew to move to the side when he passed me, but his method was... jarring.

He shouted over his shoulder that he thought the barking would startle me less than if he yelled at me.  Since I was momentarialy convinced I was about to get mauled by a vicious wolf-dog, I'd say he missed his mark.

I walked through one of my shoes on the way back.  The way back coincides with passing by the mall.  So I have new shoes, but here's my actual question:  When did the Payless customer service policy evolve into badgering the customer during their shopping experience like they're the Potter Puppet Pals and I'm Severus Snape?  (you can click that link for some context if you're totally out of the loop here... or if you want it stuck in your head)

I guess my biggest beef with being so attentively/ aggressively helped is that they totally cornered the market on cheap shoes that have some arch support.  And so after all that I still gave them $19.99.
but they're kinda cute at least, right?

What kind of shopper are you?  Do you like getting a lot of help?  Tell me in the comments! 

 I honestly would rather find everything on my own even if it takes me more time to search because otherwise I feel weirdly obliged to buy something.  I think this drives Fiance nuts as he is more apt to walk straight up to someone 5 seconds after entering a store and say "this is my list, where is it?"


Rikki said...

I missed you! Ha ha... Glad fiance is home safely. Can't wait to meet him and SEE YOU for the first time in... oh... 5 years maybe? 7? A long time?

Your comics today were especially funny and I thank you for that. I walk to work every day and the hardest part is never the busy intersections. There's one parking lot to a church that's especially difficult. Weird.

Welcome back!

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

That just about sums up every time I tried to go walking in the city. Except without the creepy guy in the minivan telling me how hot I was. Yeah. I much prefer country life.

Danielle said...

So glad that you finally have your squeeze home with you!

Your drawings are awesome! Glad your hand is feeling better so we get to see them again!

Kp said...

Minivans always up the creeper ante. And thank you! I missed you all and the drawings too! Happy to get back in the swing of things.