Friday, September 14, 2012


Friends.  I have to.  It's time.

I have hit the timeline where there are simply not enough hours in the day to continue working on wedding, keep the house in shape, be a person, a good dog/cat mom, and be a good fiancee while still blogging.  And I had told myself that when I came to the point where it was more a nuisance than a joy to hit that little button which starts a new blog post... then it was time to take a break.

That time has come.

This Wednesday I just couldn't find five spare minutes to sit down and be on a computer.  And yesterday didn't look any better.  And the weeks coming up?  Are just going to get more hectic.  So I tell you what.  I'll see you all in November. 

By that time I will be a Mrs., I'll have been on a honeymoon, and I'll have survived through two receptions.  So I am sure there will be plenty of good stories.  I suggest my top 10 for some reading in the meantime.

1.  How to Make the Coolest Fridge ever.
          A tutorial on how to make a kick ass beer fridge.

2.  My Bridal Bazinga
          My trip to pick out a wedding dress.
3.  We Are Far From Glistening Over Here.
          This post is mostly about boobs.
4.  The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly - But not quite in that order.
          Trying on the most ridiculous thing I could possibly find at a TJ Maxx
5.  The Prom Garter
          The story of my prom.  It's funny... now.
6.  The Wholly Helpful, and Horribly Hindering, C
          C, our Mexican friend who kept us alive in Mexico, and will be visiting us in just a week!
7.  Bridezilla
          I would love to talk to you about anything besides my upcoming nuptials.

8.  What I did on my Summer Vacation [Which was neither in the summer or a vacation]
9.  Shipping and Handling
          One of the more amusing gifts I've gotten.
10.  Let Me Draw Your Spirit Animal
          The beginning of the Audience Participation Friday streak.

Take care, And for the last time with these initials...

Love Peace and Chicken Grease,


Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

November! Whoa. You must be busy as a, uh, busy thing. I hope your wedding is awesome and your honeymoon is filled with alcohol and stuff.

Kp said...

I... yes. We had this really great idea to have two wedding receptions, because Detroit was too far for some of my family, and vise-versa, Green Bay was too far for some of Fiance's family. So I've got the rest of the month to finish wedding prep/ hang out with C when he flies in, then it's hitting the ground running for wedding/reception/honeymoon/reception number two.

And thanks! (there will be much booze).

Danielle said...

You will be missed. But I'm looking forward to hearing some good stories that I'm sure will build up during your break.

Good luck, have fun and see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Never thought blogging could be soo fun and interesting. Man you know how to do it brother.