Friday, August 03, 2012


No post on Wednesday - so as you may have guessed, all our stuff did actually arrive from Mexico.  To say it is merely exciting would be a severe understatement.

When you spend two+ days doing nothing more than taking things out of boxes and bubble wrap, your mind gets to wander a bit. I'm not going to regale bore you with tales of unpacking*, but I am going to share where the thought trolley stopped while finding a space for everything in the house.

Ryan Lochte, the star swimmer of the olympics if-you-don't-count-Phelps-or-Franklin, has done some press lately that paints him as kind of a self-important d-bag.  He may or may not be, I don't know him personally, you go ahead and form your own conclusions on his value as a person.  But.  He has a doberman named Carter, and that makes him at least a little more awesome in my book.

Mac may be a mix, but look it these photos of carter and tell me Mac doesn't share these dobe mannerisms to a T.
Why are they giving Honey Boo-Boo her own show?  If you don't know who Honey Boo-Boo is, I'm sorry I'm about to spoil that for you.  She's a kid from Toddlers and Tiaras whose mother gives her "go-go juice (red bull and mountain dew)" before she goes on stage.  It caused an uproar with parents and concerned rational adults nationwide.

She's also predictably a spoiled brat, and not as predictably for a show about pageants, a fairly ugly child (I know that's cruel to say, but she really, truly is an unattractive little girl) when she doesn't have loads of makeup and extensions troweled on.  Her TLC promo shows her snapping her fingers and roaring "you beta red-neck-ignize!"  And it makes me weep for humanity every time I see it.  She is never going to have an IQ above 4 and she will be idolized for it.

The favors came in the mail today.  I was so convinced they were going to come in like 14 giant boxes and fill the garage to capacity.  They actually came in one medium sized box.  I don't now why in my brain I had made the cubes out to be gigantic.  This is great news - I now believe one car load will be enough to get favors / table decor / random other ceremony crap to Detroit for the wedding.  Upon this realization I did a little happy dance.

More a stupid story than a thought: getting the stuff from Mexico meant that our brilliant Mexican washer and dryer were coming.  Thanks to five craigslist attempts horribly falling through, the old washer and dryer were still in the laundry room when the new set arrived.  Thankfully, the moving company men were kind enough to move the old set into the garage for me, but due to liabilities, they couldn't unhook or re-connect the machines.

That's fine, I figured it out - turn off the water valves, unplug the washer.  Turn off the gas valve, unplug the dryer.  Simple enough right?  Guess who doesn't have the hand strength to actually turn the gas valve all the way... but didn't actually know that?

Fun fact - natural gas is actually odorless, but an odor is added before it is piped to consumers just in case something stupid happens.  Say for instance, Kp doesn't actually turn off the gas valve and five hours later realizes it smells like gas in the basement.  Cue frantic sprint to blow out any candles in the house and e-mail Fiance a "JEEPERS WHAT DO I DO!?"  ("jeepers" may not have been the word actually used)

Cue also awesome Fiance calling a guy that works in the Michigan branch from Mexico, and that guy coming over to the house with his son and fixing everything without any judgmental comments thrown my way for being so stupendously idiotic.

Long story short, I did NOT blow up the house.  Go me.

Only 27 days left until that awesome Fiance comes back to the states.  I miss his face.  A lot.

*I'm not going to bore you with unpacking tales except these two thoughts:
     A.  I am so, so thankful to Fiance and our Mexican friends who spent many an hour packing every single thing in our house to get it back up to me.  I am amazed at the care taken in packing they took.  Notably, we have a large chess set, and yesterday I discovered that whoever wrapped it (we suspect C), wrapped every. single. piece. in it's own two sheets of bubble wrap and then covered that in a layer of tape.  Each pawn, rook, castle had it's own football-sized pillow of bubble wrap.  It took me an hour to get the whole thing out.  Good job, C.  :)

     B.  I've decided I don't want to know who was put in charge of packing all our games.  We have many card games, and when they were packed, all the cards were unceremoniously placed in a box together.  That shook out to 2 hours of sitting in the middle of the living room floor sorting uno cards from monopoly deal, skip-bo, classic bicycle and phase 10 cards.  Lots of grumble cakes being baked there.


Jamie said...

FYI, I am the same age as Mama Bear or Mama Boo Boo or wtf she calls herself. And one of the kids on that show is her pregnant daughter???? (even if it is her step-daughter, still) Oh my lord.

Queen Holly the Magnificent said...

I am weird in that I actually kinda like unpacking. More then packing. It's like I'm opening presents to myself. And the presents contain all of my favorite things.