Monday, August 06, 2012

Yesterday was my birthday

Last year for my birthday, I got engaged.

This year for my birthday, I got a birthday buddy*.

If this trend keeps up, for my next birthday a talking unicorn with Louis CK's personality who poops calorie free tombstone pizzas is going to show up on the door step looking to be best friends and grant my every wish.

Congratulations to dear friend and bridesmaid, Kate, of Kalamazoo Foodies, and her Mr. Foodie, on the new little one in their life.  I had other stuff to post today, but since I just opened up a picture/ birth announcement, I'm pretty stuck for other topics.  You all have a good day.

*Technically a belated birthday buddy, as the little one came into the world today, not yesterday.  But I can't fault the mini foodie for not being able to see the calendar properly.  I'd assume wombs don't provide stellar reading light.

PS.  2 months to the day until I marry Fiance.  Boo-Yah.

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